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Before they made their big UK debut, I was blissfully unaware of who Glossier were and what their products were. It took me a while to buy into the hype and start researching them, but boy am I glad I did. I’m easily susceptible to influencer marketing and I probably watched about 50 review videos before deciding what I wanted to buy. I placed a massive order a few months ago and have since been trying and testing the pieces I got so I could review them in full.

I first got the birthday balmdotcom, before I placed my massive order, but I keep losing it. I think I’ve lost it several hundred times now, and I lost it a few weeks ago and it just hasn’t resurfaced. I’m devastated because I love that stuff, it really does smell exactly like birthday cake and I apply it religiously when I know where it is. I’d like to try out some of the other flavours but I cannot face placing another order yet because of how much I spent the last time. I’m a danger to myself.

The thing that prompted me to make the second order was my stretch concealer running out – I first saw it in a Jamie Genevieve video and knew I had to have it. I loved it at first, and then kind of went off it, but then realised nothing compares and purchased a second one. I was unsure at first because Glossier kind of stands for glossy, dewy, radiant skin, which is hard to get when you have skin oilier than your local chippy. But it delivers in the best way; amazing coverage with a dewy glow that can be covered with powder if it’s too much. It doesn’t slip around my face either, which was another worry. Overall, this is my new holy grail concealer and we all just have to hope now that I don’t spend £80 every time I want to repurchase it.

A million and one people have raved about boy brow, presumably since the beginning of time. I never really cared because I was a loyal pommade or powder user; they were the easy options and made it easy to manipulate my brow shape. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have been converted. I am hopping onto this bandwagon and chaining myself to it because this is the best brow product I’ve ever used. It’s ridiculously easy to control where the product goes, and my brows look filled in but not excessively so, and my brows are also growing in fuller. I heard that using a clear brow gel over a pommade or powder makes your brows grow in where you place the product, and using tinted has the same effect. Yet anther ride or die product that I can’t live without. Thanks Glossier.

Next up is the mask duo. I love a good face mask and I’ve not really used any other ones besides these two since I got them. The greens face mask is the best thing I’ve ever used for spots – it completely draws out all the dirt and yucky stuff in my skin and makes it a lot easier to get rid of the spots that it doesn’t get rid of itself. It has little granules in it that exfoliate off a lot of the spots, and it brings under the skin ones to the surface and makes them hurt a lot less. Moonmask feels and looks super weird on, but it makes my skin so smooth and hydrated. They come as a duo because mega greens can dry out your skin (i don’t find this) and then moonmask injects the hydration back into it. A beautiful, beautiful couple that I am very attached to.

The final thing that I got that I didn’t even really think about considering how expensive it is, is the branded sweatshirt. This baby set me back a solid £50, which hurt me and I regretted it until it arrived at my house and I put it on. I’ve worn it excessively since I got it, only taking it off to wear my Jamie Genevieve tshirts. It’s the softest item of clothing I own, and it’s perfect for spring/summer because it’s not too thick but still keeps me warm. Easy to layer but cool enough to go out just wearing that on a nicer day. I don’t regret it anymore, not even a little bit, because in terms of cost per wear, I’ve probably gotten my moneys worth out of it already.

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There’s loads more amazing products Glossier make and I’m tempted to make another order every single day. I want to try the Generation G lipsticks, but didn’t order any because I couldn’t decide what colour I liked. Because of how well I’ve gotten on with the concealer, I want to try the foundation but I’m waiting for my skin to clear up a bit more because I know it’s very light coverage.

Overall, I love Glossier as a brand and think every single thing I’ve bought has been a worthwhile investment. Whilst I maybe wouldn’t recommend dropping £50 on a sweatshirt unless you can really afford it, I would definitely recommend trying out some of the cheaper skincare and makeup options.

Have you tried anything from Glossier?

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