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The Monthly #2: 2018

The Monthly #2: 2018

I’m having a very ‘bloggers block’ week this week. I have some ideas but can’t really get anything to come out on the draft, so I’m hoping this ‘review of the month’ is the post that will kick-start my inspiration again. I like that these posts are very word-vomity and I don’t have to try particularly hard to write them because it’s just looking back on what’s happened in the past few months. Side note: I can’t believe we are almost 5 months into the year. What

I’ve tried to do this in chronological order but who knows how it’ll pan out, I have a little list of things that have happened throughout the month but it’s been such a whirlwind that I can’t actually remember. So that’s good.

At the start of March we had some of the worst snow we’ve ever seen since about 2010. It was really exciting for like an hour, and then the reality that we couldn’t get a takeaway and all the bread was gone set in and panic ensued. We couldn’t get anywhere, poor Millie just wanted to go and play but we probably would’ve lost her in the 10ft snow + blizzard that wouldn’t stop. I genuinely felt like I’d been snowed in for about a month, when really it was only 3 days. I had already started planning my Spring content and wanted cute outfit photos, but no chance was I venturing out in that for anything other than more food. Which we took from our neighbour. Sorry.

I made a grown-up purchase this month and bought an iPad Pro! I used to have an iPad but found I didn’t really use it, so I gave it to my little sister, and I started to really miss it. It’s so handy for travelling so I can watch things or write content on the go. I’m still trying to get used to the WordPress app and find that I do have to go to my laptop a lot to check the formatting and SEO, but I’ll get used to not doing that every time I try to write. Plus, I can watch America’s Next Top Model on my iPad without so many annoying pop-ups. Silver linings. I bought the iPad on finance, which I’ve never done before but I asked my mum for advice first (which I do for everything) and she said it was a good idea. Helping my credit score n all that.

I decided to try upping my photography this month & bought the Lightroom & Photoshop package from Adobe. I’m still a complete novice and basically have no idea what I’m doing, nor do I have any good photos to experiment with, but at least I feel like I’m trying to progress. I had a bit of a crisis (which is still ongoing, to be honest) because I take all my photos in my room and have nowhere nice to take any other photos. So I got creative. I was inspired by someone on Instagram whose name I can’t remember – she put her phone in a fajita box which she taped to the ceiling to take a flatlay photo. I did some DIY with an ASOS shoe box, and made my own camera holder. It needs a bit of refining because it keeps falling off now, I think the camera is too heavy for the box, so it’s back to the drawing board with that. I love the results though and if you’re not afraid of concussion, you should definitely try it.

I did something I never ever thought I would do – I bought jeans that are not skinny. Who am I?! I’ve been a skinny jeans loyal for the longest time and never even wanted to try and experiment with jeans that were even the slightest bit baggy. Well, everyone, I have been converted. I bloody love mom jeans. I have 3 pairs, and I’m looking to expand my family in the coming months. I would highly recommend the ASOS Farleigh jeans – I have a pair in blue and black and they’re so comfortable. I can’t stand wearing skinny jeans now, my legs feel so restricted and I feel like I have to peel them off myself at the end of the day. They’re not as difficult to style as I originally thought they would be, they go with just about everything. I may or may not do a fashion-related post about mom jeans because I feel like it’s something I would’ve needed a couple of months ago.

We did an exciting thing this month, myself and Max, and finally booked some holiday accommodation. 1 out of 3 done! I have wanted to visit Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius for the longest time and now, not only am I visiting it, that’s where we’re staying! A 10 minute walk away from the entrance of Pompeii. I could probably cry because I’m so excited. I hope this doesn’t sound awful but I’m fascinated by natural disasters, especially volcanoes. Watching them erupt is so interesting and all I can do is hope & pray that it doesn’t erupt when we’re in Pompeii or climbing it, but we’ll just deal with that when we’re there. I’ve got the holiday bug massively and I’ve been pricing holidays for New Year again this year, but it’s so hard! There’s so many places in Europe that we could go, and it’s hard knowing which places will be a good celebration and which places don’t really care for New Year. We still have to book accommodation for Prague and Milan but now I’m too preoccupied shopping for a holiday that may not even be happening. *shrug emoji*

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I went on one little holiday trip this month down to London to visit some family. We were only there for a few days and didn’t really go into the city centre, which I don’t mind because I’ve done it so many times before, and the weather was so nice. All the blossom trees have come out to play in London now, and they’re my favourite tree/plant ever so I was in my element. The journey home was a complete shitshow and I actually ended up crying but I am very dramatic. We got the train there and back, which is about 5 hours each way, and it was exhausting. On the way back, Virgin shut down the carriage we were booked into and didn’t bother re-assigning our seats. Then there was a whole faff with changing trains to find seats that didn’t even exist, and it took us quite a while to get home. I did get a Chinese and a puppy cuddle when I got home though, so I suppose it was worth it.

I did a really cool thing this month and went to a HARRY POTTER BAR. I know right. Made by The Pop Up Geeks (the same people who did the Game of Thrones bar I went to), Perilous Potions is a little pop-up bar in Edinburgh city center where you can make your own cocktails using a scroll set out like a potion. SO COOL. All the cocktails we made went a little bit wrong but it was still so much fun, there was things like dry ice, glittery cocktails and I had one that made little bubble balls out of peach flavouring. The whole experience was unlike anything else, the little room the bar was in was decorated beautifully with the hanging letters, a Nimbus 2000 and even the sorting hat and the snitch. Ooh, and my favourite part, the mirror from the Chamber of Secrets! These guys did an amazing job at capturing the feel of Harry Potter and making it a magical evening. If you live near Edinburgh or are planning a trip soon, definitely check their Facebook or website for any upcoming pop-ups. The next one is Rick and Morty and I will absolutely be there, drinking it up.

Aaaand finally – the hair saga. I decided before going to London that I wanted to get my hair done; I make a lot of last minute decisions and try to book in at my hairdressers as quickly as possible. She had a cancellation on the day I messaged, which was amazing, so I went along and asked for my short, blonde ombre hair back and left with something that was not that at all. I tried to like it but it kept getting worse, and I had to just live with it for a good few weeks. My mum recommended another hairdressers to me, so I popped down for a consultation and made an appointment for the following week. Those guys saved my whole life. They’ve given me back the hair I dreamed of having again. AND chopped off literally all the dead ends, so although my hair is a lot shorter than ever before and I have to find new ways of styling it, I’m obsessed with it. I’ve definitely found my new salon. Hair is basically make or break when your face is as plain as mine.

I think that’s all I have to report on over the past few months! My life is a little bit boring isn’t it? Ah well.

How have your months been?

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  • ASOS Farleigh jeans are the best purchase I’ve made in a while and I haven’t worn anything else other than them for the past 3 weeks. Definitely, think I’m going to have to get a black pair as well now. I’ve got the serious travel bug at the moment and while I have a holiday to Crete booked for the start of June I’m bugging Sam into letting me book a weekend to Barcelona in August cause yanno, I’ll just have graduated uni and want to escape the country.

    Alicia x

  • Ah girl! I loooove these posts! Mainly because I’m pretty nosey but oh well. I am so envious of all the beautiful holidays you get to go one, you’re literally living the dream, but I can’t think of anyone who deserves to more. Keep these coming gal!

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