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2 ways to wear: studded mom jeans

Mom jeans are all the rage right now. Skinny jeans are a thing of the past and our legs want room to breathe. Past generations fashion is coming back and I’ll be damned if I don’t jump onto the Friends era hype. This obsession has pretty much bankrupted me for the next month, but at least I look good right?

I’ve progressed away from the bog standard mom jeans now, so I’m skipping straight past that styling post for now and coming to you with a little post about my most recent purchase – these Pimkie pearl studded mom jeans. I first saw studded mom jeans on Zoella, and didn’t really think anything of them, but since converting to mom jeans I decided I actually really need some. There’s 2 looks I’m going to be focusing on in this post, one for daytime and one for nighttime, both with the jeans as the focal point.

The jeans themselves are quite comfy considering they are pearl studded. Kneeling down or crossing your legs will be a bit of a challenge though, because the pearls dig into your legs if any pressure is applied to them. That’s the only negative I have to say about them though, and I found them in the ASOS sale for like £19 so they were a total bargain that I’m gonna end up wearing all the time.

We’ll start with the day look, which is the look I wear all the time. It features a slogan tshirt and chelsea boots – colours and words are interchangable. My favourite chelsea boots ever are these ASOS tan suede ones. Suede is a bit risky when you live in Scotland, and I find myself obsessively checking the weather forecast several times a day to make sure it is actually okay to wear them outside and it wont rain.

I love how mom jeans look with chelsea boots, especially when they’re rolled up at the bottom. Plus, I’m not really a trainer kind of person and I think that slip on shoes look weird because of my skinny ankles and big feet. So boots are all I have and I like to stock up on them to last me the year.

I used to struggle to style blue jeans and would only wear black, because black goes with everything. I’m still finding it a little difficult, but I think I definitely have a better sense of style now and I’m better at picking things that look good. Mostly because my boyfriend is big on fashion and tells me when things look shit. To be on the safe side, I tend to go for a white tshirt because it’s easy.

My favourite slogan tshirts of all time are the Jamie Genevieve ones. I’ve favoured the ‘I’m Tired‘ tshirt over the other 2 previously, but this time around I opted for one of the other ones. They’re amazing quality, and although some people think they are a bit pricey, I wear them all the time. They’re so comfortable and literally go with everything, as demonstrated by my Instagram photos which rarely feature any other items of clothing.

I’ve tied this all together with my favourite jacket of all time, the Topshop boyfriend jacket. It’s a bit past its prime time and needs some TLC (or to go in the bin) but I cannot part with it. I love how this looks with mom jeans and boots, it adds a certain element of classiness to the whole outfit and I rarely reach for any other jacket.

The next look I wanna talk about is a bit nicer and a bit more appropriate for a night out. Nothing too fancy, just to the pub or an event where it’s ‘jeans and a nice top‘ appropriate. This is my favourite outfit of the 2, and one that I’ll probably end up wearing an awful lot over the next little while.

I’ve styled the mom jeans with my favourite ever shirt from Nasty Gal – it’s very oversized and I was so unsure of it at first, but my love for it has only grown. I wear it to work a lot so I’m trying to break out of that ‘I wear this to work so I can’t wear it anywhere else‘ thing by styling it with other things I can’t wear to work. I love how it looks half tucked into the jeans with my ASOS Gucci belt dupe, it’s effortlessly stylish which is something I’ve been desperate to achieve for the longest time, and failed. Until now.

I’ve paired this look with my red ankle boots that I bought from Asda – I’m obsessed with these boots but rarely wear them out unless it’s a special occasion. I’m a big fan of adding a pop of colour to an outfit; whether that’s through footwear, accessories or makeup. It’s almost always red that I go for as well, it’s my favourite colour to wear and I think it really suits me.

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I’ve kept the jacket the same for this look as well because I love how it looks with the red boots. It’s a combination I’ve worn a few times before and one that I will be wearing for years to come.

I used to be a skinny jeans loyal, and I never ever thought I would convert to anything else. I didn’t want any part of a trend that meant my jeans weren’t plastered onto my legs and I thought I was fine. I don’t even know what made me change my mind, but here I am 4 pairs of mom jeans later and I don’t want to see another skinny jean again. For the other non believers – trust me on this.

  1. Mom jeans are comfy as hell. Honestly. My legs can BREATHE.
  2. They still look super stylish. You don’t have to get really baggy mom jeans, tighter ones do exist, so they’re just comfier skinny jeans.
  3. They’re mega high-waisted so you can wear crop tops and not have to worry about your food baby belly.

I would highly recommend the ASOS Farleigh jeans, they have every denim wash available, rips or no rips, and they’re made from super comfy, super soft denim so you’re never uncomfortable. You never go back from mom jeans, the obsession will only grow until you’re knee deep in ASOS Klarna debt, surrounded by the jeans in every colour.

That is the dream.

How do you like to style your mom jeans?

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