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Updated skincare routine

I mentioned on Twitter a few days ago that my skin had been clearing up very nicely recently, so I thought I’d slip in a little updated skincare routine post for anyone who is wondering what products I use to keep my acne under control.

I pretty much do the same thing morning and evening, apart from a few products that I switch out, which is a welcome change from when I used to have completely different routines. And I don’t want to hear anyone saying how skin likes it better when you use less products and I need to keep my skincare routine simple because, quite frankly, I don’t care! I’ve finally found a set of products that work well for my skin and you may think it’s extensive, but this works for me and that’s fine.

I always double cleanse, morning and evening, using firstly the Naobay gel to milk cleanser mentioned HERE and then the cult classic Cleanse & Polish with a face cloth. I think double cleansing in the evening has helped get rid of existing spots so much quicker – I still remove my makeup with a micellar water but I used to only use Cleanse & Polish, which I now don’t think was enough. The Naobay cleanser smells incredible and does make my skin feel lovely and clean, and double cleansing has done wonders for me. I’ve tried others besides Cleanse & Polish but I genuinely don’t think there’s anything better out there, it’s good value for money and it just works. It’s one of those products that, when I don’t use it, I notice a substantial difference to the condition of my skin, so now I don’t go an evening without at least using just that, if I can’t be bothered to double cleanse. I do struggle with cleansing in the mornings before work because I get up at 6, and the thought of going into the bathroom to cleanse just doesn’t appeal so I skip my entire skincare on weekday mornings. Oops.

Straight after cleansing I put some rosewater onto a cotton pad and sweep that all over my face, neck and chest morning and night. It’s quite a mild solution and it smells really lovely, and helps me to get rid of any redness or uneven skin tone that I’ve got. In the evenings, I use The Ordinary’s Lactic Acid all over my face – I love this stuff to DEATH. I honestly can’t even go one night without it now. This and the rosewater are a dream fighting duo working to even out my skin tone, and it’s working. My skin looks a lot clearer to me; I feel like people won’t think it is, but I know every mark and every red patch, and I can definitely see a change. In the mornings, I’ll use the Botanics serum which completely smooths out my face and makes it soft enough to sit and feel literally all day. I always spend money on products to help the appearance of my skin, like the Lactic Acid, and never really buy things to help my skin feel nicer, so the Botanics serum is certainly a treat. I have a lot of other The Ordinary products that I’ll sometimes pop in if I think I need to – mostly anti-spot serums and things like that – but on average, it’s these 2 that I reach for the most.

I’m not really using any spot specific treatment gels at the minute; I ran out of my favourite one and haven’t had the time to go and pick one up again so I’m just letting my skin run without one, and it’s actually going fine. I’ve not been massively desperate for a new spot treatment so I see no reason to repurchase until I’m actually willing to pay for it. AKA never…In terms of moisturisers, for nighttime I use an aloe vera one that can be quite difficult to rub in, but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or tight like some moisturisers tend to do. I really like aloe vera as well, it’s a well known product to help out your skin. The daytime moisturiser I use is the Botanics one, which is slightly thicker than the aloe vera one but it’s very hydrating. It has quite a strong, floral smell that can be overwhelming at times but it doesn’t react badly with my skin or anything, so just be aware of that if you want to purchase the Day moisturiser.

I don’t use any oils on my skin during the day, due to me having oily skin, but I like to pamper my skin at nighttime and oils are how I do this. The one that I rave about all the time and is my all-time favourite skincare product is rosehip oil, I put it on every single night and my skin always looks significantly clearer and smoother in the mornings. I don’t even put a lot on, just 3 or 4 drops of it, and I focus it on my problem areas. I preach about this to everyone and I really do just feel everyone should use this. A new face oil I’ve been trying out is the Kypwell oil, which I put on after the rosehip oil and make sure to really rub into my face, but gently. The smell of this makes me feel like I’m in a spa, it smells so luxurious and it feels lovely on my skin too. This has also contributed to my skin looking and feeling smoother and clearer, as I think it was around when I started using this (a few weeks ago) that the change in my skin became really, really noticeable.

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Once or twice a week I like to treat my skin with a facemask; sometimes more often if I’m having a particularly awful skin week. I’ve grown to love peel off masks now because of how little mess they cause, so I always reach for my Revenue black peel off mask, which I mentioned in THIS post. I love not having to wash it off because that was the part I hated most about facemasks, but instead I can peel it and literally feel the dirt being pulled out my skin. It leaves my face ridiculously soft and lovely, so I use this quite often. Probably more often than I should but what ya gonna do.

What’s your must-have skincare product?