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Inside my winter work wardrobe

I don’t know how many more times I can talk about the fact that I don’t have to wear a uniform to work anymore before it gets really annoying, but I’m just so excited about it because I just love it. Although, my original plan of being super stylish at work didn’t quite play out as I’d hoped and I literally just shove a jumper and trousers on now because warmth precedes all, but let’s just pretend that the semi-stylish person you see in these photos is how I look every week.

I’m just going to run through a few of my favourite items to wear to work now that the weather is colder and everything is a lot duller – think lots of jumpers that actually have an unseen second jumper underneath it.

The first is an easy, classic all black look that I throw on when I’m running late and can’t really think of what else to put on. It’s winter, so it has to be jumper, and I’ve spoken about my love for fluffy ones more than once so it’s gotta be the black fluffy H&M jumper, but I also wear this look with the white and burgundy jumpers so it’s easy to switch it up. I love how these jumpers looks with my Stilnest necklace, the rose gold adds a nice touch and a teensy bit of colour to the black jumper. The trousers are just from Primark, and they were supposed to be skinny trousers, which they kind of aren’t, but I like them because they’re high waisted and have belt loops, which is a necessity for me. I’ve actually managed to sneakily wear jeans once or twice which I definitely prefer, because they’re actually skinny. I always wear boots to work right now, you literally can’t wear little dolly shoes or slip on shoes during winter because your feet will absolutely fall off – these ones are from H&M I think, but a few years ago. They’re just simple, suede with a little block heel and a zip at the side, so I tend to pair them with all my work clothes. I’ll always wear another pair of boots to actually walk down, in case it rains and heels aren’t nice to walk up or down a massive hill in.

Adding a little festive colour to my work wardrobe now with this red Lasula jumper with balloon sleeves which I was inspired to buy by the lovely Kate – I had been dreaming over this jumper when I saw it in her Instagram photos and when she posted a fashion post on it, it tipped me over the edge and I had to buy it. Getting those Black Friday deals yo. It’s not the warmest of jumpers, it is quite holey so any cold wind just goes straight through it, but what I do like is that when you put a jacket on, the sleeves bunch up which keeps your arms nice and toasty. I remember being so nervous to wear this in case people don’t get the balloon sleeve trend, and these are definitely massive balloon sleeves. Lord knows my mum has commented on it way too many times. I bought this jumper and the beret featured in both these outfits from Lasula as well, and I love it with both outfits. I was a bit hesitant to put it on at first because berets are so unlike me, but I don’t ever want to take it off my head now. Also, I’m not wearing white socks, my ankles are that pale…

I’d been after a skirt like this for god-knows how long, but could just never come across the right one. I had visions of myself wearing it with my red boots and I was determined to make my vision come true, so I nabbed this in New Look when I saw it. I find that it’s actually the perfect work skirt because it’s not ridiculously short and it’s not see through or anything that would be inappropriate in the workplace. I’ve paired it with a simple, thick belt from ASOS and a black turtleneck jumper for that extra bit of warmth given that this is a winter lookbook. The cardigan I wear is optional – depends on what the temperature situation in the office is like – but I like the detailing on the back because it makes it a bit more interesting than your standard black cardigan. My favourite thing is the red Asda boots and how they look with the skirt, they add a little bit of festivity and fun to an otherwise very monochrome outfit.

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A few little extra things that I just shove on with my jeans or trousers are the colour block New Look jumper that I think everyone has in either green or rust – I picked the rust but actually wish I’d gotten the green too. As someone with a very monochrome wardrobe, as the rest of this post proves, the colour I go for all the time to spruce up an outfit is rust or red or something along those lines. This jumper is ever so slightly cropped and not the thickest of jumpers, but I find it shapes me better and my office is always warm during winter anyway. Along the warm office lines, an item I’d been desperate to wear but found it too cold to previously is this H&M floral shirt. I knew I’d get comments on this one, either from my mum or from my boss, asking me why I wore my pyjamas to work because it is a pyjama-style shirt, but I dig it! I think that’s ‘in’ right now and I’d just like to think I’m the stylish one of the office.

What’s in your winter work wardrobe?