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It is now officially the third room tour post I’ve done and I’m sure you’re probably all sick of the sight of my room by now. But I feel like the Christmas edition is a Blogmas essential – it’s my favourite time of year and I decorate my room accordingly. I’ve tried to keep it somewhat minimal this time, I’ll let you decide whether or not I’ve succeeded.

I haveven’t got any obligatory Christmas bedding this year because I’m on a bit of a budget due to one of my Christmas presents being ridiculously massive this year, so I’m literally spending near enough nothing on myself for the next month or so. I’ve been loving this bedding from ASDA though, and I feel like it’s Christmassy enough for now because it’s got some stars on there. I’ve compensated for the lack of actual bedding by swapping out some of my existing cushion covers for some festive ones! These 3 are all from Amazon, and although they took a few weeks to arrive as they were from overseas, they were so cheap and the quality of them is pretty good. My budget only allows for subtle festivity unfortunately, which is not usually my style.

Shoutout to my past self for buying a Christmas tree for my room last year when I could actually afford it. I love putting this up, I usually put it up earlier than my mother would like but there’s nothing like it to get me into the festive mood. I put it up mid-November this year purely to help me feel festive for Blogmas planning. It’s from Tesco, I think the tree itself was about £5 and the decorations were also super cheap. I’m not a fan of tinsel on trees (sorry) so I usually just decorate with fairy lights, but I have hung some tinsel around my shelves and I can deal with the tinsel in my bed because it looks so festive.

I went a bit mad when I was shopping for blog props this year, and have somehow ended up with a full snowy scene as a backdrop. It started off with just these 3 innocent copper glitter trees and a little red house decoration, and somehow escalated into fake snow and a further 3 little snowy trees. Fake snow is a nightmare, and it’s literally all over the top of my drawers now. I tried to keep it contained to my little blog backdrop cube but as you can probably imagine, that didn’t happen. I do think it looks super cute in product shots though, it’s a shame I can’t climb in there and have a little perfect background for outfit shots, but such is life. I can’t remember exactly what is from where, but I bought all these things across Wilko and Hobbycraft. I bought a lot of Halloween props from there; everything is very cheap but such good quality.

As with my Autumal room details, I’ve kept my copper curtain lights up and it’s not just because they’re a bloody PAIN to get down. These also work as festive lights, which is coincidentally what the company that made them is called. Fairy lights are my favourite way to feel season and almost all of the fairy lights I have work for multiple seasons – a crafty way of keeping your lights up all year round. I also love a good Christmassy candle, but due to my budget I’m limiting myself to what I buy. I have this little one from Primark that I mainly bought because it has pugs on it, but it does smell pretty good too.

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