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Day to night styling with Boohoo

Check me out, rolling out the fashion posts as if it’s my job. Spoiler alert: it’s not. I’m bringing you another duo styling with Boohoo today; they’ve asked me to style one of their tops for daytime & nighttime. I used to buy from Boohoo religiously because it’s cheap & pretty good quality most of the time. I have had a few sizing issues over the years, but my body is bloody weird and has no idea what size it’s trying to be.

The top I decided to style for this post was a shirt, which is essentially me trying to break out of the “shirts are for school” mentality that I’ve carried around with me since leaving 4 years ago. For ages, I couldn’t wear a shirt because it reminded me too much of being at school, which is not somewhere I would like to be reminded of, without realising that shirts are actually pretty cute and easy to style.

First up we have the day-to-day look, which I wore to work. It’s such a relaxed fit and really comfortable – I paired it with some New Look berry trousers I got last year. They are, in fact, too small for me so I felt like the circulation in my belly was being cut off all day. However, the beauty of the relaxed fit of this shirt means it looks good when it’s just loose and flowing. I didn’t have to tuck it in and could therefore unbutton my trousers without anyone knowing. Does that make you wanna buy it yet?

I find that with a shirt as loose as this, you can’t look too professional. Which is perfect because I don’t want to look too professional – considering I brush my hair twice a week, I’m not sure it would go. I’m obsessed with the folded up sleeves because the length is just right to show off my little flower tattoo – one of my favourites.

I’ve also styled this shirt with jeans – blue & black – for an alternative casual look that’s more appropriate for day-to-day instead of work. Shirts are so versatile and I can’t believe I spent so long dismissing them because they look more like school-wear than casual-wear.

Now; the nighttime look. This is my favourite look I’ve ever put together and if I hadn’t burst the skirt zip trying to get it on, I would probably wear it all the time. Damn contraceptive pill and permanent snacky mood.

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I just love this colour palette – the light on top contrasted with the dark boots. If I had found my red lipstick, I also would’ve worn that. But I couldn’t find it. So I didn’t. Too busy pretending this post isn’t a mess. 

Being able to style an outfit from day to night is pretty important for me because a lot of events are on a weekday, meaning I go straight from work. I never want to look too casual at work, but I also don’t want to look too ‘workwear’ at an event. I have very few pieces that I can style up or down so this Boohoo shirt is basically a godsend.

How do you like to style a shirt?

*This post contains gifted items.

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