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Hoppin’ into Spring; beauty, fashion, mindset | AD

Hoppin’ into Spring; beauty, fashion, mindset | AD

Honestly, trying to write this post whilst there’s snow on the ground in MARCH is just not happening. I thought we were supposed to be in Spring, right? Wrong. Our weather is backwards and I think we need to re-write [the stars] the seasons. Winter, winter, spring, autumn. The official order. To make myself feel a bit more hopeful and a bit more spring-like, I’ve been detailing all the things I’m going to be doing in line with the change of the seasons. This is a typical post to do when it comes to the changing seasons, so you’ll probably get a lot of these over the next few weeks, but they’re just so fun to write and read.

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First up we have beauty, specifically fragrances. I never seem to bother with perfume nowadays, instead opting for a vanilla body spray that makes me smell a bit like a cake because they’re just so easy, and non-expensive. However, I want to be one of those people that you walk past and think, “wow, they smell incredible” so I’ve been looking into some scents. I’ve always been obsessed with the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfumes, I used to have several, and the name is so perfect for spring. I just think it’s such a classic scent, especially the purple-y one because it smells like parma violets. I’m also obsessed with the Ralph Lauren Romance scent, I’ve had a few bottles of that and will always go back to it although it tends to make me think more of winter. I’ve also started a wishlist of perfumes I want, including L’Occitane and Molecule 01. L’Occitane do the most beautiful luxury products, including perfume for women*. I trust the rest of their products, so why not give perfume a go? My boyfriend’s mum has Molecule 01 and she always smells incredible, plus Zoella raved about it so it must be good.

I’m focusing a lot more on my skin this season, mostly in the past few weeks. I’ve seen a notable difference since I’ve started cleansing in the morning every day and not just the days I have a lie in, so for me, spring is about being fresh-faced and radiant. I’m using some oils, facial sprays and serums to give my skin a healthy glow and as soon as I get rid of all the scarring [product review on somethin’ to do with this coming soon] I’ll be able to ditch makeup on a day-to-day basis. I’m trying, and failing, to drink my 2L of water a day and I really just need to get my arse in gear and completely ditch the salty snacks. I’ve got a good routine going for the minute though, and if I just maintain that and sort out my diet, my skin will be as refreshing as the new season.

My makeup is gonna stay natural for the most part, I’ve been doing only concealer and eyebrows for the past few weeks because I really value that extra half hour in bed in the morning. I’m not so bothered about the red acne marks I have left over from bad spells, because now I can lean on my hand and touch a notebook without staining it with foundation. I really love the Glossier concealer because Glossier is a brand focused on giving radiant skin, and that it does. I use it either under foundation, if I need foundation, or on its own underneath some powder. For brows, I use a very, very old Gimme Brow by Benefit, and if I do good with my spending this month I’ll let myself buy Boy Brow by Glossier in April. I’ve heard only good things and I’ve been itching to get my hands on it for the longest time.

My favourite part – fashion. I am big on slogan tshirts this season. B. I. G. I keep buying them and I can’t stop wearing them excessively. I bought one on Depop from Maria that I wear pretty much all the time, originally from Missy Empire, and I have a whole hoard of feminist tshirts that I swap around. I like wearing them with jeans, under a slip dress, or under my Primark spotty jumpsuit that I think everybody has. I did also order some of the Jamie Genevieve tshirts but unfortunately, they were way too big and I’ve had to send them back to be exchanged. I was fully gutted because those tshirts were about to come my wardrobe staple. Slogan tshirts are just so easy to style and pull off, you can dress them up or down with accessories and you just look effortlessly cool.

Notice I say ‘you’ because I can’t look effortlessly cool, it doesn’t happen.

My favourite transition piece is definitely culottes – the weather is getting slightly warmer but isn’t quite there yet, so you can pull off culottes with tshirts, jumpers or shirts. They kinda go with everything. They also look pretty good with boots as well as little slip on shoes, but that’s maybe more for summer because all of my heat leaves through my feet and they can’t be exposed. I think I’ve included my yellow culottes in every single fashion post I’ve ever done, but they continue to be one of my favourite clothing items ever. The yellow makes them perfect for every single season except winter, and it’s about time to pull them back out the cupboard again. I also recently bought some khaki culottes from Stradivarius, and I’m obsessed with the fit. They pinch me in at the waist perfectly and I’m waiting for the right day to wear them to work, probably on a casual day so I can wear them with a tshirt and trainers. I like to pretend I’m stylish. But I’m not.

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I’ve already decided that spring is going be a very good season and I’m going to make the most of everything. It may just be a temporary feeling because things are pretty good right now, but I’m gonna stay as positive as possible and not take anything for granted. I’m pretty lucky, I have a great job, I’m happy with my blog and in general, I have a pretty good life. So I don’t have any reason to be negative about anything and I need to remember that. It’s so much easier to just be positive and happy, it genuinely takes so much effort to be negative and angry about everything. Believe me, I’ve done it, it sucks. Spring is one of my favourite seasons because of all the blossom trees, they are my favourite tree and I wish they stayed all through summer as well.

Expect a LOT of photos of blossoms on the gram and many other places.

I’m making more of a conscious effort to save in the next little while. She says after dropping £700 on a holiday…but that’s better than pointless crap like clothes and takeaways, right? It’s occurred to me that I don’t want to get to the last week of the month and feel total dread over how I’m going to afford petrol until I get paid. I’ve been living month-by-month and not considering my future at all, which needs to change. I’m not even sure what prompted this, I think I realised that if I ever want to actually own a place of my own, I need to quit the excessive spending. I don’t need any of that stuff, it’s not improving my life and I can live without it. So far so good (I wrote this on the 8th, is it still so far so good? We’ll see.) and my reward for not spending excessively will be either some mom jeans, if I still want them at the end of the month, and/or Boy Brow by Glossier. I like to have something to work towards.

I’m really excited for this year and my future in general, this girl’s goin’ places! I want to work on my blog more, I want to work harder at creating content I love and photos I love. Instagram is a lost cause, let’s not discuss that. My Instagram is never going anywhere and I’ve accepted that, it’s more about the writing than the imagery for me anyway. This is more one of those rambly, type what you think posts but I also love creating more profound posts that would make my English teacher very proud. I have a good balance of that going right now, there’s personality but also posts to demonstrate my writing skill, which I want to keep improving on and building on in the hopes of it taking me somewhere. I’m determined to make 2018 a good year, one season at a time.

How are you transitioning into spring?

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  • Even with a few acne scars you still look absolutely stunning! 💕 You should actually be so proud of yourself with going light with the makeup and not trying to cover up blemishes! I’ve suffered with acne since I was 12 and I’m now 25 … I’m the worst for slapping loads of foundation on which probably makes everything worse.
    I hope you have an amazing spring … well once the spring weather finally arrives! 🙃

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