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Saying goodbye to scarring

Saying goodbye to scarring

I spoke a little about my experience with acne scarring in a recent post – i am more than my skin. My dermatologist said there was nothing I could do but give it time, and then maybe it would fade. Obviously, I just didn’t accept that and devoted myself to finding products that could reduce the scarring. I can hear the dermatologist shouting at me as I continue to slap so many products on my face.

I don’t like using the word scarring, because that word is generally associated with the bumpy, uneven texture and that’s not what I suffer from. Mine is the lingering redness, the stuff that looks like spots but there’s nothing there. It could be much worse and I know that, I consider myself quite lucky that it’s only the redness that stays and it’s not as expensive for me to fix as it is for other people. It’s just a lot easier for me to define it as scarring.

I definitely find that my diet has an effect on my skin and the condition of my scarring. Salt is the main food group that affects it, and yet I cannot stop eating salty food. As someone who doesn’t like chocolate much and doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, having to cut out the only snacky food group that I actually like kinda sucks. But it’s worth it to feel happy and confident in my skin, which is pretty rare. I also stopped drinking cows milk and prefer soya instead, but because I haven’t cut out any other dairy products, the results from this are pretty minimal. Soya milk just tastes so much better though.

My skincare routine is rigorous, extensive and something a lot of people would probably advise against – I use quite a few different products depending on whether it’s morning or evening and refuse to miss out my routine no matter how tired, drunk or hungover I am. When I was in France, and after I arrived home, I did a lot of research into French skincare and how that can help my scarring. One product I invested in after coming home is the A313 pommade, which is an alternative to Avibon. It contains retinol which is known for resurfacing the skin, and given how cheap this product was, it’s quickly become a staple. I use a pea-sized amount every second night and I find it itches quite a bit, but not so much that you can’t ignore it. The next morning, my skin looks radiant and bright, and that makes it worth it.

I was very kindly gifted a product designed specifically for scarring that has helped the condition of my skin enormously and has since become a staple in my skincare routine. Science of Skin generously sent me the Solution for Scars, designed to help acne scarring or scarring left over from operations – they also have a Solution for Stretch Marks! Coming in at under £20, it’s an affordable product that actually works. I did take before and after photos, and my skin is literally littered with scarring, so the difference can actually be seen.

I apply the solution twice a day, morning and night, massaging it in for about a minute, and find that whilst it’s not really helped the oldest of scars, it has prevented any new spots from scarring. One issue of mine was that I couldn’t keep my spots away for long enough to clear up the old scars, and with new ones forming every week I began to feel a little hopeless. No longer having to worry about new spots means I can continue to focus on the older marks and find something that works equally as well for them. I would definitely recommend investing in this if you suffer from bad scarring and are still repeatedly getting new hoards of spots; a little amount goes a long way and the results are clear after such a short amount of time.

My scarring doesn’t bother me as much now as it used to, some weeks are better than others and I find it’s cleared up massively even since the last acne post I did. Some days I’ll feel very confident and not feel like I need to wear much makeup at all, or I’ll feel at the lowest point and have to cover up absolutely everything. It just depends. I used to watch a lot of “no makeup makeup routines” for inspiration and ways to cover my acne with as little products as I could – to save me time in the morning and to help my skin breathe. A common factor all the YouTubers who posted these videos have in common is they have no spots, and no scarring. At least not to the extent that I have it.

They would start off with completely clear skin, maybe one spot so they could demonstrate their coverage skills, and then go in with about 40 different products designed to conceal their under eye bags and get rid of the redness around their nose. Where’s the representation for us acne girls please? I want a quick routine that I won’t have to do 6 times over to make sure all my scars are covered.

If I had any guts, I’d do my own tutorial, but I don’t, so I’ll just talk you through it instead.

This is what I do: I do my skincare routine as normal, which I can talk about another time. I use whatever primer I have on the go at that time (I don’t have a holy grail), and then we start. I use the Glossier Stretch Concealer in the shade Light with a beauty blender to cover the worst of my spots and redness. Then I powder. And most of the time, that’s it. Some days I’ll use Seventeen Stay Time concealer, depends what kind of eye-bag day I’m having or if I feel like I need extra coverage.

With my eyebrows, it takes me about 7 minutes total. You could definitely swap out the concealers for whatever your favourite one is, but I’d definitely recommend a beauty blender for the application. Most of the time I’ll choose to do a full face because I enjoy looking good and feeling confident, but it can get tiring. And people with acne probably don’t wanna use a ton of shit for a ‘light’ makeup look. Or maybe that’s just me.

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I have grown to accept my scarring. As I got older, I realised that I’m not likely to ever have completely clear skin. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue working for it though, and trying out some different products to help me achieve it. Acceptance is probably the first stage – when I stop caring is when miracles happen. When I stopped caring about whether I had a boyfriend or not, I met the guy I’ve now been with for almost 4 years. So if I stop caring about my skin, surely that means I’ll have Jamie Genevieve-esque clear skin, right???

As I said in my previous acne post, my shit skin is a part of me and I’m growing to love it. I’ve struggled a lot, and I’m constantly reminded of all the times I cancelled plans and cried because it’s mapped on my face. I could probably confidently tell you which scars are from eating too many Pringles (all of them). I’m still not confident enough to go to work completely bare faced, and possibly never will be, but even going in without foundation is a huge step for me.

It’s important to celebrate the little steps when becoming more confident with your skin – if you only wore one concealer on top of your foundation today, I applaud you. It’s pretty difficult when you feel like everyone’s staring. I have to continuously remind myself that nobody else notices it, it’s just me. My journey to clear skin became a lot easier when I began to accept it and faked that clear-skin confidence that everyone else seems to have. Fake it ’til you make it.

Before Science of Skin solution.

 After one month of use.

Shop Science of Skin.

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  • Your a beautiful gal. Keep up the skin care, better diet, exercise. You’ll get there, your confidence will grow and you’ll be able to others thru your victories. Stay humble.

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