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The Monthly #3: 2018

This year is going way too quickly – the fact I’m already on number 3 of these bi-monthly installments of how my life is going really scares me. Before we know it, it’l be Christmas again. Slow down please!

The past few months have been really, really good, and I didn’t realise how good until I was scrolling back through my Instagram to find the posts that would tell me what happened in my life. I feel like it’s quite a long list compared to the past few posts, but I see that as a good thing because it means I actually have some content! When I did these monthly, I really struggled to find enough events to make the post feel worthwhile writing and it felt like I was doing it just for the sake of it. Now, I’m really happy with the layout of these posts and I think having monthly series’ on your blog can help to create some sort of schedule, even it’s not super regular. There are a few posts that I’m planning on making part of a specific topic, and it really helps me with my brainstorming and planning of my posting schedule. Anyway, let’s dive in!

I want to start of by saying how thankful I am for all the cool brands I’ve worked with recently – I feel like I’ve kind of been slacking in terms of my content as I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into Instagram as opposed to on here, but it’s definitely getting recognised. The past few months I’ve worked with both NIVEA and Boohoo, two extremely well known brands that I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with. I really love creating content for brands because it inspires me to push myself harder; obviously it’s not about the freebies or the money, but the pride it makes me feel to know that some very well established brands are reaching out to me and wanting to collaborate with me. It’s maddening! Hopefully, the more effort I put into my blog and my Instagram, the more brand collaborations I’ll get. And hopefully, it will eventually turn into me making this little blog into a money making MACHINE. Not really.

It really feels like everything that I’m going to write about happened in June, but I just couldn’t find anything worthwhile in May. All I did was work, really. And not blog. At the start of June, I flew down to London (by myself!!) to visit Rosie and meet up with Yella, who was flying in from Germany. It was SO nice spending time with other bloggers, who are as obsessed with getting THAT breakfast shot as you are. We took so many photos that my content was pretty much sorted for about 2 weeks, and I still haven’t posted or used half of them on my Instagram or in blog posts. It feels like I have nothing ‘lifestyle‘ to write about that will go with the photos, which totally sucks!

Lucy, Rosie, Issy

(Can you tell how much I was struggling with hay fever?)

The main reason why I flew down to London was to go to BlogCon, which is a blogging convention created by Scarlett London. I bought my ticket back in February, which is just crazy because it came around so quickly. At BlogCon I met Lucy, Issy and baby Freddie (who is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen) and got to see Maria again, which was super lovely. The event itself was a tiny bit underwhelming, but I think that was our fault because we opted to stay in the main area cooing over Freddie than attending any panels or talks, so we definitely could’ve made more for ourselves. We got a few good freebies but I was well annoyed when I asked the man for a bottle of Fiji water, which everybody but me got in their goody bag, and he said every bag was different. I checked. They weren’t. Big props to Yella for giving me her bottle of water.

Another trip I took in June, the weekend after, was to Newcastle with my mum and sister. I must admit I’m not actually a fan of Newcastle – being around drunk, loud people makes me extremely nervous and unfortunately, that’s kind of what Newcastle is known for. I didn’t want to be outside past a certain time and just generally felt uncomfortable the whole time I was there, which was a shame. It was so warm down there that I actually got burnt wearing a bardot dress and also had the worst hay fever ever, so bad that I had to go back inside and have a nap. My hay fever seems a million times worse when I’m in England, compared to in Scotland. What are you guys planting down there?!

We went to Newcastle to see Ed Sheeran in concert – which was an amazing experience and I had so much fun. He has the greatest stage presence and he’s actually pretty funny. The last time I saw him was like 5 years ago, in a tiny little venue in Edinburgh, so to be on his stadium tour was amazing. Anne-Marie was great too, and I’d absolutely go and see her in concert again.

I met the lovely Louise last month, who I met on Bleet, which is an app for bloggers to meet other like-minded bloggers near them. Louise and I are so similar sometimes that I think we could be related. We named our childhood pets after the same obscure Rugrats character. Not even a main character!! I will never get over that. I’m so glad I met Louise, she’s always willing to take/be in photos and we seem to be regulars at the chocolate cafe now. I cannot thank Bleet enough for just giving me the confidence to actually message her.

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I’ve been putting a LOT of effort into Instagram recently, as I previously mentioned, in terms of my editing. I’ve switched up my editing twice and have now found a style that I’m completely in love with and makes me excited to go and take new photos and edit them. Editing is my favourite thing to do right now, and it’s really making me love photography. I like to post the before and afters to show the power of editing as well, and to let everyone know that it’s often not the camera or the photographer, but the editing afterwards that makes a photo amazing. I think I’ve settled on my style now, so the next few weeks are set to be really exciting and we’ll see my Instagram feed finally take shape.

On the topic of social media, Stef Michalak followed me on Twitter last week. I tweeted about how The Michalaks are the most amazing creators on YouTube, in terms of the effort they put into every single one of their vlogs. I didn’t tag them in it or anything, so I wasn’t expecting them to see it, but it gained some traction and Stef replied and followed me! I mortifyingly wasn’t following him or Hannah on Twitter, which I hadn’t even realised. I’m still a bit shocked though, I watch The Michalaks every single day and am currently going back through all their old videos and watching them. I’m in a Michalak bubble.

Finally, I got a new tattoo this month. I’ve written a post about what it means to me which I probably won’t have published yet so keep an eye out for it soon – it’ll include all the details about hand-poked tattoos and my whole experience so I wont be touching on it here but I am so in love with it and can’t stop staring at it. I love that new tattoo happiness bubble, and I’m set for it again very soon as I’m getting 2 more in July. Yay, pain.

Phew, that was long. If you made it all the way down here, let me know so I can give you a hug. I’ve had the best few months, as you can tell, and the next 2 are set to be even better with more new tattoos and my big summer holiday! Tune in at the end of August for a run down on how all that went.

How was your May/June?

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