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Podcasts you need to listen to
Should be titled: podcasts you need to listen to if you’ve never really wanted to listen to a podcast before.

It took me a while to jump onto the podcast trend – it didn’t seem like something I thought I would enjoy and I had no idea when I was supposed to even listen to them. Turns out, podcasts are a pretty great way to relax, drift off to sleep or educate yourself. They’re perfect for people who don’t have time to read, who need noise to concentrate and who are bored of music – of which, I am all 3. I now listen to podcasts whilst I’m at work; blocking out all the office noise with a podcast helps me get shit done, and when I’m trying to sleep; I struggle to sleep without some noise and I’ve gone through music and meditation tapes, before finally landing on podcasts. It now takes me about 4 minutes of a podcast to drift off. (Just don’t pick one you REALLY want to listen to)

Today, I’ve compiled a list of all the podcasts I’ve been listening to – a guide to the best ones for a newbie. You probably won’t have much interest in this if you’re a podcast veteran, as I’ve mainly been listening to the post popular or most well known podcasts, or ones recommended to me by said veterans.

I’m now constantly on the lookout for new podcasts to dive into, even though I’ve got about 700 on the go right now, so please drop any recommendations down below!

The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist had been in my ‘To Listen To‘ library for a while before I actually started to listen to it. I listen to this quite a lot in the evenings, to help me fall asleep. It’s hosted by Deborah Frances-White and Sofie Hagen, and they welcome guests to discuss topics or issues related to feminism. I like when the guests are comedians (there’s quite a few well known ones on there) but Deborah & Sofie are funny enough themselves, that I still listen to all of them.

They always kick off the podcast with “I’m a feminist, but…” and share something typically un-feminist that they’ve done. It’s always hilarious, and makes you feel a little better about not being a strict, to-the-book feminist. They discuss topics such as nudity, porn, activism, female friendships and literally about a hundred more – it sounds really heavy and not like something you’d listen to in order to chill out, but trust me. I always want to learn more about feminism and educate myself on feminist issues, and this podcast combines education with comedy, making it the perfect podcast for those who want to still enjoy themselves whilst learning.

My Favourite Murder

(I hope people who listen to the show sang the intro as they read that)

Ah, the classic. My Favourite Murder. This is one of the 2 podcasts that were recommended to me when I expressed my interest in true crime, and I eventually decided to start listening to it. My Favourite Murder was created and is hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who genuinely feel like my best friends now because that’s how much I’ve been listening to it. Each week, they sit down and discuss their favourite murders, most of which I’d actually never heard of. They also get their audience to send in murders that happened in their home towns, which is always cool because they’re not BIG cases, so we don’t hear about them.

My Favourite Murder is the only podcast that I’ve made sure to listen to from the very start. With the rest, I dip in and out and pick the ones that sound most interesting to me, but with MFM they ALL sound the most interesting. It just feels like I’m joining in the conversation and talking about murder with some friends – it’s so chatty and easy to listen to. I love learning about cases I’d never heard of before, and MFM is stuffed full of them. I listen to this when I make sure I can pay attention – at work to help me concentrate or at home, nowhere near bed time. It’s probably weird that murder helps me concentrate. Oh well.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) was created by HowStuffWorks, and is hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. They talk about so many things, you’re bound to find something you’re interested in. They’ve spoken about Atlantis, PT Barnum and Frida Kahlo, as well as discussing some true crime cases and historical figures or events. Literally, everything. Not all the topics will appeal to you, I tend to pick and choose the ones I want to learn more about, but there’s genuinely over 1000 so you won’t be running out any time soon.

I tend to listen to this at bedtime to help me fall asleep – the guys are so funny and the whole podcast is so easy to listen to. There’s a lot of things on there I never considered learning more about or even knew about, and also a lot of things I enjoy learning about – all bases are covered with this and you could spend hours listening to each one. Educating yo’self.

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Casefile is one I started listening to very recently, and I enjoy it because it’s so simple and factual. The host is anonymous and Australian, which is a lovely accent to listen to murder in. Since he hosts it himself, there’s not a lot of chat or ‘witty banter’, but it’s so good to just learn more about murder cases that aren’t as well known. If you fancy a no-frills podcast which just describes murder cases to you, this is the one for you.

I had never heard of a lot of the cases he covers in this podcast, but it just means I’m all set for learning about them over the next few months. There’s nearly 100 episodes, with new ones posted almost every Saturday that still follow the same kind of tone as his very first podcasts. It’s definitely better for educational purposes, and enjoyment, but if you like it to be lighthearted and an easy listen, this one maybe isn’t for you!

She Did What

I couldn’t write a post about podcasts and not include blogging babe turned podcaster, Vix Meldrew. I’ve been a huge fan of Vix for the longest time now so when I started getting into podcasts, I had to give hers a listen. On She Did What, Vix is joined by some guests to discuss the women in their lives who have done incredible things as well as who the guest is and a bit about their own lives.

This may sound weird, but Vix has the loveliest voice to listen to. It’s such a lovely podcast to listen to and really promotes female empowerment, which is so important and definitely something I look for in a podcast about feminism. Vix also has an amazing blog – I’ve been a fan of it for ages. She puts her all into the content she produces, and that absolutely comes across in the podcast as well. Get it girl.

What’s your favourite podcast?

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  • I bloody LOVE Casefile. Honestly don’t think any other true crime podcasts can hold a candle to it! The Anonymous Host is just amazing. And I’m a big fan of She Did What as well x

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  • She did what? and Casefile are two of my favourite podcasts – Vix’s podcast is so different to other blogger podcasts which is pretty refreshing! I like Casefile for the sames reasons as you – It’s a straight to the point story, with no fuss, and the accent makes it even better!


  • I’ve just got into podcasts! My favourite at the minute is Jessie Ware’s Table Manners, she has really good guests on!

  • I was literally thinking of doing a post on my favourite murder… IT’S THE ABSOLUTE BEST.

    I know what we’re going to talk about during coffee at the weekend now haha… I’m actually obsessed and no one else I know listens to it, which massively stresses me out because I keep thinking people think I’m weird when I tell them I listen to it!

    Ysabelle x