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Stripes are back in business

I remember being 13 and completely obsessed with stripes. I had striped playsuits, striped tshirts, probably even striped leggings because trousers aren’t in your radar when you’re that young. They’ve always been a staple in my wardrobe, and it seems like for S/S 18, they’re coming back in. Finally, I can excessively wear stripes and I’m in style rather than 6 years behind the trends.

I’ve maintained the mindset of ‘Go Big or Go Home’ in terms of trends. I would exclusively buy outfits with stripes only, and I’m still the exact same. When I like a trend, you’ll know about it. When berets came back in style I bought 4, when snoods were a thing, I had about 50. I don’t do things by half, clearly. All my pocket money back then went on striped tshirts and cardigans because, y’know, when you’re 13, you don’t really have the confidence to be totally ‘out there’ with your style in terms of striped trousers, or coloured stripes. I believed by adding a shred of white to my outfit, I was being bold enough. *eye roll*

In order to fully embarrass myself for the purposes of good content, I’ve found some OLD photos of me wearing stripes. Just a quick reminder to everyone that I don’t look like this anymore and not to remember me as the little girl with the stiff fringe when I’m gone.

The earliest photo I could find was one from when I was about 12 or 13 – the start of my stripes obsession the first time over. You can’t really tell, but it was like a bodycon dress except WAY too short, so I had to wear it with leggings. This was also before my boobs, bum or any sort of shaping came in so I looked a bit like a sausage roll stuffed into a stripy dress. GLAM. I used this as my first ever Facebook profile picture, and I’m pretty sure it was the first selfie I ever took. What a memory to have. The sleeves on this dress/top/belt were ruched and I honestly just felt so cool. I wasn’t, but dont tell me that.

Also featured in my 13 year old wardrobe was a stripy cardigan that lived on me throughout summer and winter – it had pockets which were perfect for my cherry cola lipsmacker. Can we just take a minute to talk about that fringe? I used to wear so much hairspray that the entire fringe would move as one. And no, it’s not a joke that I’m wearing all the bracelets to have ever existed. It’s called fashion.

Skipping forward a few years to when my selfie skills were a bit more refined, I’m still going strong with the stripes. The first is a tshirt that I wore on one of my first dates with my current boyfriend – it was an awful, stiff material and frequently featured some Dream Matte Mousse on the neck, but it wasn’t enough to scare away the boyfriend. Gotta try harder next time. It was the kind of top that wouln’t look nice at all with a skirt or anything other than jeans. But at least styling it wasn’t particularly hard.

I still have the next stripy ensemble; a playsuit that I am, for some reason, too attached to. That photo looks nothing like me and I’m still in awe at how I managed to actually make my face look like that. It had to have been an accident, and there’s nothing I can do to recreate it. I don’t normally get the weather to bust out this playsuit because I really dislike how it looks with tights, so I’m not entirely sure why I still have it. The only time I remember wearing it, my boyfriend wore stripes as well and we looked like one of those couples that co-ordinates their outfits.

Slippin’ and slidin’ further in to modern times an the birth of my bomb ass brows and blonde hair, and we’re into some pieces that remain my favourites to this day. The blue Zara shirt is perfect for Spring/Summer and I’ve already worn it a few times this year because I’m just so darn excited. It looks so cute with some black jeans and knee high boots. It’s a tad low cut so I do wear it with a vest or some sort of tshirt underneath, or a cute bra if I’m not at work. Obviously buttoned up though. I’m not sure what kind of message it would send if I just wore my shirt open and exposed myself like that.

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I got a bit more bold in the past few years and branched out into striped clothing that wasn’t just tshirts – enter the striped culottes. These are YELLOW. Which you can see. I wore these to death in Summer 2017, and Summer 2018 is gonna look exactly the same. Except styled a little better cos I kinda almost know what I’m doing now. I’m not entirely sure what shoes to wear with these because some boots just look weird, but my feet get too cold for little dolly shoes. I say this as if anybody has read this far.

And now we come to the present day, where I’m obsessed with yet another pair of striped trousers. I wear these almost everyday with slogan tshirts, jumpers or plain tshirts. They go with EVERYTHING. They’re so comfy that I feel like I’m wearing pyjamas and often I probably look like I’m wearing pyjamas but who cares! They’re in style and hella airy. I can eat as much as I want and not feel like I’m about to burst out of my trousers.

What’s your favourite trend coming in 2018?

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  • It must have been in fashion because I distinctly remember wearing alot of stripes around that age too. I had a top that had rainbow stripes and I thought I was the absolute shit! Love the striped trousers, I really need to try wearing trousers!

  • I’ve always loved wearing stripes, they are just classic and timeless…and can really help an outfit look smarter. I’m excited to add even more striped items into my wardrobe (3 pairs of trousers, 3 tops, 2 playsuits and 4 shirts obviously isn’t enough).

    Alicia x


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