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Why I’ll never be a travel blogger

I love going on holiday; from the planning, booking, countdown right to actually experiencing new places, cultures and food, I love every second of it (Maybe apart from the airports. I could do without them). I always joke that I should be a travel agent; my mind is always on our next holiday and where we can go.

As I’m sat in my little Prague AirBnb (most beautiful place ever) planning out the next leg of our summer adventure, procrastinating packing my case for Italy, I’ve realised I am literally the worst excuse for a travel blogger ever. I don’t call myself a travel blogger, for many reasons, the main one being I don’t blog about travel. Although it’s something I love and would like to get more involved in, when I’m actually on holiday the last thing on my mind is my blog. It’s all about being ‘in the moment‘, as cliche as that sounds.

I’ve planned a lot of blog content from this holiday that’ll take up the majority of my blogging schedule in September, so I guess this one is just an added extra. The idea came to me today and I was too excited about it to wait. Here’s all the reasons why I’m not a travel blogger, and if I was, I’d be a shit one.

I hate wearing makeup on holiday.

Especially in hot countries. The sun is good for healing the skin, and since Scotland sees the sun for approximately 3 minutes every 5 years, I need to grab that opportunity with both hands. I don’t want to feel my foundation slipping off my sweaty face and getting all over my hands, clothes, and probably my hair. And as much as I hate to say it, acne isn’t exactly a winner in blog photos. I feel conscious of it, and I feel like people don’t really want to see that?? Which is silly. Because it’s my face. But I want to get up and out as quickly as possible, I don’t want to be stuck in the bathroom doing my makeup for an hour just for a few ‘gram photos.

Humidity is not my friend.

The humidity does awful things to my hair. It doesn’t make it go frizzy, or curly, or anything like that. The sweat obviously makes it greasy, I don’t think I packed enough dry shampoo so I’m using it very sparingly which isn’t really working out for me. No matter how straight my hair is when I leave the house, I will always come back and it’ll look like Sandy from Grease before she has her glow up. Why are you flicking out the way?? Why have you seemed to mould yourself around the bottom of my pillow?? Why can’t I fix it?!

I dress for the weather.

Cold country?? I’ll be wearing 3 jackets, a scarf and my cosiest hat. Hot country?? No bra, unflattering bodysuit & shorts designed to minimise chub rub as opposed to actually being stylish. Very few of the outfits I packed for this holiday are ‘gram-worthy and even if they were, the hot country bloat kicks in as soon as I step outside and I don’t even care about looking good anymore. I’ve also only brought one pair of shoes with me for the whole holiday – my super comfy Nike trainers. Although they’re not exactly ugly, they don’t go very well with the leopard print midi dress I’m planning on rocking in Naples. For me, it’s all about staying comfortable and feeling good, even if that means sacrificing a really good insta pic and all the brand deals that will probably come from it. Sob.

I forget to use my camera.

I’ve been taking loads of iPhone snaps this holiday but taking my camera out seems like a chore and just unnecessary baggage to carry. I’ve been taking more short video clips of this holiday to try and do a travel video when we get home, but that means all I have are 5 second videos and almost no photos. Most of the time I’ll genuinely forget, making me the worst traveller ever, because I’m too busy looking at what’s going on around me. My Instagram stories right now tell half the story of our actual holiday.

I forget what we’ve done.

The first thing I look for in any travel post is details of what to do and how much it costs. We have spend 3 days in Prague, and so far I remember none of these things. When writing up my travel posts I will either have to make shit up (just kidding I’m not corrupt) or rely on Max’s equally terrible memory to fill in my blanks. We spend a lot of the time walking and seeing sights so at the end of the day, what have we actually done??? It doesn’t feel like a lot, even if it has been over 20,000 steps.

I could never imagine myself being one of those clean-cut travel bloggers who look amazing all the time. I don’t care enough about my appearance to dedicate a huge chunk of my holiday time to it.

My hair is 90% sweat right now. It’s not even hair anymore. I’m not even human. I am sweat. Help.

Would you be a good travel blogger?

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  • This was a funny post to read. In very hot and cold countries, I also dress for the weather. I went to Paris in February once and I wore like 8 layers…Instagram was the last thing on my mind.

    Though I do think and believe that Travel blogging is more aimed at pictures of locations rather than outfits.

  • Love this post! I feel like exact same way. I feel like so many bloggers are great at talking about their trip but when I write about mine I’m constantly just saying “We did this …. and then we did this”

  • Love how honest this post is, it’s literally my life! I do blog a little about travel, but I’ll never be the person with the most perfect photos and outfits because to be honest, I’d rather grab a quick snap then go and enjoy my holiday! I guess I’d be ok at portraying a real-life version of travel but not so much the picture-perfect one!

    To be honest though, I love to scroll through travel blogs but I find the ones that I follow and keep coming back to are the more varied lifestyle ones.

    Nikki –

  • Girl, you are beautiful and if you want to be barefaced on your holiday, then show it off! I love makeup, but I also think that having your skin breathing is so good and looks great!
    Also, I never think of blogging when I’m on holiday, I just take pictures of anything and everything all the time, so this helps me remember what I did and then I just look at the photos when I’m writing. It’s actually really nice cause you get to remember all the fun when writing it up 🙂



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