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2017 beauty favourites

Welcome to the first of what feels like 600 end-of-year favourites posts! I’ve gone through all of this years monthly favourites posts to put together a little collection of a few beauty pieces I’ve loved throughout the course of this year – fashion and lifestyle are coming also! Most of these items do have their own standalone posts that I’ll link to as and when possible for a more in depth review of them, otherwise you may be here for a while. This is a long-ass favourites post.

I’ll start with the products from a brand that I’ve raved about for the majority of this year; The Ordinary. I absolutely love this brand and everything from it, but I’ll begin with their skincare. Two products that sit right at the top of my favourites list are Rosehip Oil and Lactic Acid, both of which have helped my skin immensely over the course of this year. There’s not been an evening that I haven’t put this on my skin and I always wake up feeling much better about my face than when I went to sleep. Same goes with the Lactic Acid, I notice a huge difference in my skin when I don’t use this and it reduces my spots much quicker than if I didn’t use it. I did mention both of these in my The Ordinary skincare brand focus where I think I went into a little more depth, but all you need to know is that you need these on your face.

Sticking with The Ordinary, but this time raving about their 2 foundations. I hopped on the bandwagon with these a few months ago and have never looked back – I can’t even pick a favourite but I tend to reach for the Serum foundation more than the Coverage. For the price of these, around £6, they’re such good quality and I favour them over a lot of the higher end foundations I have. I did review these in a post of their own as well, so you can gauge which one will be the best suited for your skin. That said, I thought the Serum foundation wouldn’t be a match for my skin type at all but yet it’s my favourite, so if you have the budget I’d recommend picking up both of them to try out.

To help me perfect these foundations, I use 2 primers and have done for a while now. I find that when I use the Botanics Radiance Balm and the Barry M Colour Correcting Primer, my makeup stays on for a lot longer than if I swapped even one of these products out. The Balm acts like an extra layer of moisturiser, smoothing out my skin and getting it ready for my base products. The Barry M primer doesn’t get rid of my redness as much as I first thought it would, but the tacky consistency means that my base products seem to stick to it almost, nothing budges around my face. I’m running really low on this so I desperately need to replace it. I have tried other primers but nothing works as well for me – I’ve finally got something that works perfectly for my skin and I’m gonna hold onto it.

Another Botanics product that I’ve been really loving this year is their Face Scrub, which I mentioned in my October Favourites post. Basically, I never use facial scrubs because I didn’t feel they helped my skin, I favoured microdermabrasion over any scrubs and that suited me just fine. I did think I should give it a fair go though, and get rid of all my misconceptions for a while to properly test it out, and I’ve been really loving it. It smells lovely, which is one thing, it’s not too harsh on my skin at all so although it does feel like it’s exfoliating, it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to take a whole layer of your skin off. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, it’s actually quite moisturising but it definitely does the trick.

I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin this year, and one brand I’ve found particularly helpful is Kiehls, mainly their Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Kiehls has been in more than one of my favourites post, I just hate how it’s so expensive. It’s such a popular product, and for good reason. I know that some people try it out and find it makes no change to their skin but I’ve found it to work miracles on my spots and uneven skin tone. It smells like lavender so it really sets me up for going to bed as it’s such a relaxing scent, and you only need a few tiny drops to cover your whole face so although it is a pricier product, you are definitely getting your moneys worth out of it. I did have the Ultra Facial Cream as well but I ran out of that ridiculously quickly so I chose not to repurchase it, even though I did love it. I’ll probably end up buying it again next year because why the hell not.

Something else that’s helped my skin massively this year and therefore had to be in my yearly favourites post is rosewater – I use this ArtNaturals one that I think I bought from Amazon. I heard about it via Zendaya tweeting about her skincare routine and I already had a rosewater facial spray that I loved, so I thought I’d try it out and I absolutely love it. It smells so lovely and helps with my redness a crazy amount. I don’t rave about this enough considering how much I love it – I used to think toners were a bunch of rubbish and they didn’t give anything to your skin; I’m so glad I’ve been proven wrong.

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A beauty product I don’t put on my face that I’ve been obsessed with this year is hand cream, more so in the winter months to stop my hands from drying out so it tends to make my favourites post in the colder months. I never usually get very bad dry hands, but better safe than sorry, right? One that I’ve taken into 2017 with me from 2016 is the Zoella Hungry Hands hand cream, which coincidentally is perfect for the festive season given it smells like the yummiest gingerbread in the world. I love eating gingerbread all year round and I especially love smelling like it. Combined with a vanilla body spray, I genuinely smell like a cake and I love it.

The last item on my list that I wanted to talk about is another brand, Kat Von D. I’ve only tried 2 products from her line but I’ve loved them both with my whole heart. The Tattoo Liner is the best winged liner I’ve tried in my life – it does not budge all day and it stays black, instead of fading to that yucky grey colour. Her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lolita is one of the best formulas of matte liquid lipsticks I’ve used, it’s not ridiculously drying and the colour doesn’t wear off as you eat either. I didn’t think I’d like the shade, I assumed it would be too dark, but I actually really love it and I absolutely need more of her products to try out.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of a yearly favourites post!

What brands and products have you loved through 2017?


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