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Daily blogging with a full time job: how i did it

Blogging is hard. You are your own manager (unless you’re big time), HR department and employee of the month (most of the time). Add a whole other separate job onto that with a different manager and an employee of the month who is likely not you, and you’ve got yourself quite the shitstorm. I decided to worsen this shitstorm last year by giving myself the burden of daily blogging.

Disclaimer: I’m not discounting those at university, in part-time jobs, or full time bloggers. I did this with a full-time job, that’s my focus for the purposes of this post.

It’s a hit or a miss with daily blogging – it can either make you hate blogging and fall out of love with it completely, or draw you deeper into the wormhole that is being obsessed with your blog. I’ve experienced both over the course of my little blog. I can safely say that it is the most rewarding yet difficult thing I’ve ever attempted.

The thing that helped me the most through Blogtober was planning in advance. This will be your saviour, trust me. I planned out the entire month in August – what I wanted to post and when I wanted it to go live. It was just a rough plan and things changed, but having that to refer back to really helped throughout September, when I wrote and scheduled most of the posts. That way, it didn’t feel like more work than my regular schedule even though it was. I highly recommend Excell spreadsheets to keep track of what you’ve already photographed and written, or a page in your bullet journal. It makes it far easier to keep on top of posts!

In relation to my job, I wrote whenever I could. On my lunch breaks, if I had a spare 5 minutes, and in the evenings. This enabled me to focus entirely on photography at the weekends, which was my only opening to take outfit photos. It was hard work, but preparing most of my posts in September definitely helped. I felt a lot less rushed and I was able to use my bullet journal to plan what, specifically, I needed to write and photograph to complete my schedule.

A crucial piece of daily blogging is to always make sure you write content you love. Which almost goes without saying. I went through a few phases where I was writing content I thought people would want to read, and not what I necessarily enjoyed creating. It makes it feel like much more of a ‘chore’. The best feeling is being excited about a post that you’ve scheduled, and waiting until it goes live. And then it flops. Because the ones you love most always flop.

When I thought up an idea or brainstormed for a post that grew new arms and legs, I would be so excited to start writing and photographing. Loving your site and your content motivates you like nothin’ else.

In the midst of creating and cultivating your site, it can be easy to forget that you need time off. Blogging may be a full time job but even full time workers get days off. Even though it doesn’t feel like it when you blog AND have a full time job. It might seem like I spent every waking moment writing, photographing and in general planning for all of this but I did give myself days off.

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Quite often I’d be too tired in the evenings to do anything other than lounge in my bed watching Netflix and I rarely did anything on Friday and Saturday nights, but I didn’t let myself feel guilty about it. ‘Cos that’s a sure fire way to make you hate blogging. You just have to remember to give yourself time off to relax and do something other than work or blogging – life gets tiring and it’s not a bad thing to let it affect you sometimes.

I’m very proud of myself for completing Blogtober (daily blogging through October) this year whilst still in the first few months of my new job, and I’m not shy of telling people either. Considering how badly Blogmas 2016 yet, I was more determined than ever to actually do it. Blogmas 2017 didn’t go as well, I missed a few days, but that’s okay.

There’s no sense in beating yourself up for not achieving it – if you tried your best, that’s a good enough reason to have a glass of wine and a night off.

Are you going to attempt any daily blogging this year?

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  • I’ve always done blogging alongside something else, be it uni, internships and now for the past 3 years my full time job so this post really resonated with me! Massive respect to you for pulling off daily blogging alongside a 9-5 though, I don’t know if I could do it but you’ve inspired me to give it a go at least!

    It’s funny what you said about learning to take a night off and not feel guilty about it, that was a huggee lesson for me in 2017 – in fact I just wrote a post about it! Taking ‘off-time’ is SO important for creativity and productivity, it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    • Thank you! I definitely couldn’t do it now, and looking back I have no idea how I managed either! I need to check out that post because I’m struggling with motivation and feeling guilty at the minute, I think it’ll really help!

  • Really good post and I have a full time job too and these tips are really great because I try to follow them too. Planning a head is a great idea but then comes the issue of consistency.

    • Thank you! I used to stick to a pretty strict schedule, even before I was daily blogging, and my content definitely suffered. I’m a lot more relaxed this year and just posting as and when I have content ready, and I feel a lot more at ease!

  • Great post – thanks for sharing your experience! I’m challenging myself to write 3 posts a week this month and have a full-time job so blogging is taking much of my free time… Besides, I too go through phases when I wonder if my content is what people want to read (especially when it’s personal) and feel like it’s a chore/ not genuine when I share content that could be of interest to a wider audience… I believe the challenge is that I don’t really have a niche since I have many interests… Do you have any thoughts on that? How did you pick yours? ||

    • Thank you! It’s nice to set challenges sometimes but I definitely got a bit too stressed about it, looking back. I tend to write about what I enjoy and what I feel passionate about, I like writing and reading about personal experiences because I think getting to know the blogger is fundamental in my being a loyal reader! I say write about what you want to write about and don’t pay attention to niches or anything, the beauty of being the creator is you can do whatever you want!

  • Blogging every day is such an achievement, well done! I found these tips really helpful. I’ll definitely start planning everything months in advance as I would love to get more regular posts up this year.

    • I need to take a leaf out of my own book and start planning in advance! I’ve definitely let it slip this year!

  • This is such an inspiring post! I’ve wanted to do Blogtober during 2017 but started Uni and I got SO busy but I’m determined to do it this year and cannot wait! Ayse x

    • Thank you! I don’t think I’ll manage any daily blogging this year, I’m barely managing once a week at the minute! Determination is key though, so good luck!!

  • Great advice. I too blog and have a full time job. I tend to sit on my lunch break either planning or trying to get a post finished

    • Thank you! I do the same, most of my lunches are spent writing and it’s definitely helped me a lot.


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