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What I got for Christmas

I always really love reading these posts and firmly believe that everyone should do one, simply just to satisfy the nosiness in me. I enjoy seeing what other people got for Christmas and how their day went, so hopefully other people feel the same and don’t hate that I continuously post birthday and Christmas gifts on my blog every year. Oh well!

I was very spoiled this year and feel so lucky to have the family and friends that I do, and I’m even more thankful that they all seem to really know me and what I like. I’m not going to include absolutely everything I got because that would be a bit tedious and boring, and would seem just like a list of me trying to boast about what I got, which is not what this is. So instead, I’ve put together a few of my most favourite presents to share.

I’ll start of with the things that my parents got me – their big present to me was a joint gift for myself and Max, and it was a booking for our hotel in Paris over New Year which coincided with the gift I got for Max, which was the flights. Too excited! Most of the things my parents got me were things I had sent to them, but that doesn’t mean I was any less thrilled about getting them. I got some leopard print chelsea boots from ASOS that I’d been dreaming over for a long time, and they’ll be going straight on my feet and not coming off until I wear my leopard print jacket because I’m not quite extra enough to wear both at the same time. My little sister got a fitness watch for her birthday that tracks your steps, heart rate and calories burnt – I thought it looked really cool so I asked for one myself, which they got me. I made the grave mistake of putting it on as soon as I got it, and obviously Christmas is such a lazy day that I think I did maybe 1000 steps. Not quite the 10000 target. I had also pointed out a Liz Earle gift set to my mum, which she went back and bought me. I love Liz Earle as a brand and now I have a new Cleanse & Polish plus a serum and the tonic, both travel sized so I can pop them in my suitcase to take to Paris with me!

The travel-sized theme continued with a little cracker filled with Molton Brown body washes, each smelling more delicious than the next. The presentation of these in the cracker was gorgeous and I’ve never tried anything from Molton Brown but I know that they’re more of a luxurious brand. Also for Paris, I got a travel wallet from Busy B – I love Busy B’s stationery and have one of their 2018 diaries, so this travel wallet goes perfectly. I usually just put documents etc into an awful plastic folder that I keep glued to my side at all times, so at least now I’ll look a little nicer carting around my polka-dot print folder as opposed to a see through one. My final top favourite gift from my parents was a last minute one that I sent to my mum in the hopes she wasn’t done shopping – a little moon light from Amara Living. It’s so dainty and adorable, and if my tattoo is anything to go by, I absolutely love moons. I’ve hung it next to my bed so I can always see it, and it’s so magical when it’s lit up.

From other family members, I got a Soap & Glory travel-sized gift set (literally perfect) and an ASOS voucher than I’m gonna try to not spend straight away but we both know it won’t happen – it’s getting spent ASAP. My grandparents got me some of those oval face brushes which is great because it means I can put off washing all my brushes for that little bit longer. They also got me The Body Shop x House of Holland matte lipsticks, which I’m ridiculously excited about because I didn’t know they exist. The shades are all beautiful, although I can’t say much about the formula yet as I’ve not fully tried them out, but I now have enough lipsticks to last me for quite a while. As per every year, my cousin got me some animal socks. The animal changes every year and she jokes that her presents are shit but I look forward to those socks so much given that every year I mysteriously lose a pair of cosy socks to the washing machine.

My boyfriend completely nailed it this Christmas and I am so thankful for him and the fact that he listens to me when I speak about things I like. Everything he got me I’m obsessed with, so narrowing it down even a little was quite a tricky task but I think I managed alright. The first thing is my pastel water bottle and flask – since watching Blue Planet 2 I’ve wanted a refillable water bottle, and I sent him the link to one from Chilly’s as they keep your drinks cold all day, and nobody likes warm water. He bought it in a pastel pink and them bought me a pastel blue thermos so I can take tea and coffee on the train with me to work – watch out, my tea consumption is about to increase by about a million percent. Given how obsessed I am with plants, he bought me 2 new succulents and a new pot to store one of them in, AND a cactus pillow. I almost said how perfect the pillow was to take on my plane, and then remembered I hadn’t given him his Christmas presents yet. Close one.

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Also from Max, he bought me a new set of Calvin Klein underwear in oatmeal. I feel like it’s weird to discuss underwear on here because I’ve never really done that before, but those Calvin Klein sports bras are my favourite things to wear and they’re so comfy. He bought me the white set last year, and this is absoultely one tradition that I am happily on board with. In terms of beauty, these last few items are my all time favourites that I think I’ve ever received. I’d asked for a new Mario Badescu Drying Lotion as I gave him my other one when I thought I didn’t need it anymore, and it turns out I absolutely do. He also got me a new highlighter that I’ll be using on my face every damn day – Moonstone to match the liquid Moonstone I got for my birthday.

I knew I was getting a Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lipstick but I’m so excited to use this because I’ve heard such good things – I asked for it in the shade Cool Girl because I find mattes a lot more wearable than other colours and I can just pop this on anyday of the week. Another matte, but this time a lipstick and one that I’m honestly so obsessed with that I might not use out of fear of ruining it; a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Pillow Talk. One of my favourite Christmas presents ever. Pretty sure this is a cult classic and Max had to search high and low to find it for me, but he did and I could not love him more for it. He knows me too well and really, really spoiled me.

What did you get for Christmas?