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21 before i’m 21

I wrote one of these posts last year for turning 20 – a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I’m bringing it back for when I turn 21, which seems like such an intimidating age. I feel like that’s the age where I have to start getting my shit together and acting like I’m 21 and not 16, so I want this list to help me. Some of the things will be already planned, some will be in the works, and some will be pretty unlikely but I’m gonna try anyway. Plus, I feel like it’s always fun having these kinds of posts to look back on as you get older and you wonder what challenges you set yourself. So, here are 21 things I want to try and do before I turn 21. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some photographic evidence into here, so it’ll serve as the perfect reminder of the few months before my 21st birthday!

  1. Climb Mt Vesuvius.
  2. Add more to my silhouette tattoo.
  3. Save £1000.
  4. Watch the sun rise over Mt Vesuvius.
  5. Give up crisps for a month.
  6. Visit the Game of Thrones castle in Stirling.
  7. Finish the Seven Sisters books.
  8. Publish 300 blog posts (281 at the time of writing).
  9. Grow my nails.
  10. Go makeup free for 2 weeks.
  11. Clear out my room.
  12. Have at least 3 social media-free evenings.
  13. Reach 4.5k on Instagram.
  14. Watch one film from each genre I wouldn’t normally watch – horror, thriller, action.
  15. Cook dinner for my family.
  16. Walk Millie at least twice a week.
  17. [Try to] Eat my 5 a day every day.
  18. Get more blonde put in.
  19. Get a second ear piercing.
  20. Start a pension.
  21. Get a rose gold nose ring.

I tried to make these as interesting as I possibly could considering my life is extremely dull. I’m excited to get to work on this though, I only have about 2 months to get it done, which is extremely soon….uh oh.

What are your goals for this year?


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