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Consider this as the first official post in the sort-of series I’m going to write about how I’m trying to curb my spending habit and start to build up a substantial amount of savings. I thought instead of quitting spending all together and going cold turkey, which wouldn’t work, I would scout out some cheap bargains on sites such as Depop and eBay – so I can still get some of the things I want, but at a reduced cost. And then I can work up to not buying them at all! There’s a process. It may not work. We’ll see.

eBay has been around for a while – my dad has used it for as long as I can remember to buy and sell CDs, and I sold my first ever blogging camera on there a few years ago. I rarely use it to buy things, but in my search for cheaper alternatives to the things I want, I decided to give it a go.

My boyfriend has the dreamiest denim jacket I have ever seen. It’s a vintage Levi’s, ripped to shreds (but it looks hella good) and faded to that perfect shade of washed out blue. I’m in love with it, and unfortunately he is too, and will therefore not give it to me. The cheek. This month, I decided it was finally time to buy my own. I didn’t want to buy a new one because I couldn’t afford an £80 jacket, and the older the better in my opinion. I wanted it to be worn and well loved and a little tatty. I also didn’t want an expensive one because Max got his at a vintage kilo sale, making it around £5 I’d bet. I scoured the local charity shops but couldn’t find anything, so swapped my search to online, armed with the product code of his jacket so I could literally get one identical. Sorry Max.

I found a few perfect jackets and decided to bid on them one by one. I offered the seller of the one I wanted the most £23, which they declined to let the auction run. I forgot about it for a few days and went back onto the auction to find the bids were only at £11.50. My chance opened up, I bid on it, and eventually got it for £18. I am feeling pretty smug every day in my beautiful jacket that I underpaid for.

Denim jackets are perfect for this time of year in Scotland – it’s not exactly warm but it’s not freezing cold either. A denim jacket is heavy enough to keep you warm with another few layers underneath (I get way too cold) but also light enough to just wear with a tshirt and not overheat. I’ve been wearing it every single day that I bought it and my Disney castle pin now has a place to sit where it’s seen everyday. My only issue now is that I need a black denim jacket for when I want to wear blue jeans, but we’ll deal with that when I’m not on the verge of bankruptcy.

A few weeks ago, Charlotte tweeted a link to some very cheap replica Kanken backpacks on eBay. I’d never bothered about these before, I usually just have my handbag and that’s it, so I dismissed it but bookmarked the link for later. From that day, I could not get the bags out of my mind. I kept picturing all the scenarios when I’d use them and how cute they’d look in photos. Unfortunately, when I went to use the original link, it had been taken down. Another dream, dead.










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Thankfully, my saviour Charlotte found another eBay link and long story short I ended up buying one in grey and one in pink. I use them everyday, the pink one came first so I take it to work with me and I don’t actually go anywhere else so the grey one hasn’t had its time in the spotlight yet – but I think I’ll probably end up taking both of them on holiday with me. What’s a holiday if you don’t over-pack, anyway? You can’t tell these are fake at all, I don’t think, but then I’ve never seen a real one.

I think I’ve been fully converted to a backpack girl though and I now understand why boys carry them everywhere – I can have a bag AND keep my hands free?! This is news to me.

I’ve also recently been using Depop a bit more – I’d gone off it since receiving a jacket with a condom wrapper in the also wet pocket. I used it to buy some makeup/skincare, but you have to be careful on there and make sure that what you’re being sold is the real deal. I mentioned all of the products in my recent favourites – The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal mask, the Fenty Beauty foundation, and the Mac liquid lipstick. I got lucky that all these products are real and genuine, but there are some not very nice people on there that will try to sell you fakes. I feel good about spending less money finding products that I genuinely love and use every day – it makes it feel worth it.

I’ll probably be using sites like eBay and Depop a little bit more in the future, but I’m really determined to put an end to my shopping addiction. If you’re like me and can’t seem to stop spending money, definitely give them a go and grab some bargains.

Do you have any tips for saving money?


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