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Another month, another reflection post. November has been so hard, I feel like loads has happened but I just can’t remember any of it whatsoever. So that’s great.

At the end of October, I decided that I had enjoyed doing Blogtober so much that I wanted to post once every 2 days in November. Looking back, why the hell did I decide to do that and HOW the hell did I pretty much succeed?! I managed it apart from one day, but even then I put it up the next day and still managed to upload all the posts I wanted to upload. I feel like I must have been mindlessly blogging in my sleep because there is genuinely no other way that I’ve managed to do this on top of everything else. Am I impressed with  myself? Possibly a little too much. Come January, I’m gonna have absolutely no post ideas.

I set myself the goal this month of having 7 Blogmas posts done and scheduled and ready to go, and it happened! I have the first week ready plus some throughout the month so I feel less stressed. I’ve gotten into a good routing with daily blogging and managing to organise myself a few weeks in advance – I may struggle with keeping on top of it though but we’ll see! I’m really excited for everything to start getting festive and everyone’s gonna be putting out their Christmas content, I literally can’t wait. I’m also really excited about some of my post ideas throughout the month, and I really hope everyone likes them!

This month saw quite a few events, one of which being the Aelder Elixir event in Leith, Edinburgh. It was a lot of fun to meet other Edinburgh-based bloggers and even more fun to drink alcohol all night. The Aelder Elixir team forage for their own fruit for the drink and also for the ingredients for the meals they cooked up for us – including seaweed. They put a lot of hard work into their brand and their product and it absolutely shows, so it was lovely to get to know the guys and hear about how they established themselves in the alcohol industry and how they stand out from the crowd. We had to make our own little cocktails on the night, my absolute favourite and the drink I dream about daily is the Aelder Elixir mixed with ginger ale and topped off with a lime. It’s fizzy, it’s fruity and it’s delicious. I’ve been saving the little miniature bottle from the event to have with ginger ale and lime, and I think I need to invest in a large bottle of it because honestly, it’s amazing.

Also this month, I went to the Busy B event in central Edinburgh. The room was set up like a bloggers dream and I snapped away quite happily for a good hour before realising I should probably start to interact with some real people. It was the first event I’ve been to properly on my own, I didn’t meet up with anyone beforehand and I didn’t really know anyone else going so I was really, really nervous, and it took me a while to come out of my shell and mingle, but I did! And I met some lovely bloggers that evening (Charlotte & Zoe, amongst SO MANY others). The Busy B team are also so kind, they were so approachable and chatty, which made the daunting task of approaching them to chat much less scary. Also the girl who told me about the Primark Teddy Coat was there, big props to her for changing my life.

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I cannot believe that when I was sitting planning out this post, I forgot about my puppy. What is wrong with me?! I think it feels like we’ve had her much longer than 3-ish weeks, and she’s just part of the family now. She’s a teeny tiny nutty destructo-dog who has a hankering for human flesh, but she’s pretty cute so she can stay. She does not like being told off or shouted at, she does not like her crate, and she does not like being outside when it’s raining (hence 6 poos in the house). She gets a treat when she does the toilet outside, so she’s started to go stand outside for a minute and then come inside and sit at the fridge for some chicken. My Instagram stories is 99% puppy, which some people may find annoying but y’know what she is just too damn cute to not photograph every 3 seconds. December will be when we can start taking her out for walks, and I can’t wait!

How was your November?


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