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2017 fashion favourites

Whilst planning my yearly favourites reviews, this is the one that I found easiest to plan for because I’ve bought a lot of new clothes this year, way more than I have beauty products, which wasn’t exactly planned but it made for easy fashion favourites. I’ve tried to not include things from November/December apart from a few things, and I’d like to think I’ve managed to include pieces from all 4 seasons but we shall see.

I’ll start with the start of the year and the things I was loving during springtime; get this, florals. In spring. Groundbreaking. I love flowers and when the blossom trees are in full bloom, so floral embroidered or floral print pieces are big with me. There’s 4 items I want to talk about today, one of which breaks my rule about not being from November or December but what ya gonna do. I bought the floral embroidered jeans in the Tesco sale when I worked there, and I squeezed myself into them despite them being so small that they made me feel sick when I inhaled, but I lived in denial and told myself they fit me perfectly so I could keep wearing them. The second item is one I think I loved equally last year but I didn’t do this post last year so it doesn’t count – my Reclaimed Vintage yellow floral dress. I always get so many compliments on this when I wear it, but I don’t wear it often because I feel like it’s reserved for the most important occasions for some reason. Next is a floral embroidered skirt that I wear to work a lot, I featured it in my Autumnal Embroidery post a few months ago, I’m still getting used to styling it but I love wearing skirts all year round so this skirt sticks with me no matter what the season. The final piece is my most recent floral purchase – a H&M shirt that’s in a pyjama shirt style. I’m obsessed with this, but you just know there’s always going to be that joker who asks you why you’ve come out in you pyjamas. It’s called FASHION.


Summer was when I began to get a bit more adventurous and invest in some culottes – a big step for me as I’d always admired them but never felt like I could wear them due to having the wrong body shape or whatever. Turns out, they’re super easy to wear and style and so comfy, you don’t realise how restricting skinny jeans are until you pop on some culottes and suddenly your legs can breathe again. The first pair I ever bought were just plain black and ribbed from a Bershka store in Budapest and I was so excited about them that I spend all that evening planning outfits to wear with them. I found it a little harder when we got home and out of the hot sun, but it’s just a matter of finding the right jacket to pair with them. The next pair of culotted I invested in are one of my favourite items of clothing ever – a yellow striped pair. They sound so scary and I definitely didn’t think I’d be brave enough to get away with them but turns out I really love yellow and therefore love wearing them. My issue with these ones was shoes, I always wanted to wear these on nights out or slightly fancier than just everyday wear, but I never knew what shoes went with them and I still don’t, to be honest. They aren’t as figure-hugging as the black pair, but again, it’s nice to let your body parts breathe every now and then.

A more general thing in my favourites all this year is the colour red – I’ve been told red suits me a lot so I always look out for red items of clothing when I’m shopping. My favourite but the one item that I can’t really wear ever is the red bodysuit I bought from Missguided to wear in Budapest, where it was actually hot enough to wear a very revealing bodysuit. Since coming home, I’ve not worn it at all because I have no clue how to style this for weather that isn’t 9 million degrees, but hopefully I’ll book another summer holiday for next year where I can dig this back out. A slightly more weather acceptable item is the red Lasula balloon sleeve jumper that I absolutely love and wear almost everyday. It’s so cosy and it made me feel really Christmassy in the run up to Christmas, but it’s still okay to wear it all year round. I just feel like a red jumper and red lipstick is the best combination, it makes me feel like I’ve really got my whole life together. The final red item is a pair of boots that I actually got from Asda for £20, and I definitely don’t wear them enough considering how much I love them, but I’m still working up the courage which is strange because I don’t really know how these boots are any different from a red jumper but, y’know. I love to use these just to bring a little pop to all my outfits, I lean towards monochrome outfits most of the time so it’s nice to throw in a pop of colour every once in a while.

The majority of things I’ve been loving this year were all in Autumn, and I’m thinking it’s because that’s when I started my new job and my pay increased and therefore so did my spending. I’ll start with what, I think, is the most obvious one and that’s fluffy jumpers. They are my favourites items of clothing ever. All of mine are from H&M and are under £20; they’re still up there with my most favourites wardrobe items ever. I just feel like they’re such a simple item but because they’re fluffy, they just add that little bit extra to an otherwise normal outfit. I wear these to work a LOT, like at least one a week, but I also wear them as slouchy jumpers and dressy jumpers. They’re so versatile and I’m already having shopping withdrawal symptoms and want at least 3 more in different colours. The black one is the one I wear most because it goes better with all my patterned or colourful trousers, which is odd because I just assumed I’d wear the white one more since I do love that one more. Unfortunately it has started to go a yucky grey colour because of whatever we use to wash our clothes, which is completely gutting. I also have a burgundy one that seems to be bigger and more cosy than the other two, even though they’re the same size…odd. I always wear these jumpers with jeans or trousers but I definitely want to have a go at styling them with skirts now, just to see what it’s like!

Following on from that theme of cosiness, I’ve been massively obsessed with jumper dresses this year. I had a couple left over from last year, one of my favourites was a chunky grey one with rips through it. I still love this dress, and I always tuck it up with a belt because it’s a bit too long for my liking but I love how it looks with a chunky belt anyway. It looks really good with fishnets peeking through the rips but you have to be careful with that because sometimes, from certain angles, you could see straight through to my pants. As the colder weather rolled around in my new job, I wanted some jumper dresses that would be appropriate for work, ie not ones with rips in them. So I bought another chunky grey jumper dress, that I also need to tuck up with a belt, from ASOS. This one has a roll neck that I love, and it keeps me so warm. I love how it looks with just some tights and boots, and it looks pretty good with a leather jacket as well but to be honest, you can style this with anything. I also bought a burgundy jumper dress which is more of a bodycon style, which is good up until lunchtime and then the bloating starts. This one also has a roll neck which seems to be a running theme with the jumper dresses I bought this year, but it was in-style this season so we’re all good. I just find them so easy to throw on and accessorise with; they’re simple but still stylish and require minimal effort.

I pretty much wear boots all year round, but I had a very specific vision of a specific pair of boots for this autumn/winter – some black lace up boots. My boyfriend has some and I’ve never felt like I also wanted some before, until this year, and then I went on the hunt to find some. The first pair I got were from ASOS and they were my perfect boots, my favourites, until they started getting holes in them. I paid a fair bit of money for these so to have them start to deteriorate after a few months was not ideal, especially given that they were supposed to be for everyday wear. I sent them back for a refund and instead bought a new pair from Boohoo, that are okay except the buckles rattle as I walk making me sound like a cowboy. But they were about half the price of the other boots and I was pretty desperate for a new pair; I love the metallic styling on them and they are otherwise perfect but with Boohoo, I find it’s a bit of a lucky dip in terms of the quality of what you get. They haven’t fallen apart yet though, and I’ve been wearing them almost everyday so they’re doing better than the other pair so far. I wear these boots with everything, I’ve never been much of a trainers or pumps kind of person and always gravitate towards boots because I find they look better, especially with skirts and dresses. My worst nightmare is when they stop selling as many boots in spring and summer, so I have to just pray my autumn/winter pair makes it until I can get some more.


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More so in winter time, I’ve really been loving wearing hats. Anything warm and stylish automatically makes it into the favourites. I never used to because I didn’t feel like any of them suited my head shape and I just bundled up with scarves and thick jackets instead, but since getting up for work at 6am and being at the train station for 7, it’s far too cold to not wear every item of clothing I can. I’ve been loving bobble hats a lot recently, my favourite is just a plain black one from New Look but I just think it looks so adorable. I’m just chuffed to finally have a bobble hat that doesn’t make my head look a weird shape and that matches most of my clothes – black is the easiest colour for me to style. I stepped a little outwith my comfort zone this season and bought a beret, half because I really wanted to try one out and half because I had a vision of me in a cute Paris cafe in a beret. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to wear this outwith my bedroom but as soon as I did, I started wearing it everywhere and now I want one in every colour available. I just have it in black for easiness as they can be paired with everything, and I just feel so chic when I wear it. I feel very Blair Waldorf which is absolutely not a bad thing. I can’t wait to wander around Paris in my cute little beret eating a million pastries and drinking a million glasses of wine.

The final thing I’ve been really loving this month is fur coats, faux obviously, and in different textures and colours. I’ve gone a bit fur coat crazy, not gonna lie, they are some of my favourites. The first I bought was a cream teddy coat from Primark that I wore religiously for a good few weeks, it was such a bargain buy and I was extremely thankful to nab the last small size in my local Primark. It is a tad small so I can’t do that thing where I put my hands in my pockets and wrap myself up in the jacket, but that’s okay because it is just a beautiful jacket and it was under £30 so I really just don’t care. Anything for a bargain. The next ones I purchased were 2 teddy coats from eBay, one in black and one in brown. They’re what I imagined the typical teddy coat to look like, and I was a bit unsure of them at first but after seeking validation on social media and from my boyfriend, I now rarely wear anything else. I reach for the black one over the brown one as I just find it that little bit easier to style, but I’m working on getting good use out of both of them. The final fur coat is my favourite of them all, and the one I’m struggling to wear the most – a leopard print coat. I’d been on the hunt for one for ages and I bought this one from ASOS, I was a bit hesitant about it at first because it is such a ‘look at me’ coat and I’m normally not like that at all, but I wore it out and I honestly felt amazing in it. I’ve had so many compliments on it so that one will definitely be coming to Paris with me.

So that’s it for the fashion favourites! There has been a LOT so I’m sorry that this favourites post is so long, but oh well. What ya gonna do.

What fashion pieces have you been loving through 2017?



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