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Festive night in essentials

A few months ago I did a post on my pamper night essentials, and I suppose this will be quite similar but now, it’s getting festive. It is now the time to overdo it completely with Christmas related essentials, and this post is basically a compilation of all the things I love and need to have the perfect chilled out, festive evening.

The first is obvious, Christmas movies. Because what kind of relaxing night is it without appropriate films? My favourite is The Santa Clause and the sequels to it as well, I watch them every year and every year they make me ridiculously happy. Elf is another obvious one, everybody loves Elf and watches it at this time of year but the hype is real and it’s one of the best classic Christmas films. My family and I also watch The Polar Express every single year but I don’t think any of us actually like it very much, it’s just become a tradition now. Arthur Christmas is one relatively newer film that I really love, I never usually bother because you can’t beat a classic, but I can tolerate that one. I hadn’t watched Miracle on 34th Street until last year but I actually really loved it, and the little Matilda actress is adorable in it.

What goes with Christmas movies? Christmas CANDLES. My first stop for festive candles is usually B&M, they do the best Bath & Body Works candles and the quality is comparable to Yankee Candles, in my experience. I never like to splurge on candles and these retail at about £2.99 for a relatively big one that’ll last you literally all season, so it’s really good for a stinge like me. I love having candles lit and it helps massively when they’re festive scented, it gets me right into the mood and I just feel ridiculously cosy. Primark is also a good place to go for cheap candle jars and festive scented tealights – this pug one was about 90p I think.

We all need festive pyjamas, like these from Primark. It doesn’t even need to be garishly festive, I’m not saying everyone has to have Santa prancing around their pyjamas; my favourites are actually just these red tartan, but I do love an OTT Christmas outfit. Primark is probably the best place for things like that – things you’ll only wear for a month and then they get thrown to the back of the wardrobe because you have no use for a reindeer jumper in February. You can get cute festive pieces without breaking the bank, which is a big thumbs up from me. Getting your room in the right mood is also important, but there’s a whole separate post in the works for that and I don’t want to spoil anything here!

I think it’s absolutely essential that, in order to chill yourself out, you need to have a bath or a shower. Mostly to heat you up, but also to just relax you and get you ready to wind down at night. Now that our bathroom has been redone and I can actually have a bath, I’ve been trying to love them more. Failing that, a shower with an assortment of festive scented products will do. Anything spiced apple scented will get me right in the mood, I have a Body Shop spiced apple scented hand cream that I’m obsessed with so I’m always hunting for other things that smell the same. Gingerbread is popular with me too, or anything cinnamon-y or the classic berry Christmas scent. I don’t shop at Lush a lot but I just couldn’t resist getting a few bits and pieces this season to try and make me enjoy baths again.

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In terms of refreshment essentials, it absolutely has to be a cup of tea or a hot chocolate in the biggest mug you can find in your house – mine is this L mug from New Look. You’d think the mug being so large would make the drink inside it last longer, but you’d be wrong. I can still manage to down it all in about 3 seconds. I like a really sugary cup of tea or a Cadburys hot chocolate with loads of marshmallows chucked in, because nothing is better than a mound of melted marshmallows (satisfying alliteration or what?).

What are your festive night in essentials?




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