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Upping my everything game in 2018

I know, I know, ANOTHER post saying how 2018 is gonna be a good year and 2018 is gonna be the year I ‘up my game’. But I’ve come in to this year with a new wave of determination and the best way to motivate yourself is to share your intentions with other people. So that if I start to slack, some of you can (hopefully) be like DUDE, what you playing at?!

I ended 2017 feeling, quite frankly, disappointed with my blog and my content. I focused a lot more on the quantity of posts I was putting out and a lot less on the quality of those posts. Quite often I’d find that I was moderately happy with one of mine, then I’d click on someone elses and just think…’theirs is so much longer than mine, so much better’.

I decided not to rush back into content creating this month to find my voice and work on some drafts instead, most of which I do feel happy enough to publish now.

blogI definitely think I would get so caught up trying to improve my photography, that my writing started to suffer. Without sounding too ‘up-myself’, I do think I am a good writer and I’ve loved writing since I was really little, so to feel like my main strength was failing me was quite a shock to the system. However, it gave me the kick up the backside I needed to stop caring about how many posts I was putting out, and start caring about whether they’re readable, full of content, and actually good.

I’m going to be working on producing more well written posts that don’t seem to end before they’ve even started. I want to branch out and talk about a wider range of topics, including a lot more personal posts. My beauty posts need a lot of work as I don’t currently feel that it’s the best it could be, and I’m definitely going to be upping my game in fashion and developing those posts to a level that I’m happy with. It’s gonna be an exciting year for content, I hope

No more 3 posts a week and no more daily blogging (not straight away, anyway) – it’s all about working on my ideas and making them the best they can be.

As previously mentioned, I’ve been trying to up my photography game for so long now that it almost feels pointless to continue, because I’m not seeing a significant change. I still haven’t really tried my hand at product photography this year, which is my downfall, but I’ve been having a lot more fun with my self photography thanks to LexiLife. I’ve always admired her shots and her post inspired me to be a bit more creative. I share a lot of these snaps on Instagram and so far so good.

I’ve been experimenting with my poses and not just sitting stationary in the one position, which you can also see from my previous post. I’ve been experimenting with light and using fairy lights to wrap round myself in true Pinterest wanker style. It’s actually been a lot of fun, and I just need to find a way to transfer that new-found love over to product photography. God help us all.


I need to stop being such a pushover this year. I never, ever ask brands for payment and it’s something I struggle with literally everyday. If it’s a collab I’m excited about, I wont ask because I don’t want them to turn around and be like lol okay see ya NEVER. I just lie down and take no payment because I’m too chicken to ask. It’s about time for me to grab the bull by the horns and up my confidence when speaking with brands – ask if they have a budget or reach out to them first.

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A while back I wrote a post about wanting to be less ‘professional’ with my blog and have more fun with it – and I’m kinda going back on all of that now.

I still want to have fun with my blog, but I want it to look and feel more professional. I’m fed up of the ‘blog envy’ that plagues me everyday, so it’s time I put my walkin’ boots on and hike up to the same level I see all the other bloggers sitting at. There’s no point sitting around stewing in jealousy waiting for your blog to make you happy, you have to put in the hours and the hard graft until you get to a point where you’re happy with it. This is what 2018 is for me.

I want to work with some cool brands, produce some bangin’ content, and take some pretty sweet photos. How hard can it be, right???

How are you gonna up your game in 2018?


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  • You are so right, there’s a reason why those annoying people always say “content is king” and it’s so true! While I loved blogmas, being such an achievement for myself, the visuals and copy just aren’t good enough for me to use confidently as a representation of what I can do, so how can I expect anyone to take me seriously when my portfolio is 3/10?! Giving myself a 3 or 4 days or even a week if the content needs it, makes me so much more happy, excited to post and surely that is the best way?

    Michaela |

    • Exactly!! I don’t like to read over my blogmas posts because they’re not the quality I know I can produce. I post once or twice a week now but really put a lot of effort into the content I create, and I feel so much prouder of my blog!

  • Oh yeah I could not bang 3 posts out a week, I hate feeling rushed and it is hard to find the time to create good posts. I definitely struggle with writing length and that’s something I need to work on in 2018. I also struggle because I’m a travel blogger and even though I’m away usually once a month I can’t blog about travelling all.the.time especially when I’m sat at home knackered about work haha.

    Best of luck!


    • I definitely couldn’t blog 3 days a week anymore! I was getting way too stressed and just churning out stuff I didn’t really like. I’ve set myself an average word count to make sure I feel like my posts are worth reading, but I try not to be too strict! You could always introduce other topics, you don’t just have to stick to your niche! 🙂

  • Love how inspiring this is! I too wanna get my blog posts written in a more professional way and write longer posts with more depth to them. Also wanna get better at photography and I gotta learn how to take pics of myself 😅

    • Thank you so much! I definitely feel a lot more fulfilled now that my posts have more in them. I need to get better at photography too! I’d highly recommend a camera with a remote control feature that you can control via an app, handiest tool ever!

  • I’m so with you for not being pushed over! I’m determined to start turning my blog into my job this year which means asking brands for a budget and while I might not do it every time, a girl needs the dollar to pay the hosting company! I can’t wait to read more lifestyle related posts from you, and while your photography draws people in, it’s the words that make them stay!

    Alicia x

    • Yaaaas get it b!! And here I am, still too scared to ask…Lifestyle posts are definitely my favourite, so i can’t wait to just keep creating and making them better!

  • This is such a great post Lauren! It’s post like these that make you one of my favourite bloggers! Although I love all your posts! xo

  • Loved this! I am wishing you the best of luck with all of your intentions for your blog, and I cannot wait for all the fabulous content you will bring out – as you already do 🙂 I know that we always aspire to be more ‘professional’ but I would like to say that I am always in awe with the quality of your posts, both with the writing and the photography! Thanks for sharing this very inspiring and insightful post xox

    maria |

    • Thank you so so much! This is such a lovely comment and it’s really motivating me to keep going ❤️

  • Um how gorgeous are these photos you beauty?! Totally agree that good quality posts take time and effort – I’m always seriously impressed by daily blogging or people who post super regularly, but I’d rather read a few great posts than loads and loads of ones that I don’t remember. Cant wait to see what you’ve got in store this year gal xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Oh you!! The quality of my content is definitely more important to me now than the quantity of content!

  • I love this! Also these photos are GORG! I can’t wait to see all the content you’re working on & everythih you’re reaching for this year. I keep gaining & losing my motivation with my blog but at the same time always so jealous of all the people smashing the game soooo, I need to stop moping that my content sucks and actually do something about it. I can’t wait to see you smash the game girl! Xx

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