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The clothes i’m too afraid to wear

I buy a LOT of clothes. An obscene amount. I always gravitate towards clothes over makeup, skincare and literally everything else. I especially buy clothes that seem like a good idea and that I think I know how to style, but then when they arrive I’m left scratching my head and wondering if I can get away with wearing nothing because that is exactly what goes with it. This awful habit means that, at the age of 20, I have no substantial savings or safety net, and rely on being paid on time so I have spending money for my holiday. At least I have plenty of clothes though!

I’ve recently decided to get rid of this bad behaviour and start caring about money – my spending went up as my pay did and it’s time to bring the spending half back down. I went back through my cupboard and found the clothes I’ve bought but haven’t worn yet, because I didn’t know how to style them or felt like they weren’t really my style. There was an embarrassing amount with the tags still on them, proving just how bad I am at wearing or returning clothes. [Break to check the drop-off points for clothes I am yet to return]

I bought this dress ages ago because someone on Instagram looked really good wearing it and they were running out of my size, which is a clever marketing tactic to get people like me to panic buy things they are never going to wear. I never thought longer dresses looked good on me, plus I quite like my legs and don’t mind showing them off a little bit. I kept trying to style it and make it a little bit shorter and bring it in at the waist – nothing worked so I gave up and it sat collecting dust in my wardrobe. I don’t know what has happened to me in the past few weeks but I tried it on again in preparation for this post and it didn’t feel too long or too tight, and it looked good. [I’ve gained weight. That’s what happened to me.]

The hardest thing I find with midi dresses is knowing what shoes to wear. Shoes are the main reason why I don’t wear the majority of my wardrobe. I default to boots all the time even if they don’t go with the clothes I’ve picked, meaning I’m pretty restricted in what I actually wear. With this, I didn’t have to go too far out of my comfort zone and swapped the Chelsea boots for some little suede heels. I find that if I’m wearing something I’m not used to, it helps to have a little bit of something I’m too comfortable in. You’ll probably see that a lot in these kind of outfits; there’s definitely enough for more than one of these posts. Shamefully.

I don’t really know what I was thinking when I bought these trousers. At least with the dress, I could pretend it was a little bit my style, but with these?! Not even close. I think I bought these during my yellow hype and they were like £7 so it’s not as if they broke the bank. The only thing that stopped me wearing them was the flare at the ends, I don’t know what to do with a flare. What looks good with them?? What shoes?? What top?? It was all a bit much so into the wardrobe they went. Those trousers actually inspired this post, because I saw them and realised I had literally never worn them and the tag has been on them for probably about a year.

Knowing how to style things comes with age, I think. Most people get more confident as they get older and can therefore be a bit bolder with their choices, and I suppose that’s what I’m doing now. I remember the first time I wore my fur leopard print coat and I was so self conscious, but then I loved it and didn’t take it off for the whole of winter. That could be what’s happening with these trousers. I opted for a shirt which I tied up and tucked the ends under, then re-used the same boots from the dress outfit. I felt really good, very workwear but also appropriate for nights out that I never go on. I probably won’t wear them to work because I’m scared I’ll get the piss taken out of me. One step at a time.

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The last thing I wanted to try and style is a top I bought very recently from Nasty Gal. I had never shopped on Nasty Gal before and then ended up buying about 700 things in the space of 3 days, with this top being one of the things caught in the avalanche. Again, the frilled sleeves intimidated me and the clothes I thought it would look good with, didn’t look good. The tag was also still on this when I dug it out of the wardrobe.

I went a bit more evening-wear with this and just wore a nice bralet with my mom jeans – the top covers almost everything but the mom jeans hide the little bit of tummy that I don’t like. I have no cleavage anyway so I didn’t feel too conscious of that area, which I suppose is one of the perks of looking like a boy. I think this will be good for when I’m on holiday and it’s evening time, and it’s not cold but I just want a little bit of covering up because I get cold very easily. The sun goes away and I’m ready to pull out the winter coats again.

Trying to style the clothes I’ve never worn before out of fear means that I still get that ‘new clothes’ feeling, without having to actually spend money. I want to try and style my clothes in a way that makes them feel new each time [future post spoiler alert] so that my need to buy new things eventually goes away. I think the fear of realising how broke you actually are definitely helps. Just need that little extra shove into being a saver not a spender.

How do you get over the fear of wearing something different?
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  • I’m not great at wearing new or different clothing I tend to stick with the same kind of clothes. I love all the items here, they are styled so well, although my fave has to be the yellow floral trousers with the little flare!

    Molly |

  • You look great in all of these clothes! I especially love the dress, it would look amazing when autumn comes around. I recently pulled out a pair of trousers in my wardrobe that I bought almost 2 years ago and wore them for the first time, and I was shocked at how much I loved them! I think the first time around I was a little smaller and they were baggier on me than I was used to wearing, and it totally put me off, but I’m glad they improved over time (and I also put on more weight, lol) because I feel really good in them, now.

    Lovely post, gal ☺️ also LOVE the little sneak peek of Queensferry in the background! 😂

    Beka |

  • Babe, this post, it spoke to me!

    No seriously, you would laugh if you looked in my wardbobe at the amount of clothes I’ve got that still have the tags in. I do exactly the same as you, I really struggle to style some items, but love them on other people!


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