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An old school product empties

I felt like doing a really old-school style blog post today, because sometimes it’s nice to strip away all the blogging fanciness and just talk about beauty products.

Beauty was my ‘thing’ when I first started blogging because it was the easiest to get into and think up ideas for. As I’ve gotten more confident and started trying to develop my ideas a little bit more, I’ve strayed away from beauty posts and I focus way more on lifestyle and fashion. I could not have predicted that in a million years, I always thought I’d stick with what I knew I could do relatively well.

I’m glad I branched out and found my voice properly, and now it’s time to backtrack a little bit and apply the new skills I’ve learnt to the old posts I used to do. Here’s hoping it actually lives up to what I want it to be!

I don’t have as many empties as I thought I had; I have more half-empties that I’ve just stopped using as opposed to products I’ve actually finished. I have a selection of 5 to chat through and review, some of these were sent as PR samples and some I’ve bought myself, but I’ll let you know all that as we go through!

First up is a PR sample I was sent when I worked with Botanics briefly last year – the soothing eye makeup remover. It came at the perfect time, I had just about run out of my micellar water and couldn’t be bothered buying any more, even though I eventually did have to. It’s a very oily formula, so I didn’t want to use it on my face (even though it said eye makeup remover, we all do it, right??) and would end up just using micellar water for my face.

So although I did keep using it until it was finished, I don’t see the point in repurchasing it just to use two makeup removers every night. I already do a double cleanse, so it seems like overkill. I’ll just continue to use my trusty Garnier micellar water. I always think I can find one better, but I always go back to it. Never gets old.

Product number two is one I’ve bought myself, multiple times, and I swear by it – Alpha H Liquid Gold. It’s one of the only more high-end products I own because I don’t normally like to spend too much on anything really, except clothes. I’ve been using Liquid Gold for a few years now because I didn’t get on with Pixi Glow Tonic; I didn’t feel it made any difference to my skin so sought out something a bit stronger.

Liquid Gold contains glycolic acid, which is perfect for resurfacing the skin and, what I use it for, fading acne scars. It is definitely the best product I’ve found for helping the condition of my skin, I just struggle to part with the money most of the time. It’s over £30 and although it lasts and while and actually makes a difference, it’s still painful. I’m definitely planning on repurchasing at some point in the future though, who knows when!

Another PR product now – the Osmo Thermal Defence heat spray. Osmo haircare reached out to me last year, asking if they could see me a few bits to try out, and I have genuinely used the products every single day. I like to do whatever I can to keep my hair in good condition – hair masks, hair oil and always using a heat defence spray. Because my hair is blonde and bleached and I want to take it lighter, I need to make sure my hair is strong enough to take it.

What I will say is I don’t think this heat defence spray particularly stands out against some of the other ones I’ve tried. It’s hard to judge a good heat defence spray, with all the ones I’ve used across the years, they’ve all seemed to work. I just don’t see the point in re-purchasing this one when I could buy a drugstore brand one that performs the exact same. Feel free to correct me in my heat defence spray judging techniques – is there a way to tell a good heat defence product? Or shall I just take the fact I still have hair as a good sign?

One of my favourite brands ever is The Ordinary – I have a load of their products and they’re so affordable for the quality of them; I recommend them to everyone. My friend Rosie bought me the Lactic Acid in the little gift boxes we did for each other last year, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s 5% Lactic Acid and 2% HA (whatever that is), so it’s basically a very watered down acid that is used for acne scars and resurfacing, similar to Liquid Gold.

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The only reason I haven’t repurchased this yet is because I’m trying to simplify my skincare a little bit. I’ve stripped it back almost to just the basics, and I think it’s going well so far. I like to switch up my skincare every so often just so my skin doesn’t get complacent and the products stop working – is that a thing or am I talking out my arse? I’ll probably end up buying it again when I run out of The Ordinary rosehip oil; can’t just order one thing!

The final thing I wanna talk about is from Ouai – their Memory Mist. I placed a pretty big Ouai order a few months ago and tested out a few of their pieces, finding out what ones I loved and would repurchase. The Memory Mist is basically a hairspray you use before you style your hair, and it’s supposed to help keep it in place and looking fresh all day.

I wasn’t really sure what to make of it, I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. The only time I really saw a difference was when I straightened my hair – it kept it looking shiny, fresh and not frizzy all day. I just never, ever straighten my hair because I don’t like it straight, and I couldn’t tell the difference when I had my hair curly or wavy. For me, this one is a no, but there were a few Ouai products that I ended up loving, but still haven’t repurchased because ya girl can’t afford it yet. Typical.

So there we have it – a very chatty, very old school kind of post! I tend to find that beauty posts sometimes flop, but that’s okay; I actually really enjoyed putting this together and just being able to talk about products again. Sometimes it’s nice to not have a hidden meaning or life lesson underneath every post, and just take it back to basics and chat about beauty.

What products have you been loving recently?

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  • Do you enjoy the Rose Hip oil? I’ve been wondering whether to get it for my skin for ages but it likes what I’m currently doing and not switching up has put the spots at bay. Someone even called my skin glowy and clear. That makes me love the Ordinary even more!

    Jodie //

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