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The Monthly #1: 2018

All through last year I did month-by-month reflections, which I would use as a means of keeping track of what I did that month and that is basically it. I didn’t particularly enjoy writing them, I didn’t feel like they were of a high standard, but I had to keep writing them because I refused to stop halfway through tracking my year. I’ve missed doing these reflections, so I’ve decided to alter them to fit in with my new style of content. I’m still going to be talking about my month and what’s been going on, except I’m going to be delving into my feelings a bit more and how that’s all been. Also, maybe once ever few months, because life can be a bit dull sometimes and nobody wants a half-arsed post.

We’re just gonna keep it casual, keep it real.

January feels a world away now that we’re in February, almost March. I started off 2018 in the best way possible – in Paris. I spent New Year there with Max and it was just perfect. Sometimes, I struggle with travelling and being away from home, which definitely hit my hard with this trip. I didn’t like the hotel we were staying in, so I think not feeling at home where we were was a massive factor. We also didn’t eat very well over there, we ate cheap as opposed to healthy (like always) but it definitely took its toll. The only thing I asked for on my return home was strawberries. I was desperate for some fruit by that point!

When we got back, I decided to re-design my entire blog. I was initially going to wait for February’s payday before making the move to WordPress but I’m an impatient soul and once I’d decided to move, it was happening that night. So I near enough bankrupted myself for a blog design that I don’t even really like anymore. But I’m happier on WordPress so that’s something, I guess. With the move came the new content style, which I’m still trying to maintain. Better written posts, longer posts and more personal posts. I got a bit sick of writing about beauty all the time (not that there’s anything wrong with that) so took a few weeks to think about what I wanted to do, and then just rolled with it. I’m a LOT happier with my blog and content now, and I feel a lot more like a serious‘ blogger. If that’s even a thing.

I did something that was simultaneously like me & unlike me – chopped in a fringe. Unlike me in that…it’s a fringe?? I haven’t had a fringe since I was 13. But also like me in that I made a lot of spur-of-the-moment decisions, some work out well, others not so much. I loved the fringe for a little while and I’m still going back and forth between growing it out and trimming it again. Whilst I decide, I look like one of those dogs that can’t see. Because I can’t see. I think I want to go super short again for summer but I don’t want a fringe AND short hair because that’s a bit much for me, so looks like I’m growing it out. It’s the worst decision I ever made.

I bought way too much stuff in the first few months of this year. I’m supposed to be saving and so far, it just ain’t happening. I bought about 600 pairs of boots and I wish I was exaggerating when I say that – they were all in the sale and I could not let them pass me by. Also, ASOS buy now pay later is ruining me because I see it as free clothes, and it’s NOT. I just keep placing orders left right and center that I end up having to pay back in bulk with the one paycheck. I desperately need to go on a spending ban but every time I say that I will, it doesn’t work and I place more orders for more things I don’t need. Starting in March I’ll be better…Was that convincing at all? Nope.

I met quite a few new bloggers this year already, Maggie & Emma and I’ve had a swell time, I also entered into the best WhatsApp group chat I’ve ever been in. Shoutout to Rosie, Lucy & Yella. You da real MVPs. One of the like-minded souls I met this month was Emma, who I’ve had some back and forth with over social media beforehand. I honestly love her, she’s hilarious and we have such a similar sense of humour, which is important in friendships because if you don’t laugh at my jokes, I don’t even wanna know. I love meeting up with bloggers because they just get it, they know how the blogger brain works and they know how to get those perfect blogger shots. Surround me with bloggers pls.

I have booked a fair few holidays this year already and we’re only in February – I’m bloody EXCITED. I’m currently planning about 3 trips to London, a holiday with my dog and a big summer holiday with Max that I’m about to book as I’m writing this. I’m going to London to see family in April, to see my bff Rosie in June and probably again in July for a design event that Max wants to go to. Honestly, I may as well move there cos I’ll be there more than I’ll be at home. I’m looking at some cottages in July for me to take Millie away to whilst my family are on holiday in Canada, but not too far away because Millie gets car sick and if there’s one thing I never want to do in my life, it’s clean up puppy sick from the boot of my car. In August, myself and Max are looking at going to a few places because I’m extra and can’t just go to one place on holiday. Yet I hate physically travelling on planes?? Okay Lauren. I kind of want to do a little ‘holiday reveal’ at some point so I’m being weirdly secretive over where we’re going, but it’s gonna be ace. Just you wait.

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I think the last thing I have to report on this month is something I wrote about and cried about because people were so lovely about. I’ve started to care a lot less about how my skin looks and just embrace the fact that I have acne, because who cares! It’s my face, it’s what I’ve been given and I just have to work with it. It’s oddly freeing and basically it started because I can’t be arsed getting up an hour early to paint my face with makeup that won’t even stay on all day – ain’t nobody got time fo that. I’m not particularly thick-skinned though so if anyone makes a horrible comment I’ll absolutely crumble and go back to painting my face for an hour but let’s just enjoy this for now, shall we? You can pop over and read my post all about skin positivity HERE.

Overall, the first few months of the year have been pretty good. I’m feeling really, really positive about the rest of the year and can’t wait to see where my little blog takes me, what new friends I’ll make and what adventures I’ll have with Max. CHEESY.

How did your January & February go?

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  • I absolutely love posts like this, reading the little things about someones life. I decided this year I was going to do the same, change up my content and write more raw honest posts about how I’m feeling and life in general.

    Excited to read about all your trips away this year! Theres so many places I want to go I’m having trouble narrowing down where to go first😂

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