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Making friends when you’re younger is easy – you both like the same flavour of popcorn so you’re instant, Step-Brothers-esque best friends. It’s a bit of a different story when you’re older and you need some new material because food just doesn’t cut it as a conversation starter anymore. I genuinely think I have forgotten the protocol.

I used to have certain presumptions about females, something I like to call the ‘female fear’. Drawing from high school experiences and the fact I was also a bitch, I decided I didn’t really like girls. I preferred talking to and being around boys most of the time, only having a few close female friends. I had no interest in putting myself in the firing line to make more. But this was high school, and girls in high school are a whole new breed of evil. Even my mum recognised that, which automatically makes it real.

As I grew in confidence, my ability to speak to females in a normal way instead of a shy, reserved way, grew and I found myself shouting at people that I loved their shoes. Not really. But near enough. I would definitely say that starting my blog is the main cause of this shift in mindset – whether you like it or not, blogging is a female-dominated industry and the amount of females to talk to is endless. You have to find someone similar to you, it isn’t possible not to. And let me say that bloggers are (mostly) the loveliest, most approachable bunch of humans I’ve ever had to pleasure of knowing.

All the bloggers I’ve spoken to have completely altered my mindset towards females. They weren’t scary, bitchy or mean. Only a handful were too entitled to reply to me. Most would gladly tell me where their outfit was from. I see now that high school wasn’t the ideal place to create opinions on anything really, because everyone is awful in high school. It’s such a restricting environment and you HAVE to conform; nobody is their real self. I definitely didn’t feel comfortable with myself until well after I left school, and now I look back and think…what the fuck was I doing? I am an entirely different person and I had to give others the benefit of the doubt and assume they were a bit more grown up now.

I’ve made quite a few friends through blogging, which, as someone with not a lot of female friends, literally made all the difference. Some I got on better with than others, and quite a lot I’ve drifted away from now. There’s 2 that I would now consider genuine best friends, people I go to with problems and people who care about me and don’t ignore my messages. (Group chats are a bitch.) Those 2 are Rosie and Katie, if you’re wondering. And I believe they’re one of the best things to come out of starting my blog. If only they lived anywhere near me.

It’s really lovely having a whole community out there literally all over the world.

I could go anywhere and find a blogger to hang out with, and I’d get on with them perfectly. I had only spoken to Rosie once before meeting her, and here we are sharing traumatising stories with each other as if we’ve known each other for years. The only issue I have is actually finding people near me who have similar likes to me – I’m always on the hunt for an Edinburgh-based blogging bestie who won’t want to murder me when I ask for a hundred more photos on top of the three hundred they just took. Thankfully for me, there’s somethin’ brewing that will help me.

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I’d be really surprised if you hadn’t heard of Bleet by now – the buzz around it just keeps growing and I keep checking for release dates because, quite frankly, I need it. One of the creators, Lucy, I actually know and have spoken to a lot as she’s good friends with Rosie, so I feel like I’m in the know. (I’m not, FYI. I did get to help with sticker ideas though.) Bleet is an app for bloggers which I’m imagining to be almost like Tinder in that you put in your location and it shows other bloggers around you. It’s basically an essential for those of us who don’t live in/around London, where you turn a corner and come across a shoal of bloggers taking outfit photos. London is like a breeding ground for bloggers.

I’m excited to use it to make real friendships with people around me. I’ve met Edinburgh bloggers and Glasgow bloggers, but I’ve not really maintained a friendship which is mostly my fault because I’m awful at replying to messages – I work better in real life. You can sign up to the app from now, so that when it gets launched you’re all ready to go!

I, for one, could use more female positivity in my life so get signin’ up – ESPECIALLY if you live in Edinburgh. Be my best pal.

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  • Loved this post! I can totally relate to this. The girls in the blogosphere are the best! x

  • I completely understand how you feel, I stuck with the same few friends in highschool because some girls were just really… awful. Now that I’ve finished I hope I can meet some more genuine people in the real world. And I also agree 100% that the majority of bloggers are so lovely, blogging has enabled me to “meet” amazing girls all over the world and it’s so cool to have spoken to some of the nicest people. Love love loved this post xx + I need that app!! There seems so be no bloggers in my city in Australia agh

    • I have only one or two friends from high school but I’m so close to a lot of the friends I’ve made through blogging. I’ll come to Australia and be your friend, I’m desperate to visit!

  • I, too, find making friends very difficult. The older you get it’s somehow harder! I don’t live in Edinburgh (and I don’t think Leicester quite compares) but hello! Blog friend? Oh and I like both sweet and salt popcorn 🙂

    Fatima x

    • It’s definitely harder when you’re older, there’s less chances to make friends! I tend to prefer salt but I do like a good mixed bag 🙂

  • This was such a relateable post. I do have a close group of friends, but most of them don’t really understand what it’s like being a blogger. While they’re super supportive of everything I do for it, I don’t know if they entirely get it? I wish any of my blogger friends were close to me! Most of them live in Europe while here I am living in the United States close to NYC. I always assumed that there has to be so many bloggers close to New York, but I can’t find any! I can’t wait til the app comes out soon, maybe I’ll find someone, aha xxx

    Melina |

    • Agreed! Other bloggers just get what you mean when you ask for an outfit photo and don’t judge either. It’s gonna be the best app!

  • I’m keen to make some more blogging friends – I’ve had a blog for almost 5 years now but not made any solid friends yet out of it! I’ve just moved to London however so I’ gonna start making an effort with it. I was in Edinburgh omg I wish I could live there! I fell in love with the city so so beautiful!

    • They’re the best friends I could ask for, this app is gonna make it so much better. I love Edinburgh and live just outside of it, but I really want to move closer soon!

  • I’m yet to make any friends through blogging or make connections with fellow bloggers but I’m trying! ☺️ Surprisingly I had never heard of this app either! But thanks to you I have just signed up! Xo

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