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Caring for and styling short hair

I’ve had quite the hair journey in my time; I am constantly swapping between blonde and brunette or chopping my hair off or growing it out again. My mind changes every single day on what I want to do with it, but the condition has never been good. I’ve only now started to realise that no matter how much dead hair I chop off, I need to take care of it to make sure it doesn’t die all over again.

I recently did The Big Chop, ie I just let the hairdresser hack off any dead ends and ended up with hair above my shoulders. It was difficult to adjust to, and I’m still having doubts about it but hair grows back. Which is what I say to anyone contemplating the chop – hair always grows back. I have really fine hair anyway, which is another reason why I decided to go short again; more volume. I can have a lot more fun with shorter hair, in terms of styling.

Taking proper care of my short hair is something I’ve only recently started doing. I think I always assumed that because it’s short, it just takes care of itself. I could not be more wrong. Since I started using proper hair care, I’ve noticed in a huge difference in not just how my hair feels, but how it looks too. Blonde hair is difficult because you see every single split end on your head, so I think it is a lot more difficult to keep it looking like it’s in good condition.

I’ve been very obsessed with Ouai haircare. I placed a pretty big order last month on some samples to try out, and I’ve already discovered what my staple items are that I have to repurchase. As well as these, I always use a head defence spray even if I’m not planning on using styling tools on my hair. Can’t be too careful! I’m pretty rubbish at hair masks though, I tend to just put conditioner on my hair and leave it whilst I shave my legs and wash my face/sit and think about nothing in the shower. So far so good though, my hair feels a little dry but it has been bleached so I’m not expecting miracles just yet.

There’s 3 products from Ouai that I use every single day and probably can’t live without now. The first is the wave spray, which I was quite excited to review because a good wave spray is hard to find. I used to use sea salt sprays quite regularly – mainly the Toni & Guy one which I thought was the best thing ever but really it just left my hair crispy and not even the slightest bit sea-salty. I was skeptical about the Ouai one because of how little faith I had in these sprays as a whole, but I was pleasantly surprised. I like to curl my hair with my straighteners, brush it out with my fingers and another oil, then scrunch the wave spray into the waves. It adds a lovely texture that genuinely looks beach and wavy, without the crunchy feeling. I’ve only got the mini size but it has lasted me about a month of daily use and it’s only about halfway finished, which I’d say is not so bad!

The oil I mentioned in the previous paragraph is another Ouai product that I’m obsessed with – the rose hair and body oil. This stuff is incredible. I never thought I would want my hair to look oily and seek out products that would do it, but I am a changed woman. I first saw this on Jamie Genevieve’s hair tutorial and fell in love with the ‘still wet’ look. I’ve slowly been trying to recreate it to an amount that I’m comfortable with, and it’s one of my favourite hairstyles to do. It matches the wave spray and messy curls so well and just adds to the beach vibes. I’ve gone through this one a lot quicker and need to repurchase it very soon, but again; I use it every single day and I use probably more than the recommend amount of pumps.

The final product, and actually the first product I use when styling, is the memory mist. This wasn’t a product that was on my radar until Jamie (again) did a video with Ouai creator & all around magical hair lady Jen Atkin. Jen used the memory mist before straightening, and it just made Jamie’s hair look so silky and shiny. I’ve never been a fan of straightening my hair; I just don’t think it suits me and prefer my hair messy with more volume. I have straightened it with this though and it does make a huge difference – I don’t actually hate my straight hair when I look at it. I use it before curling as well and find it helps hold the waves all day. Almost like a hairspray before styling without the crispy end result. Oh, and it has a heat protectant in it, so you’re safe and covered from heat damage.

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Taking it back a few steps now to discuss what I wash with; I’ve never had a holy grail shampoo and conditioner brand so I tend to flit around whatever’s on offer. I always shampoo twice to get rid of excess product build up, and I’ll either use one that’s designed for flaky scalps or one that’s free of all the crap stuff that’s normally in shampoo. Then I use one for the blonde, and I’m actually finding that the cheapy ProVoke one is working perfectly. I have the matching conditioner and it’s quite a weak formula so you can leave it for a while without it turning your hair purple, which I have had before. I’ve been using them twice a week for a good month now and my hair has yet to go brassy.

In terms of styling tools, I can’t remember the last time I used a hairdryer. I hate doing it, so I always just let it air dry. I’m a night showerer anyway so it always works out pretty well. I never have time for curlers in the morning so I go for the quick curl with my straighteners and it works out just fine. Short looks good with a few little curls as opposed to a full head anyway.

Aaaand I think that’s it! That is the full extent of my haircare routine and the current products I’m using on it.

For future Lauren: you like being blonde, blonde suits you better, do not go dark again. You will hate it. It’s a waste of money.

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