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Outtakes and unseen photos

These are some of my favourite posts to read and plan for – blogging & instagram can be a bit of a nightmare at times because everything looks perfect, everybody looks perfect. We all know it’s a lie, and yet we continue to pick the best photos because we want everyone to see us at our best. This post is designed to take away from the magic of instagram and portray real personality, and real double chins. With real folds. Not just a little bulge.

You can read my first outtakes post here!

London was full of ridiculous shots, although not as many as I initially thought there would be. Turns out, when we’re shooting together, we’re actually quite professional. It was mostly just giggles, but not the really photogenic laughs and instead the kind where I scrunch my whole face up and bend over. What is up with that????

On the first day, I wore a top that [I believed] didn’t require a bra. Here I am realising that I maybe should have put one on. Oh well, own it.

I can’t wear sunglasses in photos without looking like a douche. So I just turned it up a little bit more and embraced it.

Us? Staged? Never.

The ugly laugh I was talking about before. Put that away.

I was taking photos of my friend Louise the other day, and Max said “you look angry!”. I hadn’t realised that my concentrating, photo-taking face is the same as my raging face

I physically cannot shoot with an ice cream without doing something stupid with it i.e. stuffing it all in my mouth

That face you make when someone is watching you shoot

Dancing? Posing? Both??

When Max shouts “strike a pose” and i have to idea what the fuck i’m doing

Smile and wave boys. smile and wave

Running away from my responsibilities like

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When you’re shooting on a busy street and you’re not really sure how to pose so you just go with THIS. what is this. lauren why

When he takes the pic from the wrong angle

This isn’t an outtake i just want to use it in the post so i can use it on instagram

I had way too many photos for this post given that I’ve not done one since January, but I find them so refreshing and I’ve needed somewhere to post all the photos I don’t see as ‘instagram acceptable’.

Would you ever post your outtakes photos?

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  • I love posts like these! It’s so lovely to see the reality behind the polished, professional shots, and these are adorable. On a slightly unrelated note: where is the jumpsuit from in the “boutta drop a sick album” (πŸ˜‚) photos? It’s gorgeous!

  • I just spent ages scrolling through your blog and I love it! You seem like such a lovely down to earth person and your hair is 😍😍
    I think it’s really great of you for posting these photos, not many people would!

  • Can’t wait for the album to drop! Also I should do one of these with all the outtakes from my lake photoshoot πŸ˜‚

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