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Christmas traditions

I think one of my favourite things is hearing about how everyone else spends their Christmas, it’s interesting to see how much variety there is between how people spend their time. I used to never leave the house on Christmas Day, so I couldn’t imagine being one of those people that travels a few hours on Christmas Day to have dinner and I also couldn’t imagine not having turkey or spending Christmas Day dinner at a hotel or restaurant. Today I’m sharing some of my family’s Christmas traditions and (sort of) running through how we spend our Christmas!

I’ll start off with Christmas Eve – which is one of my favourite days of the year because everyone is just buzzing for Christmas and it’s so chillaxed yet manic at the same time. Our festivities start in the evening time, which is when I feel like Christmas Eve really starts. My whole family sit down to watch the Polar Express together, even though I think most people don’t like it so it may be getting changed to Elf this year. I love the Polar Express, especially the hot chocolate song, but I wont complain if it turns out to be Elf because that’s also an amazing Christmas classic. Whilst the film is on, we open up our Christmas Eve boxes that my mum puts together for us all every year, including my boyfriend which I think is lovely. It’s full of things like pyjamas, DVDs, chocolate, and something gimmicky and Christmassy. I remember one year we all got these make your own gingerbread house kits, and it really didn’t go well. We’re not the most creative of families. In terms of my own Christmas Eve traditions, I always try to get an early night but end up being too excited so I just stay up and watch various Christmas films until I pass out, every year without fail.

We get up ridiculously early on Christmas Day, so my parents had to set a rule saying nobody is to wake them up before 7. I’m thankful for this rule now because I get up at 6 every weekday, and I do not want to do that during my 2 weeks off. We gather our stockings and open those in my mum and dads bedroom, sitting on their bed. My mum is always half asleep and my dad is like a big kid himself. Then, we go to the living room for the big presents. We each have our own piles of presents on the sofa and we always have to wait on mum fully waking up and coming downstairs before we’re allowed to open them, and then we start off taking it one at a time but by the end we’re all just opening presents willy nilly. I used to care about the number of presents I had, and I’d feel slightly salty if I finished my pile before my brother and sister did, but now I care less about that. I’m really excited to give them their presents from me this year.

We used to have a bunch of us for Christmas dinner, but now it’s just us and my grandparents which is a little sad. I really loved it when everyone would come over and it was busy and fun and loud. We go over to my cousins in the morning to see her now – she does Christmas at her own house since having her little boy a few years ago. My gran cooks the turkey and my mum is on dessert duty, I tend to stay out of the kitchen because it gets a bit manic and you get shouted at if you get in the way. Turkey is without a doubt my favourite part of Christmas dinner, I always get given loads of it because I make my love for it known all year round. Pigs in blankets too, I’ve made sure we have extra for after dinner so that I’m fully satisfied. I’m not even big on any of the Christmas desserts, it’s all about the dinner for me.

We’ve always played games on Christmas Day for as long as I can remember, although it’s kind of depleted now because there’s not as many of us as there used to be. My little sister loves board games and quiz games though, so we get them out for her. One year we played a game called Family Tension, which just doesn’t sound good from the get go, and I can’t remember exactly what it was but it definitely resulted in a lot of shouting and probably at least one argument. Trivial Pursuit is also a classic, sometimes we play that on Xmas Eve with Max instead or even both days. If everyone’s in a good mood, it’s a lot of fun and I always end up laughing a lot on Christmas Day. We’re hopefully starting a new tradition this year where Max comes over to get his presents on Christmas Day, which he didn’t do last year. His Christmas Day is really busy with visiting family and stuff, but I will admit I have been really pushy this year and it’s not just because I need his presents to go in my Boxing Day post…

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