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Why i love this time of year

From about October onwards, I go into full seasonal mode and I just love life most of the time due to this being my absolute favourite time of year. The build up to Christmas is unlike anything else, and I think most people would agree with me when I say it gives you such a magical feeling and I wish it was acceptable to be in Christmas mode from about January.

Everything just seems so much cosier at this time of year, which is perfect for a naturally cold person like myself. Even in summer, I’m wishing it was acceptable to put the heating on because it’s just too cold. I love to huddle up under a LOT of blankets and duvets in bed, right next to my radiator, it’s probably when I’m at my happiest. Fairy lights create a much nicer ambiance than in summer as well, it’s just not the same when they’re on in the summer. I don’t feel as judged when I wear 600 layers at the one time, because everyone else is doing the same. Cosy jumpers and knit hats and scarves are my favourite items of clothing, I wanna be as warm outside as I am inside. I’ve done a post on my cosy budget buys that goes into a few more of my favourite cosy items that I got for less than you’d think, so go give that a wee peek. One thing I had to mention at some point throughout the course of Blogmas but that’s not a budget buy is my fleece ASOS onesie with little ears on it – it was £28 but it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought, it’s ridiculously cosy and I can tell I’m going to be living in it when I’m not at work.

As someone who used to work in retail (you have no idea how happy I am to be able to say used to), December was the only time when it wasn’t horrific, unless I was working Christmas Eve/Boxing Day. Then it was the worst thing ever. But people just seemed a lot nicer around Christmastime, and I think that applies to most workplaces because everyone is looking forward to everything getting festive. Customers were definitely not as grumpy as they usually were and that had a profound effect on how nice the staff were as well. Everyone is happy at this time of year, and I love being in an environment where everything feels a lot more joyful and there’s less anger around. You can mention the word Christmas without being slapped. There is that element of stress, but it’s not being taken out on those around you as much as it is throughout the rest of the months of the year. I also liked being able to wear a Christmas jumper to work, though it didn’t really match the navy flares as nicely as it matched other items of clothing, but you win some you lose some. Thankful I can now wear skinny trousers that look much nicer with an oversized festive jumper.

We all know how much I love a jumper, I’ve bought enough of them to last me a good few years, but Christmas jumpers are a whole other story. Honestly, the more out there, the better. I want all the horrifically ugly, garish jumpers with 3D snowman noses and reindeer antlers on the hood. I pretty much aim to wear a Christmas jumper every single day in the run up to Christmas Day, and more often than not I do succeed. My all time favourite Christmas jumper is my Jon Snow one, not a lot of people understand it but those that do get so excited and I just love it. I’ve actually only bought one new Christmas jumper (so far) this year that’s giving me big Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things vibes, but usually I buy about 40 new ones a year so I’m quite impressed with myself! I’ll be doing a post on pretty much all my favourite Christmas jumpers, so there’s something for you to look forward to.

I think everyone gets a lot closer at Christmas, in terms of families and couples etc. I love to spoil my boyfriend at Christmas and last year I filled a stocking for him and got him a few other extras, so I’m planning on doing the same thing this year because I can actually afford to treat him now that I have a full-time job. I also love forcing him to come to Winter Wonderland with me, it’s the day that I look forward to all year and this year I WILL get one of those massive cookie/gingerbread things that I just go and admire every year. I like how my family all get together at Christmas and there’s significantly less arguments than on a regular day – I like that we all play board games together with the Christmas music channel on in the background, and we’re all happy to wear the too-big paper crowns that come from the crackers. Plus, this year we’ll have a new puppy to share the excitement with and if I get my way, she will be dressed as Santa at some point this month. Watch this space.

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