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December glossybox

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Glossybox review, and thankfully they’ve gone and made my job a lot easier by being completely amazing and sending out an amazing box. I wasn’t that impressed with November so I had put a few ideas on standby in case December’s wasn’t all that good either, but I’m extremely thankful that it worked out in my favour.

I loved the design of this box, the ‘Mince Pies, Starry Skies’ writing on the front is super cute and the box itself photographs really well. Perfect end to the year, I’d say. The product I’m most impressed with is the Model co 3D Lash Primer. I’d never considered priming my lashes before and it’s not really something I would ever buy myself, but since I’ve gotten it essentially free in my Glossybox, I use it every single day. I find it does make a massive difference to my lashes, they do look longer and less clumped together but in terms of how long my mascara lasts, I don’t find it’s made a significant difference. There’s still some fallout around my right eye (never my left for some reason?!) so it doesn’t help on that front. I will keep using it though, because I love how it makes my lashes look, but I don’t think I’d repurchase it when it runs out.

The next product is the Steve Laurant eyeliner – I honestly thought this was a lip liner at first so I’m very glad I checked before going ahead and popping this on my lips. I’m really not impressed with this at all, which is a shame because the rose gold packaging is gorgeous. I do like that it’s a pen liner, because I find them so much easier to use, but it’s not very black at all, it came out quite dry and I had to go back over it with another liner anyway to darken it and fill in all the holes where no product at all had come out. I honestly wouldn’t even use this again because it went so badly. The shape of the pen itself was good though, it was easy to get a nice flick, so it’s a huge disappointment that the product falls short.

Another rose gold beauty – the Laqa & Co Cloud Lips lipstick. I think it’s a lipstick anyway, it’s lovely though. It’s a gorgeous nude-ish berry colour that I think would suit most skin tones, and it’s so fitting for this time of year because of the berry undertones to it. This one went down a bit better than the eyeliner, so at least I have one rose gold product that I like from this months box. The product itself is really long lasting and not drying at all, which I find with a lot of lip products. It does fade slightly throughout the day but becauses it’s a nude lip colour, it doesn’t look bad or weird at all. I didn’t even bother reapplying it, to be honest.

Next up we have what is possibly my favourite product of all of them, the Naobay gel to milk cleanser. This is such a weird product, it was hard to get used to putting the gel on my face because it doesn’t spread easily but I use it twice a day and I can honestly say that it’s amazing. It smells lovely and fresh and although I’d never heard of this brand before, I’m very impressed with them so far. I use this as my first cleanser, and I think double cleansing has made such an impact on my skin. It changes to a milk when warm water hits it, so it washes off so easily and my skin feels really clean and soft. It appears to be fading a lot of my remaining spot marks and clearing up existing spots a lot quicker than anything I’ve tried before, so I feel like when this runs out I’ll definitely need another one.

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Last but not least, the Ecodenta black whitening toothpaste. The last toothpaste I got in a Glossybox I was completely obsessed with, and this one is no different. Black toothpaste is really weird to use, it makes your teeth look so dirty and you look incredibly insane for a little while but I saw results from this toothpaste almost instantly. I know that black toothpastes are really popular though because of the results you get from them, so I’m really excited to keep using this for a while and see how much whiter my teeth get! It is super minty and I’m always reminded of that bit in the Zoella x Miranda Sings video when Miranda is like “it’s so spicy!!!”, because that is how I act when I’m using this toothpaste.

What did you think of this months Glossybox?