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My goals for 2018

I thought long and hard about what I actually wanted to achieve next year but thinking of New Years resolutions is harder than you’d think! So I’m gonna take my 2017 goals, see if I’ve achieved them, then set myself some new goals for 2018! Typing that is so weird.

2017 GOALS

1. Change jobs.

I DID IT. I’m the most happy about that because this was my biggest goal for 2017 and I achieved it almost exactly halfway through the year. I’m proud of myself for actually being proactive about it as well, I had decided enough was enough and I needed a new job, and I got it. It just proves that hard work and perserverence works – I had my fair share of knockbacks, some which hurt more than others, but it always works out in the end. As my mum says.

2. Be more organised with blogging/imrove my photography.

I feel like this one is more subjective and other people might say my photography hasn’t improved, but I definitely see a huge difference so I’m chuffed. In terms of being more organised, from about May I managed to post 3 times a week until October, where I posted everyday, November, every second day, and December, almost everyday. I’m gonna tick this one off because I can see a huge change in the quality of my content and photography, and I’m loving it.

December 2016 vs December 2017

3. Be more empathetic/less sensitive.

I wish I’d been more specific with this one because I’m struggling to say whether or not I’ve managed – I’d say that I’m definitely more aware of how I act and how what I do impacts other people, but it’s hard to say whether I am definitively less sensitive. I think there’s a bit of a question mark around this, but what I will say is that I’m definitely a lot happier due to my new job which is improving how I act around others. Except on Friday’s. Friday’s are my exhausted, grumpy days.

4. Save money.

I was doing okay at this until I bought plane tickets to Paris for my boyfriends Christmas present. I had a set amount of money that I’d put aside a month and I was managing to do it, but I decided Christmas was not the right time to restrict my spending and vowed to start again in January. So that’s a big fat no on this one.

2018 GOALS

1. Get my Digital Marketing qualification.

I think this one is a done deal if I put the work in, and I am really determined to achieve it so I believe it will happen, unless something awful and dramatic stops me. I enjoy having a goal and a target to work towards, it makes each day feel a little more worth it.

2. Improve my content and photography.

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I did say that I had improved from last year but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep improving – there’s always room for improvement in terms of my blog and I don’t think it’ll ever be perfect, which is fine because I don’t want it to be. I’m going to post less posts, but more high quality ones, so I feel less pressure to have lots of posts out and instead strive to put out the best posts I can. For photography, I want to experiment more with flatlays and become more comfortable with being in front of my camera myself. Posing practise all day.

3. Boring adult things – start to save, start a pension, improve my credit rating.

Now that I have an adult job and a non-teenage age, it’s time to start making sure my future is all set up for me whenever I’m ready to take the next steps in terms of moving out. I’m going to try as hard as I can to save up as much as I can whilst making sure I’m not completely restricting myself from treats, my dad is going to help me start up a pension which I’ll dedicate a certain amount of my paycheck a month to, and I think I’m going to get a credit card for small purchases to help with my credit score. I don’t really understand credit scores but I’ve been told that’s what I should do.

4. Continue to be happy.

A more general one for next year – I just want to keep being happy and I’m going to focus more on making sure the people and things in my life are making my as happy as I can be. If not, why not? Can I get rid of them or fix them? It’s important to me that I’m enjoying my life and I want to make sure that 2018 is an amazing year, because it definitely has the potential to be. I do recognise that life isn’t all happy all the time and I will have down days, which is totally normal and I’m more than prepared for that. I just want to lead a happy, content life and strive to be the best I can be.

What are your goals for 2018?

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  • Good luck with all your goals, especially getting your degree! 🙂
    My biggest focus for the year is writing more. I have 4 novels to write and 2 to edit this year, so we’ll see how it goes, but there are loads of other things I want to do in 2018 too. I wrote about them on my blog if you’re interested. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I also definitely want to write more, I’ve always wanted to write a novel. Good luck to you!