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This month felt like it went by in a whizz, and therefore I cannot remember a single thing I’ve enjoyed using or having. Such is life. I had to really dig deep into my brain to try and find things I’ve been loving and even then I came up short, but my little perfectionist brain has to get out a November favourites so that I’ve done one every month this year, that’s just how it has to go. I think next year I’ll rethink doing these because they’ve become a bit tedious, but we don’t need to discuss that just yet.

I feel like I definitely mentioned this somewhere because I’ve been loving it too much not to – Stranger Things. I think I started it in October but didn’t finish both seasons until the start of November, so I’m flinging it into this post. I took way too long to get on the Stranger Things hype; Max watched it when it first came out but because he kept telling me how good it was, it made me less inclined to watch it. I’m THAT annoying person. I had a sudden change of heart just before season 2 came out, and watched the whole thing and then I watched it all again. I’m honestly kicking myself now for not getting into it sooner – I’ve decided I now need multiple items of Stranger Things merchandise, and I have bought myself a Stranger Things Christmas jumper that I’m not gonna show for a few days because that’s a cracking December 1st Instagram post.

Another TV-type thing I’ve been really loving is Buzzfeed Unsolved. This is more in the past few days than the entire month, but I think I’ve near enough watched all of them now. I genuinely didn’t move all weekend because I was too into Buzzfeed Unsolved so no blogging at all got done, which is excellent because weekends are my only time to take outfit photos. OH WELL. The Supernatural ones spook me a LOT, but I love watching them go and try to find ghosts and my heart stops when they try and communicate with them. Ryan and Shane make such a good team, and Shane’s skepticism just makes the entire show. I wish they did a video a day so I could get my fix, I’ve started to re-watch episodes I saw a few days ago.

There’s not been many beauty favourites this month, but the one vaguely beauty related product is the Stylpro. I did a full post on it during November so there’s not even a lot I can say about it that hasn’t already been said, but it’s completely changed my life so I couldn’t leave it out. I hate washing my brushes and this device has made it so much easier and SO much quicker. Of course, I still put it off for as long as I possibly can, especially now because I’ve run out of the Stylpro Brush Cleansing solution and can’t be bothered to order another one, but when I do use it I do find it quite fun.

As seen in my What I Got For My Birthday post, I got the Anna Saccone bracelet as one of my gifts and I LOVED it. Until it broke. I did get it replaced, but in the meantime when I was feeling ridiculously sorry for myself and the October offer was still on, I bought myself the corresponding necklace. I had been lusting after the necklace first, but decided to ask for the bracelet as I thought I’d get more use out of it given I had my elephant necklace that I wore all the time. I’m a little sad that I’ve replaced the elephant but I love this necklace so much and it looks amazing with literally any outfit. I pick my outfit to correspond with this necklace. And at least if I decide to go back to my beloved elephant, I have the bracelet to keep up my Stilnest love.

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I was invited to an event in November that myself and Max attended, that I’ll be going into more depth about in my next post, but it was for Aelder Elixir and let me tell you, this drink is the stuff of dreams. I was a bit unsure at first because I’m not very adventurous with my alcohol, me switching from vodka to rum was a BIG step, but I actually love this stuff. There’s a lovely berry taste to it, and they’ll probably be shouting at me right now for not delving into the brand but I SWEAR it’s coming. I’m quite impressed that I haven’t already tanned the miniature bottle I got at the event, because it honestly tastes like heaven mixed with ginger ale and a bit of lime. I am craving it right now.

Last but not least, I’m late to the train again, this time with #GIRLBOSS. Loads of people have read it, it’s basically old news now, but I like to enjoy things several years after they’re popular because who wants to have discussions with anybody about the things they like?????? #GIRLBOSS made me feel ridiculously motivated and determined, and opened my eyes to the fact that I am a Girl Boss. There’s so many life tips in there that I’ll take to heart and really stick to, namely the money chapter, but there’s also some parts in there that I don’t agree with and that’s fine. For the most part, it’s a massively helpful book that every female should read just for a little boost in morale and a little more motivation on those dreary, tired days.

What have you been loving in November?