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So here we are again, and this time I’d planned to do a proper introduction. Mainly because it’s one less Blogmas post to plan and also because introductions can be quite nice and simple posts to produce. You already know by the title of this post what’s going on, and probably from my Twitter too because no doubt I’ve been tweeting/complaining non stop about this. And yet, I’m still doing it.

I attempted Blogmas last year and I failed massively, I think I made it to day 16 or something, which I suppose in the grand scheme of things isn’t so bad but I felt like a bit of a failure. This year, I’m back and more determined than ever to put out 30 great posts. I’m going to be doing a post everyday in December, apart from Christmas Day. I know it’s a lot of work and it’ll be tough but if I can do 31 in October, surely I can manage this right?! I will be taking a few days off in January to recover from my blogging extravaganza (and I’ll be doing something crazy exciting at New Year) so I’ll just dream of that all month. I’d like to think all 30 of my ideas are actually substantial and will make for a good read for everyone – the last thing I’d want to do was just post one for the sake of posting one and have nobody enjoy reading it. I’ve worked hard, especially on the gift guides, and I really hope that shows!

I’m really excited – last year, not all of my posts were Christmas themed so this year I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to make sure near enough everything is seasonal or Christmas themed. Looking at my list of ideas in front of me right now, I can’t wait for you all to read them. I also completed Blogtober this year and the sense of pride being able to say that I completed it was unlike anything else; Christmas is the time of joy, and if Blogmas brings me that joy then you bet your ass I’m gonna complete it. I feel like it’s when bloggers all come together, I think almost everyone does or tries to do Blogmas and I love that it feels like more of a community during that few weeks of daily blogging. It is difficult, especially with jobs and studying on the side, so everyone who daily blogs or does things like Blogmas and Blogtober is amazing and deserves all the respect.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am about my Christmas content – expect lots of festive props and, of course, my header has been Christmas-ified by the lovely Katie so we’re really going all out this year. I can’t wait to read everyone’s content, this is my favourite time of year and I want to feel like festivity is being shoved down my throat. Festive me UP.

Are you doing Blogmas this year?

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