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I think everyone will agree with me when I say that cleaning your makeup brushes is the worst chore in the entire world. Just the thought of it instills this deep rooted dread in me so I’m always putting it off until the bacteria and grime on the brushes starts to affect the condition of my skin. How awful is that?!

I was permanently on the lookout for something, anything, that would make this tedious task even a little bit easier. I thought the brush cleansing glove that I bought from eBay would’ve helped, but it was still a heck of a lot of effort to gather all my brushes, trek upstairs and wash them and wait for them to dry overnight. Who on earth has time for that? Absolutely not me. If I can clean my brushes from my bed, I’m gonna, and that’s where the StylPro comes in. The baby of s1 Apprentice winner, Tom Pellereau, the StylPro washes and dries your brushes in seconds to the point of gleaming perfection. He fills gaps in the market with products to make lives a little bit easier, and after a meeting with a makeup artist, the StylPro came into circulation and has probably revolutionized the lives of everyone that owns it.

The StylPro comes with the bowl, 8 different brush attachments for different sized brushes, and 2 sachets of their brush cleaning solution. It took me a few minutes to figure out what to actually do with everything – it does come with directions in the box but I like to make things more difficult for myself by not reading them and just trying to figure it out by myself. You pick the attachment size depending on the size of the brush you want to wash, put the little connector into the end and attach it to the device. I find it works best if you squeeze the brush into one that seems like it would be too small. You fill the bowl with water, you don’t need much at all, just a tiny bit, and I’ve tried out 2 different things to clean my brushes. I tried baby shampoo, which I used with my brush cleansing glove, and the solution that comes with the StylPro, and would absolutely recommend the solution over anything else.

So, once you’ve got the brush attached to the device, you just turn it on and dunk it into the water. The device spins the brush so you’re getting really into the bristles, and you do it in an up-and-down motion in the water to make sure it’s all getting cleaned. Then, whilst it’s still spinning, you lift it out of the water and get a little bit wet, but after about 15 seconds, your brush is completely dry. SHOOK. Honestly, not having to wait for my brushes to dry overnight has completely changed my life. Also, the brush cleansing solution that I mentioned just above, is the best stuff for your brushes that you could possibly buy. I thought my brushes were white when I washed them previously, turns out they absolutely were not. Now they are, they genuinely look almost brand new. I struggled with not being able to remove the bronzer from one of my brushes but the StylPro did it – that brush hasn’t been white in about a year.

The best part about the StylPro is you don’t need to be at a sink, you don’t need to be in a bathroom, you can do it anywhere. All you need is somewhere in the general vicinity to empty out the water every few brushes because they get pretty disgusting. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but I get a little excited to wash my brushes now. I never thought I’d see this day, I really didn’t. It’s so satisfying to see all the grime just spin away and you’re left with shiny, new, clean brushes that won’t completely ruin your skin.

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You can see the ‘Before’ shot of the brushes below, note the concealer brush because cleaning that was just as satisfying as it was disgusting.

If you have any interest in makeup whatsoever and own more than 5 brushes, you definitely need this. It will cut your brush washing time in half at least, and you’ll never look back.

Have you ever tried the StylPro?



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