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Braving the bardot dress

Braving the bardot dress

I have a very love hate relationship with dresses in general – not just bardot dresses. I’m not a huge fan of wearing tights but ‘summer‘ in Scotland is pitiful and you get quite a lot of strange looks if you dare to bare your legs. It’s weird because I don’t get that impression with other places at all – when I was in London at the weekend, everybody had their legs out and nobody cared. Try it in Fife? Bloody weirdo. I have so many dresses that I never end up wearing unless I’m on holiday or it’s super duper hot (never) so this outfit was a bold choice for me.

I love bardot tops and dresses – I think it’s such an effortlessly pretty style and very easy to dress up or down. I would wear them all the time if I wasn’t so conscious of my back, chest and shoulders. As I mentioned briefly in my first acne post, it doesn’t stop at my face. My diet and hormones have an effect all the way down to my arms, and there’s not a lot I can do about it. I feel pretty weird about putting makeup or skincare on my body so I just have to let it go away by itself, usually resulting in about 2 weeks of me having to cover everything up. As we’re getting into the summer months, it’s less than ideal. I hate talking about it because it feels more disgusting to discuss than the acne on my face – which I assume is why nobody else really speaks about it much. I’m definitely more self conscious about that part of me than anywhere else – I can cover my face with makeup, but I have to plan my outfits around whether or not it’s a good acne day. I’m tired of having to cover it up so much, but I’m just way too self conscious to go ahead and do it.

Wearing the bardot dress this weekend was quite intimidating because it was a bad acne day, and I wore my denim jacket all day to hide my back and shoulders, despite the fact it was probably about 22 degrees outside.

I’m also very aware of the fact I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. I’ve been debating whether or not to discuss this on here because I know that body positivity is a massive thing right now, but it’s more for plus-sized women than size 8-10’s like myself. I’m not trying to take that away from anyone at all, but I think that no matter what size you are, you have a right to feel happy as well as self conscious about your body. I feel like quite a lot of people will roll their eyes at this paragraph because I am still quite a slim person, I’ve gained maybe half a dress size in the sense that I no longer fit into a size 6 as well as an 8, which I used to be able to. It doesn’t look right on me, because of the way I’m built, and all the excess weight has situated itself round my mid section. Quite a lot of it has gone to my bum as well, but I ain’t complaining about that. Could it not have just gone to my boobs as well???

I think the weight gain is related to coming off the injection and going back onto the pill. My obsessive eating habits probably don’t help. In quite a lot of the photos we took at the weekend, I noticed I no longer had that lean, curvy stomach like I used to. It goes out now, and it doesn’t look very good at all due to my #ittybittytittycommittee situation – I’m very middle-heavy now. It’s not the most confidence-boosting thing and I’m still trying to work myself into a mindset where I want to exercise and get rid of the extra weight, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

When planning my outfit for BlogCon, I only really cared about 2 things. I wanted to have a good outfit for photos, and I wanted to feel comfortable and confident. I packed 3 or 4 alternative outfits, but went for the bardot dress because it hides my middle section pretty well. I bloat really easily – I swear breathing makes me bloated most of the time – so cropped tops with jeans weren’t an option at all. I didn’t want to have to suck in all day. It was a toss up between my 2 biggest insecurities right now – my shoulders or my weight. I definitely made the right choice.

This dress is from Missguided and I am, quite frankly, bloody obsessed with it. All I do right now is go onto ASOS, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing or another generic shopping site and search for lemon prints or tropical prints or palm leaf prints. They’re VERY in at the moment and I can absolutely see why – they give off the perfect vibes for summer. This dress is super comfortable and doesn’t feel too tight around my shoulders or waist – I only added a belt for fashion, not because it was too big. It’s not too short either, it’s the perfect length for me although I wouldn’t advise doing anything adventurous in it, but the same goes for any dress.

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I paired the bardot dress with some sandal boots from ASOS, which I’m completely obsessed with and want to wear all the time now. I saved them for the event and I’ve never loved a pair of shoes more. I definitely prefer boots over any other kind of shoe and the cut outs at the toe and heel make them slightly more summer appropriate. The heel is the perfect height for a day event with not a whole lot of walking, it wasn’t until about 10 hours later that they started to get uncomfortable and I felt like I had to free my feet.

I stole my boyfriends perfect denim jacket to make the outfit a bit more casual and have since become ridiculously attached to it. Giving it back was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It just adds a little edgy quality to any outfit and I enjoy mixing girly pieces with some more edgy items – a perfect example of this outfit. I may have gotten too hot in that jacket, but it was the outfit and I wasn’t giving it up, even if I passed out.

I had such a lovely time at BlogCon, I met so many new people and I loved getting all dressed up and photographing enough Instagram content to last me several years. I miss it now – I’m back to boring jumpers and trousers at work and I’m having lemon bardot dress withdrawal symptoms. SOS.

What’s your favourite dress to style?

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  • This whole outfit is gorg and the pics you took in it are great. 🙂 I’m in the same struggle with my size as you so I really enjoyed your honesty talking about it here.

  • I absolutely love this outfit and I’d have never guessed you’d gained weight! I agree though that there’s not enough body positivity aimed at non-plus size. I’m a 10-12 and I feel like I stick out quite a bit because I’m not lean and slim but I’m not plus sized either…it’s kind of a middle ground that nobody talks about.
    Alicia x

  • You’re just unreal 😍😍 I haven’t blogged or kept up with other bloggers in a while so I was desperate to check yours out and have a catch up! SERIOUS GURL you’re just smashing it! This dress is gorgeous and it suits you so much 🙏🏻💓 xx

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