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I don’t think I’ve ever really done a post on what I use for my makeup on an everyday, work life basis. Or if I have, it’s not been updated in a WHILE. So that’s what we’re gonna do! Plus, I was really strangely in the mood to do some product shots which is completely unlike me, and this seemed like a good post to experiment a little in terms of photography.

I think I’ve finally found a good set of base products (touch wood) that actually keep my foundation lasting all day, which is insane because I’ve been struggling for SO long. I’ve been using the Botanics Radiance Balm as a pre-primer primer, which isn’t a thing but it’s happening anyway. When this runs out I will absolutely be buying another one because I genuinely don’t feel like I can be without it now, this is what’s keeping everything in place, I just know it. On top of that, I use the Barry M colour correcting primer in green to help get rid of any redness. I don’t really think this does anything for the redness but it’s quite a tacky formula so I just feel like my foundation sticks to it. Again, I need to repurchase this one when it runs out because both of these products together are such a dream. In terms of foundation, I’ve been swapping between both of The Ordinary foundations – I’m lucky that both formulas work for my skin somehow so I just wear what one I feel like. I have reviewed these in a separate post so I’ll leave a cheeky wee link to that for you to go and check out and decide what one you want to buy, because everyone needs at least one of these amazing foundations.

My absolute holy grail concealer is the Seventeen Stay Time concealer, it very quickly overtook Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer a long time ago and I’ve never looked back since. It’s a better fit for my skin and it smells really good which I think might be a weird thing to pick up on. I also like to use the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable foundation because the coverage with it is INSANE. With my base products (foundation & concealer) I always apply them with a brush first and then after I’ve done concealer, I’ll go in with a beauty blender and essentially dab at my face so all the excess product is blended in and smoothed out. This is a trick I learnt from Jamie Genevieve and it’s made such a difference to the longevity of my base – I don’t go as oily as quickly and even when I do, the products don’t shift. The blender I use is just from Primark and I use it dry, hence why it’s so yucky looking, but it works perfectly for what I need it for. I do some half-assed contouring with a Rimmel contour palette, because if I didn’t I would look like a massive moon head and as much as I enjoy that, I like to feel good about myself at work.

My eyebrows are slacking a bit right now because I ran out of my beloved eyebrow pencil and I’m too tight to pay the £9.99 to replace it, so I’ve reverted back to the old Sleek eyebrow kit. It used to do me well, but I got used to penciling in my brows and now I feel like I’m trying to fill them in with a blunt crayon. They’re definitely not as awful as they were in 2012 though, so there’s always that. I’m a big fan of half-assing everything as much as I can, eyeshadow included. I go for things like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo pots – things that you can smear on with minimal effort and off you go. Just now, to add a little festivity, I’m using the Nude By Nature Eyeshadow Shimmer, it’s a nice glittery silvery shimmery thing and in certain lights, it looks bloody good. I also use 2 mascaras for optimum lash lengh; Benefit’s RollerLash and Bad Gal Lash. Eyeliner is too much of a chore for days that I’m working so there’s no way in hell I’d even try.

I’m running so low on Champagne Pop that it actually pains me to use it, but it gives such a beautiful glow that I can’t not. I like using this more in winter because the gold tones make me feel more festive, for some strange reason, but I’ve hit pan big time and I need to replace it but if I can’t replace a £9.99 eyebrow pencil, what hope have I got replacing a £32 highlighter. NONE. I begrudgingly use other highlighters sometimes – I’ll use the Becca Moonstone liquid highlighter and put another one on top which replicates the intensity of Champagne Pop, but nothing beats the colour of it. Absolutely nothing. As a finishing touch, I don’t usually go for lipstick for work but instead I’ll use the little candyfloss flavoured lip balm from November’s Glossybox – it smells so good and gives a subtle pink tint whilst keeping my lips moisturised. I actually couldn’t find it for this post and I’m pretty sure I left it at work so lets just pretend the Strawberry one is Candyfloss.

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I have no doubt that this post will be out of date as soon as it goes live because there will be other things I buy or receive that I’m obsessed with and will start to use everyday, but so far so good. It probably takes me about half an hour to do my makeup in the mornings, which I think is not so bad!

What are your holy grail makeup products?



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