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I’m a big fan of shopping independent, and I think it’s important at Christmastime to support your favourite creators. Not only that, but you also get some adorable, unique gifts which I always try to do at Christmas – sometimes it’s nice to move away from the high street stores and buy gifts that you can’t really get anywhere else. I’ve compiled a selection of some of my favourite independent stores and my favourite items from each store, to hopefully make your independent shopping experience a little easier!

First up is Dorkface – I’m sure we all know Jemma and I’ve mentioned her a few times in various posts, but I’ve never mentioned her shop. Jemma creates the most adorable personalised items, drawings and sticker pack, and she works extremely hard on it all, you can tell. My favourite items from her shop includes the custom portrait illustration, which you can completely tailor to yourself and your interests, the city at night watercolour and this feminist print. All Jemma’s work is of such a high quality, reasonably priced, and I would highly recommend buying from and supporting her because she is also just a genuinely lovely person!

The first independent shop I think I ever bought from was Sighh Designs – I’m not entirely sure how I came across Polly’s shop but I fell in love with it and even now, a few years later, it’s still one of my favourites. Polly works incredibly hard juggling her store and university, and I applaud her for managing to still release and create new, amazing products. Everything I’ve bought from her has been so high quality and I’m constantly checking for new products. My favourites from Sighh are the Doggies phone case (which I’ve just sent to my boyfriend to buy me), the Everyday Tote, that I own and use constantly, and the Please Let Me Pet Your Dog pin because it’s relevant af.

Another one of the first independent stores I bought from was Dot Creates – their blog planners have cult status and I do use mine religiously. All of their products are so cute and photogenic, and of a really good quality. I love the amount of prints they have because I’m a massive fan of wall prints and cute, motivational quotes, so I’m in my element on their site. My favourite products are the Ultimate Blog Planner, I have it in grey, the Venice illustration and the biscuit coasters.

I’ve discovered a lot of new shops on my hunt for this post, including Pastel Elixir. There’s a lot of cute cards, prints and pinks in the cutest colours and designs, plus the photos are complete flatlay goals. I haven’t bought anything from this shop, but I don’t doubt that everything is really well made and worth the money, not that it’ll break the bank for you to get a few bits! My favourite products are the narwhal badge, the dog person badge and the positive pants notebook.

One of my all time favourite stores that I am yet to buy from is Maykher. They make toiletry bags, bracelets, scarves and hats and have the best values I’ve ever come across in an independent store. 10% of their yearly profit goes to helping females get an education in areas of the world where it is most needed – all of their products are made by women and not machines, using techniques passed down over years. My favourite products are the knitted beanie, the blue toiletry bag and the glass beaded bracelet. I need to make a purchase from here and I think everyone else should as well – we gotta support our fellow females.

A shop that I’ve just found and I know I’ll be completely obsessed with is Sweet Allure. They do all of your favourite characters in watercolour prints; Disney, Stranger Things, Harry Potter. Literally all my favourite things! Such an incredible artist and just imagine how amazing everything would look in a frame on your wall. My favourite products are the Eleven print, Belle and Chip and Moana.

Another one I found whilst researching for this post is the North Doodle Co. They make the daintiest, cutest notebooks, cards, prints and brooches – I am particularly in love with most of the prints but I think they’re something you’d have to save up for. I love the minimalism on their website and within their products, I am itching to photograph it all…My favourite products are the flower notebook, the bicycle notebook and the Christmas card.

If I was a shop, I think I’d definitely be The Lovely Drawer. All the colours, prints and designs stand out to me and I genuinely need most of the stuff they sell. It’s mostly prints, but there’s some phone cases and cards thrown in there as well. The baby milestone cards are pretty cute! My favourite products are the Dream print, the Moon Phases print, and the Brush Stroke phone case.

In case you didn’t know, I recently got a puppy, and so I am obsessed with Hello Harriet. This shop is mostly items related to dogs or cats, which is right up my street. I’m the biggest dog fan in the entire world so even looking at the drawings of dogs on this site makes me ridiculously happy. My favourite items are the Dog tote, the Cute card and the Dog Gift phone case.

The last store on my little independent shop gift guide is Punky Pins. They do what the name says – they make pins, badges and keyrings BUT also jewellery and stickers. There is so much on their site, I could honestly get lost on it for hours. I have a few of their Christmas pins that they kindly sent to me, and they make me laugh every time I look at them. They’re such good quality & extremely quick shipping! My favourite items are Friends Dont Lie pin, the Merry Christmas pin and the Puppy pin.

So there we go! We should all make an effort to buy at least one thing from an independent creator this season – support each others creative careers and buy someone something nice!

What’s your favourite independent store?