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A few months ago I did a post on 20 things I wanted to accomplish before I was 20, and I’m not going to link you to that post because basically it didn’t work and I did a handful of things off the list, so I’m a little ashamed. I’m going to be a bit more realistic this time and set fewer, more achievable goals that I know I can and will achieve. It wont all be stuff that’s been in the works for months though, because that’s taking the easy way out. I want to challenge myself over the next year and try to push myself out of my comfort zone a little more, and hopefully this list will encourage me to do so.


So I know I said I didn’t want to set things that were a definite, but technically this isn’t. My course is set to finish next October, meaning I have just under a year to finish all my coursework and get my qualification in Digital Marketing. I do feel pretty confident about this, I’m not going to lie, because it’s an area of work that I enjoy a lot and having that qualification behind me will make it a lot easier in the future. I also want to be proud of myself for something, and I like that I’ll have something else behind me besides my high school results.


You might think this sounds so easy, but recently I’ve lost my love for reading massively and I struggle to get through 1 unless it’s really interesting. I don’t want to set too high a number and feel pressure to reach it, so I think 5 is manageable. I have a lot of books on my TBR list and I’m going to try and read more daily, on the train and in the evenings, so I’m hoping it’ll take me less than a year to achieve this one. But we shall see.

3. SAVE £1000

I’m crap at saving money, but now that I’m 20 and there are bigger things I want to save up for, I really need to try. It’s possibly not my best idea to set myself this goal right around Christmas, when most of my pay will need to go towards presents and I’ll feel guilty for not saving much, but we all have to start somewhere. I’m setting myself monthly savings goals, nothing too high so I can still treat myself if I want to but high enough that I have a sort of safety blanket at the end of the month just in case. Just like with the 5 books, I don’t want to set a number too high and stress about it every time I look at my bank account. Again, hopefully I’ll reach this before my 21st birthday but it’s a good stepping stone.


I’m already well on my way to achieving this one, and I’m not sure how to define when it has improved, so I’ll just have to rely on everyone else to tell me. I’m getting to a stage now where I love photography and taking all my own photos, including my own outfit photos, and I’ve got a better set up for taking them. I really want to up my Instagram game too, I’m heavily slacking in that department and it’s about time I start to care about my Instagram and get it up to a good standard. Practice makes perfect!

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I’m not sure about this one – I have high hopes that I’ll be able to even slightly monetise my blog over the next year but you just don’t know. You can definitely try, and that is what I’ll be doing, but I wont stress if it doesn’t seem like something that’s going to happen. I’m happy with my blog at the minute, I’m loving my content, I feel like my photos are definitely improving, and I have a lot of support online and in real life. The extra income would be lovely, but we’ll just see what happens!

So whilst there’s not many goals this time round, they’re ones that I’m going to be working to achieve all year. I’m not afraid of hard work and I think it’s time I start applying myself properly and working hard to make my life how I want it to be.


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