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What I wore on holiday

I originally wanted this to be another one of those “What I wore this week” posts where I show what I’ve worn through cool flatlays and selfies, proving that anyone can do fashion posts, even if you’re not camera confident, buuuut that didn’t work. I was pretty naive to think I’d have the time or energy to sit down on holiday and take a bunch of flatlays. Plus, I forgot to take the selfies in the outfits and they’re all pretty sweaty and gross so I don’t want to put them back on. #holidaylife

Packing for this holiday was hard, I felt like I bought loads of new things but when it came to packing them? I got nothin. I wanted to have, almost, a capsule wardrobe for this holiday so tried to pack a lot of interchangeable tops and shorts, as well as the odd pretty dress and playsuit. I only brought one pair of shoes with me because I knew this was going to be a hefty walking holiday and wanted something comfortable. I feel like this kind of ruined some outfits but I am very much comfort over style when I’m on holiday.

For the purposes of keeping things interesting and making me look like a fashion blogger, I won’t be including the outfits I travelled in. We all know airport outfits are not the most flattering and every single travelling day was a nightmare, so I don’t have any photos of them because I was too busy crying.

First stop; Prague.

Prague was bloody HOT. It was about 34 degrees when we arrived, which cooled to 23 (wtf man where’s my holiday weather) on our first day, with some scattered showers. I didn’t mind so much because it meant we were able to have a walk around without overheating and dying.

Shirt – Boohoo (Similar)* // Bandeau – Nasty Gal (Similar)* // Shorts – ASOS* // Belt – ASOS*

Day 1 was probably one of my favourite outfits, and the one I have the least & worst photos of. So that’s good. I DIY-ed a pair of black shorts from ASOS (really badly) so they were a bit shorter and a bit more frayed because I prefer the distressed look. I bought a few bandeau tops from Nasty Gal and wore a leopard print one underneath a white shirt which I tied into a knot. I’m obsessed with doing this with my shirts right now, it looks so much cooler and less school-like so I’ve been doing it with every single shirt I own.

Playsuit – H&M (Similar)* // Shoes – Nike

The temperature crept back up on day 2, and we decided to cross Charles Bridge over to where Prague Castle was. Being a decent temperature was a priority for me so I chose a lightweight black playsuit with a crossover back from H&M a few years ago. I love how it shows off my tattoo and even though it doesn’t really fit over my arse anymore, making trying to pee a nightmare, it’s one of my summer staple pieces.

Bodysuit – Nasty Gal* // Shorts – unknown (Similar) 

The last day in Prague is another one of my favourite outfits, featuring the comfiest shorts ever. Polka dots and leopard print was kind of the theme of this holiday, as you’ll see as we go through all of my outfits. I wear this Nasty Gal bodysuit to death, it looks super cute underneath shirts or sheer tops, and by itself if the weather is warm enough. It’s really comfy as well, there’s no feeling like you’re being cut in half by the poppers. These shorts are really old, so old I can’t remember where they’re from and can’t be bothered getting up to check. They go with pretty much everything though and, again, they don’t fit over my arse but they’re a nice in-between item for when you want to be comfy, so don’t wanna wear denim, but still want to look good so don’t want to go for pyjama shorts just yet.

Next, we arrived in Naples.

We went climbing on day 1 so I basically wore my underwear. At least that’s what it felt like. I’d been saving this pale pink lace bodysuit for something special, and I’d say climbing Mt Vesuvius was pretty special. I wore this with the black shorts I mentioned on Prague day 1, and packed the white shirt in my bag for if it got chilly. This was another one of my favourite outfits, even if it was way more ‘out there‘ and exposing than I’m used to.

Bodysuit – New Look (same but in black)* // Shorts – ASOS* // Shirt – Boohoo (Similar)* // Belt – ASOS* // Shoes – Nike

I very rarely changed for dinner but when I did, I changed good. I took one of the other Nasty Gal bandeau tops, this time a red one, and wore it under a Nasty Gal oversized shirt. I paired it with this red belt so it didn’t look too “I’m wearing my dads shirt”-ish and I adored it. Even if it was way too short and probably see through so you could see my orange pants.

Bandeau – Nasty Gal* // Shirt – Nasty Gal* // Belt – ASOS* // Shoes – Nike

Yup, there’s the white shirt again. I told you, I wore it a LOT. I had been saving this leopard print dress for something, I’m not really sure what, so decided to wear it when we went into Naples for the day. It’s a midi dress, which is way out of my comfort zone, with buttons up the side that you can undo so it’s as revealing as you want. I adore this dress and it looked just as good with the shirt tied over it as well.

Dress – Debenhams (Similar)* // Shirt – Boohoo (Similar)* // Shoes – Nike

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For the 3rd day, I went for some trousers. My legs had been bitten to shreds by mosquitoes and I didn’t want to make it any worse, so I thought trousers were a safe option. These are from Stradivarius and I love them. I wore a little ASOS square neck red crop top and the white shirt again, because of course I did.

Top – ASOS (Similar)* // Shirt – Boohoo (Similar) // Trousers – Stradivarius (Similar)* // Shoes – Nike

We ended our holiday in Milan, just for a day and a half.

I felt like I had to pull out all the stops for Milan, given it’s the place where all the fashionable people are. I folded the leopard print dress over into a midi skirt and secured it with a belt, then just shoved on a black cami and it became one of my favourite outfits ever. This would’ve been one of the situations where I wish I had other shoes but oh well, my feet aren’t ruined now that I’m home and that’s all that matters.

Skirt – Debenhams (Similar)* // Top – New Look (Similar)* // Belt – ASOS* // Shoes – Nike

I knew I wanted to save this dress for Milan, and I’m so glad I did. I’d been searching for the perfect little white dress for a while, and finally found one I loved on Nasty Gal. I wore it on our only full day in Milan; we went exploring a little bit and took some nice photos. I went a bit boujie and decided to wear a hat with it – I rekindled my love for this hat last month and I’m very excited to wear it as we get further into Autumn and I don’t sweat all my hair off.

Hat – H&M (Similar)* // Dress – Nasty Gal*

So, there’s a run down of almost all the outfits I wore on holiday!

September is travel month on my blog – where I discuss exactly what we did and my tips & tricks for other people looking to visit Prague, Naples or Milan. Here’s hoping I can actually remember what we did!

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