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Current favourites [and the products they replace]

I vowed to abandon the monthly favourites posts when I revamped my content at the start of this year – it was too difficult to find 5 or 6 different products a month when I use the same stuff all the time. It didn’t help any spending bans and they weren’t fun to write. So instead, when I have enough new things I love, that’s when I’ll write about them. It’s taken me until March to pull together enough things, and the next edition will probably be even further away since I’m trying to be good & not spend all my paycheck in one month.

This gal’s got holidays to go on.

A lot of the products I’ve been loving this month have replaced older products I’d used religiously and were previous favourites of mine. I’ve pretty much re-vamped a lot of my routine, makeup and skincare, and so a lot of products just aren’t making the cut anymore. Older favourites are also coming back into the limelight, so it’s quite the wild ride.

First up is something I loved, then hated, and now love again – Glossier’s concealer. I really didn’t like this or have any idea how to use it because it’s a creamy concealer in a tub, not on a wand which is what I’m normally used to. I watched a Jamie Genevieve video that showed her using it with a beauty blender to apply it. I went and bought it literally straight after watching the, and loved it for ages, then didn’t like it, and now I love it again. As I get closer to finishing the product, it doesn’t apply as well, so I dug out the Boi-ing concealer to try with the same beauty blender technique. It works well in terms of coverage, but the Benefit concealer is way too dry on my skin. I find that throughout the day, dry patches appear around my face and I don’t have dry skin so it’s a bit strange. The Glossier concealer is made to be a little oily, but although I have oily skin, I don’t find it makes a big difference in terms of how much oil I produce throughout the day. For a quick little bit of coverage on a light makeup day, which is what most days will be in spring, the Glossier concealer is perfect and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it over Benefit Boi-ing!

Powder is a difficult product for me, I could never find a holy grail powder that kept my makeup in place whilst not bankrupting me every time I run out. I’d been using the NYX loose powder and repurchased it twice, hating it along the way. Well, maybe not hating, but I only kept repurchasing it because I didn’t know what else to buy. ASOS released their own makeup range a while back and the translucent powder is the only product of theirs that I’ve tried, and I bloody love it. It’s a pressed powder, so not really like the NYX one, but it really works. It lasts a lot longer on my skin and it’s translucent so it doesn’t affect the colour of my makeup, which was a massive issue with the NYX powder. Also, the packaging is so much prettier. I really love ASOS makeup packaging and I have to keep telling myself that I don’t NEED any more makeup, so I can’t buy any.

But I’m way too tempted just because of the packaging.

A whole brand has now replaced a lot of my haircare products, which is extremely rare and it is due to my blog because these were gifted products, so I’m incredibly thankful. Osmo offered to send me a few products to test out, which I have been doing for the past few months, and my life has changed. I previously used Aussie and thought I was using good haircare, but I had no idea what I was missing out on. I’ve replaced the 3 minute miracle stuff with the Osmo hair mask and I’ve replaced the Aussie 3 minute miracle oil with the Osmo Wonder10 treatment, and they also sent me a heat defence spray that I’ve been using over my argan oil one. The combination of all Osmo products has left my hair in the loveliest condition, whilst still giving it texture and volume. Also, because my hair has grown substantially, my natural waves are coming back, which I think is also partly due to the change in products. I don’t normally repurchase products I’ve been sent to try out, but these have made such a difference that I now cannot live without them.

Bringing out an accessory in the favourites post now, which is not the norm. I’m not a big watch person, I admire them but rarely wear them and still check my phone for the time, but recently I was sent out an Adexe watch. You’ve probably seen this brand floating around Instagram recently as a lot of bloggers are being gifted these beautiful watches, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. I already have a watch, a Michael Kors one, but I’ve deemed it way too fancy to wear on a day-to-day occasion. This one is perfect – it has the big watch face, which I love, the matte black background which matches perfectly with the rose gold detailing and the strap is easily adjustable for my little wrists. I’m a bit of a weirdo and wear my watch on the wrong wrist so the little knob to adjust the time doesn’t irritate my hand, but that comes with every single watch that exists. Ooh, it also tells you the date, but I haven’t quite worked that feature out yet.

Back to makeup after some nice refreshing lifestyle favourites, I’ve been changing up how I do my brows daily to 1. save time & 2. give my makeup a more natural look, which I’ll go into in another post. I’ve swapped back and forth between powder and pommade for the longest time, only recently deciding that I can’t be arsed with that much effort and opting for a simple brow gel instead. I pluck my own eyebrows because I don’t trust anyone else with them, and I’ve opted for sweeping some Benefit Gimme Brow in there just to add a bit more colour. It shaves a good 3 minutes off my makeup routine, which is an extra 3 minutes in bed I cherish every morning. I am aware I have the VERY old version of Gimme Brow but y’know what, let’s just ignore that. It still works. I really want to try the Glossier Boy Brow because I’ve heard so many good things, but I’m trying to save money this month and Boy Brow is not a necessity.

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Last up in this edition of my current favourites is a Botanics facial oil. I’m a massive fan of Botanics products and get sent their stuff quite regularly, but this oil is a cut above the rest. It smells like sweets, contains rosehip (which I rave about a lot) and has now replaced every other facial oil I own. I use this mainly in the evening when I near enough bathe in the stuff, but I’ve also taken to using it underneath my makeup during the day just to give myself a bit more of a radiant glow. I have oily skin so I’ve been careful with how much I use, but it doesn’t make me look any worse than usual so we good. It adds such a nice glow to bare skin as well, and if I was ever brave enough to go to work with no makeup on, I would absolutely use this on my face.

Aaand that’s it for the first round of current favourites! I’ve held back on a few fashion and lifestyle things because I’m going to include them in a post that’s currently in the works for this month, so I realise it comes across very beauty-heavy.

What products are in your current favourites?

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  • Ooh love this post! I don’t normally engage in much beauty content but am always interested to hear what people think of certain products. From this I definitely love the sound of those Osmo products (I never really think much about what I’m putting on my hair!) and the Botanics facial oil – I’ve been pretty hesitant in joining the oil trend as I thought it would just make my face more oily but as you’ve found it pretty good, I might give it a go!

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