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2017 lifestyle favourites

I really struggled with this favourites post for some reason, I just could not remember anything lifestyle-y that I’ve been loving this year, so I’ve pretty much managed to bullshit my way through this post as you can probably tell. Seeing as I had 8 beauty and fashion yearly favourites, I tried to think of 8 lifestyle ones but to be honest I’m just going to write and see where we end up.

The first thing I’ve been completely obsessed with this month is my Olympus Pen. I got this at the start of the year, which kinda surprised me because it feels like I’ve had this for years. It took me a while to get used to using it after my Canon, but I’m so thankful I bought it because it’s so easy to use and takes some of the most beautiful photos. The 45mm lens was a tad pricy, but it’s definitely worth the money because it just does not leave my camera ever. I was always so reluctant to use the kit lens but I now realise how useful it actually is for flatlays and things like that; I used to just contort my body into a lot of uncomfortable positions to try and get that perfect flatlay shot without realising that if I just changed lenses, my life would be a lot easier. I also use a tripod now which takes a lot of stress off – I don’t need to wait for my boyfriend to help me with photos thanks to the remote control feature, meaning I can use the app on my phone to see what the camera sees and take photos like that. It’s an amazing camera that was absolutely worth the purchase and I’d recommend it to anyone! Definitely worthy of making the yearly favourites.

Somewhat related to that and also somewhat cheesy, I’ve really been loving blogging this year, it’s been a massive part of my life so it had to make my favourites. I feel like I’ve really gotten into the swing and style of my blog now and I’m enjoying it so much, especially the social media management side. I love that I can use my skill and love of writing to create something amazing that I genuinely enjoy doing, and I love having a hobby that I genuinely love and am happy to dedicate a ridiculous amount of time to. I now enjoy photography and I’m getting better at compositions, I learn a lot about makeup and fashion which might seem like ridiculous, superficial things to most people but I enjoy beauty and fashion so increasing my knowledge of both of these makes me so happy. I’ve also made a lot of friends through blogging, some of which I would say are my best friends now. Everything I do can be turned into a blogging opportunity and I’m always thinking about where I can go to take some nice outfit photos and when I get dressed every morning, I dress as if I’m going for a shoot. I’m just so proud of myself for maintaining my blog throughout this whole year and really growing my platform and my abilities – I love this little blog to death and I’m very thankful for all the people who read and listen to my rambling!

To help me be more organised with my blog and my life in general, I started bullet journalling a few months ago. I’d wanted to start one for ages but never felt like I was creative enough, until reading Linda‘s post that I mention probably every month, which inspired me to just do it and start one and I’ve never looked back. You don’t need to be super arty or anything, I’m definitely not so my pages aren’t quite Pinterest material but it has helped with my creativity in that I put a lot more effort into any doodles or decorations I want to do. But anyway, onto what actually matters – keeping me organised. Usually my brain is in about 6 million different places a day and I feel really frazzled all the time, so have a specific place where I can note down literally everything that’s going on and everything I have to do has really, really helped. The monthly spread helps me to plan out my month and write down everything I have lined up to make sure I don’t double book myself for anything, and the weekly pages help me to see what I have specifically that month and go into depth about what needs done on what day. I’d really recommend this to everyone, it doesn’t take long to draw out your pages and you don’t need to do anything fancy, keeping it minimal and simple can sometimes work better than trying to cram as many doodles and colours in there as possible.

For some reason, this year I have come into posession of about 600 different plants that all live in my room. I started off with 2, I can now see 5 and there’s others out of my line of vision and ones that I haven’t taken out the bag yet. They’re all cacti or succulents, ones that don’t require much care because if I had a proper plant that I had to water regularly, it would absolutely die. I had a rose plant once, it lived for maybe 2 days. My oldest succulent is at least 5 months old and he’s still going strong. I feel such a weird attachment to them all, especially my first succulent because he kickstarted my love for these weird little plants. I like having them around my room, although they don’t match anything and my entire room is completely mismatched, they’re super cute and make me feel like a crazy plant lady. My boyfriend bought me new succulents for Christmas and I think I was more excited about them than anything else, because getting a new plant is honestly just the best thing in the world. Pretty sure that soon I’ll be living in a literal greenhouse.

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Over the past few months I have been binge watching, over and over again, Buzzfeed Unsolved, so I just had to include it in my yearly favourites. I kept making mental notes to watch it and forgetting, until one night I actually remembered and suggested to Max that we watch it. I don’t think he loved it as much as I did because I went into overdrive and watched about 6 episodes a day until I’d caught up, then watched them all again. I do prefer the Supernatural series because I love watching them go investigate the haunted areas and I am a ghost believer, so the parts where they hear words through the spirit box and things like that have me completely spooked. I do love True Crime though, and I’ve watched the episode about the Axeman too many times. I really feel like one episode a week is not enough to satisfy me and I definitely need more; I wasn’t expecting to watch it all in a few days so I ran out of episodes pretty quickly. If they could also all be at least 40 minutes long, that would be great. I might write them some suggestions to make the general viewing population happier.

What lifestyle favourites have you loved through 2017?



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