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3 favourite festive looks

I originally wasn’t going to do any makeup looks during Blogmas because I felt like all the ones that I would’ve wanted to do were kinda covered in Blogtober. That said, I think I did one makeup look in Blogtober so really, I don’t know what I’m on about. I’ve got 3 different looks for ya today, all different and all appropriate for the festive season. I’m gonna share the look and then share the products used to create it, so you guys can maybe try and do something similar.

Disclaimer: Not a makeup artist, can’t blend for shit.

The first is a classic festive look and one of my favourite looks to do pretty much all the time – winged liner and a red lip. If I could just do the wings a bit nicer it would look very Hollywood and timeless but I can’t so it looks a bit crap, to be honest. I have a very love/hate relationship with winged liner but I still continue to do it because the only way to get better is to just keep it going.

For this next festive look, I used my usual primers from THIS post and the Too Faced Born This Way foundation in the shade Snow – tiny bit too pale for me but it bronzes up when I start to contour. I mentioned this foundation in THIS post, but basically I’m really, really loving it and it’s up there with my favourite high end foundations now! To conceal I used the Glossier Stretch Concealer in the shade Light – I’ve only used this a handful of times so I’m still getting used to the wearability of it, but I’m loving the coverage and I actually find that this works better for me if I apply it before foundation. It is a more oily concealer but I quite enjoy that on my skin right now, I do have oily skin and it looks greasy until I powder, and then I’d say it looks more radiant. Overall, loving this concealer and I’m using it everyday at the minute. I’ve used the same products to contour for quite a while – the Rimmel contour palette. I just use the contour shade and the blush and I find it blends so nicely, it’s so easy to use and that’s perfect for me. The eyeliner I swear by now and refuse to put down is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner that I fully reviewed in THIS post – what little KVD products I’ve tried, I’ve been fully obsessed with. Brow products and powder have stayed the same as my previous makeup post, and I still use Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash except now I use the lash primer mentioned HERE. I just find it gives my lashes that little bit more of a lift than if I just went straight in with mascara. To highlight, I’ve used the NYX Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam (I think) and just dotted that along my cheekbones and temples, then went over it with a little bit of Becca’s Champagne Pop. And voila! Look 1 of 3 is done.

Look 2 is the old favourite, gold eyes and berry lips. This is the supreme Autumn/Winter shade range and another one of my favourites to wear. I’m not the most confident at rocking a dark lip, I’m more comfortable with my reds and nudes, so berry is a little step out of my comfort zone but at this time of year, I’m just drawn to it.

Also mentioned in THIS post, for this look I’ve used the NYX Total Control Drops foundation which I was admittedly quite unsure of. I’m still testing it out though, and the photos you can see of it on my face are actually after a full days wear – about 6 hours or so – which I think is not too bad for a foundation that I started off on the wrong foot with. I also used the Glossier Stretch Concealer with this too because, as I said, I’m obsessed with it. I had to repowder once because I got a bit oily, but that was it all day! I’ve got a bit more on the eyes this time, which admittedly I don’t like doing because I’m rubbish at eyeshadow. I’ve got the Nude By Nature eyeshadow powder on first, as a gold base, and then used Primavera from the cult ABH palette. I used a bit of Warm Taupe in my crease to add a bit of depth, and then the mascaras and brow products used are the same as the previous look. I did use a different contour palette this time though – my little NARS Laguna & Orgasm duo that I absolutely love and used to use religiously. The highlighter is just Becca’s Champagne Pop, and on my lips is an Illamasqua lipstick that I got from the Debenhams event. And voila!

Finally, we have a warmer eye look in the form of oranges and peaches. I kind of associate this more with a summer look, but I’m bringing it into winter with some darker tones.

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I started off with my Glossier concealer, that I’ve literally used for all of these looks, before foundation to continue trialling that method, and then used The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation, as I wanted to see what the coverage was like combined. I love this combination and have been wearing it a lot recently, the coverage and not too matte but not too oily finish of them lasts all day and I’m a huge fan of it. My eyes are all ABH Modern Renaissance palette – I used the shade Burnt Orange over my whole lid, put a bit of Raw Sienna in the crease, and then some Vermeer in the inner corner. I was pretty much bullshitting the entire look but I think it turned out alright! The mascara and contour products are the same as the first look, and there’s no change with the eyebrows either. The highlighter I used for this one was the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone with some Champagne Pop on top, and I used a NYX Soft Mattes in Stockholm to tie the whole look together. The tones of the nude matte lip product tie in so nicely with the eyeshadows, and I feel a lot more comfortable with more subtle eye colours seeing as I’m not entirely confident with my eyeshadow skills.

What are your favourite festive looks?