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Cosy accessories for winter

I was originally just gonna write about hats for this post, but then I thought, what kind of substantial post is that? Answer: it isn’t. It would’ve been about 2 paragraphs of me discussing beanies and that doesn’t really make for the best read, so we’re extending it to all winter accessories to keep you warm and cosy.

First up is one of the winter classic accessories – bobble hats. They’re EVERYWHERE at the minute, whichever way you turn you’re bombarded with either singular or double bobbled hats and I caved last year and bought one. Mine is dusky pink with a cream pom-pom from ASOS (brand = Pieces), and I bloody love it. I was hesitant at first because the pom-pom didn’t look right on my head, it was too big, and the material wouldn’t let me adjust the length of the hat for some reason, if that even makes sense to anyone. But now, it’s too cold to even care. It keeps me so warm and that ranks over fashion now. I also bought a black one from New Look that suits my head shape a LOT more, so I may have to invest in some more of those. To be honest, I could manage in the cold without any hat at all, but I’ve recently discovered that if I wear a hat from the walk to the train station to my work (20-ish mins), my curls don’t fall out and instead look nice and wavy and messy. So the hat is more of a wind prevention tool for my hair than a source of heat for my head.

Before I got comfortable with the massive bobble on the other hats, I was searching for an alternative that was still cute but also warm and not ugly – enter the cat hat. This grey beanie has little furry kitty cat ears on the top of it (ASOS), and I honestly just think it’s the cutest thing ever. I mean look at it, how can you resist buying that? Some days I think it looks a bit odd on my misshapen head but, again, I care more about protecting my hair and being warm than what I look like on the commute. A hat that isn’t a beanie (shook) that I’m obsessed with right now is my beret – I got it a few weeks ago (from Lasula Boutique) and it took me a while to gain the confidence to actually wear it out, and now I’m hooked. It’s obviously not the warmest of hats ever but it comes across as so effortlessly chic and stylish (Blair Waldorf vibes), which is a look that I am heavily digging. If you bundle up enough on your body, you don’t even need a crazy warm hat anyway.

I 100% prefer snoods to any other scarf, I don’t need 2 ends flapping about my face making me feel like I’m about to be strangled in high winds. Nu-uh. I want to literally cocoon myself in the never-ending cosy scarf and feel secure in knowing that it’s not going anywhere. That is why it is one of my favourite accessories. The cosiest of all the ones I own is this chunky mustard scarf – I’m big on mustard right now and went a big crazy during Autumn and just bought loads of mustard toned items, this scarf being one of them. It’s so big and chunky, it’s like having a blanket round your neck and that gets a big thumbs up from me. If I’m wearing something that doesn’t match with yellow, which isn’t very often because I plan my outfits around this scarf usually, I have a burgundy one and a blue tartan one on standby. They aren’t as cosy so I don’t reach for them as much but it’s nice to have a bundle of backup scarves.

Do onesies count as accessories??? It does now because I needed to include it in multiple posts this month because I honestly just love it too much. It’s a big, fleecy, cream onesie from ASOS and it has little ears on the hood and my god it’s just the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn. As soon as I get home from work I put it on, and my dog hates it because it’s the same colour as her so I think she thinks I’m another Goldendoodle that’s come in to take over her favourite section of the couch. I stupidly threw out all my onesies a few years ago, but this one is not leaving me ever. I like that this doesn’t have feet on it, because it means I am free to wear my slipper boots, also from ASOS, or my super fluffy Monki socks. I’m basically just a walking bundle of warmth in the evenings now and it is absolutely blissful.

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