I’ve been loving my bullet journal a lot recently, I’ve mentioned it a lot over the past few months and as I did with my October monthly spread, I thought I’d share what some of my more festive pages look like . Disclaimed: Not an artist, my candy canes and Christmas trees need some work but at least I tried!

I tried to keep the pages themselves quite simple this month, so it’s just the very basics, so that I could go in a little bit more with the design, colours and little drawings throughout it all. I always start off with a monthly spread, which I use to track events and get an overall view into how busy my month actually is. December is a busy month with work events I need to be at and things I need to remember, so I just pop them in the calendar so that all I need to remember is to check the actual calendar. On this page I also list a few of my goals for the month, but I only have one for December cos I’m trying to not stress myself out. I just want to complete Blogmas this month, I think anything else I achieve will just be a bonus.

Next up we have the Blogmas planning page! I also have a spreadsheet that looks very similar to this that I use more than I use this page, but it’s so handy for at work or out and about, I can still track how I’m doing and what’s coming up next when I’m away from my own laptop. I have a list of what posts are due to go up when and whether or not they’ve been planned, written and photographed. It definitely helps me feel more organised, and it’s so satisfying seeing a massive amount of ticks in all 3 columns. On the adjacent page we have the sleep tracker, that I’ve been badly neglecting as you can see. My sleeping pattern does’t really change at all, I go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time during the week and I don’t tend to touch my bullet journal at weekends. I just find it a little boring to fill in now, so I think I’ll ditch it in the future. I did want to see if there was any correlation at all between my mood and how much sleep I get, but I can’t really see anything that stands out massively in the tracking pages.

I love filling out the mood & habit tracker (even though I’ve not done it in a good few weeks…) – I started off with too many habits to fill out that just weren’t getting done ever, so I’ve stripped it back to the basics and we seem to be good so far. I do keep forgetting to fill this out too though, and then I forget how I felt on certain days and end up just having to guess, so it’s not quite 100% accurate. I do enjoy seeing how I felt on certain days though, and I’ve ended up surprising myself by having mostly positive emotions on almost all the days I remember to track correctly. Next to this I have a little ‘Gifts To Buy’ section that I actually don’t need anymore because I’ve finished Christmas shopping! Let’s not discuss Christmas wrapping though. I’m still getting there.

My favourite pages to do and fill out are the weekly spreads – they’re so simple yet so helpful. I’ve gone for the same design and colour scheme for all of them because I was really happy with how it turned out, and I love when everything matches. They’re so handy for scribbling things in and planning out my days a bit more in depth – I definitely feel much more organised looking through the weekly pages to see that important appointments and events are noted down and I WILL remember about them. I usually do a monthly review and monthly favourites section at the end of all my weekly pages, but December is following a bit of a different schedule due to Blogmas so those sections aren’t included – all my planning is going in another notebook and there’s no need to lump it in with December.

Do you have a bullet journal?


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