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If my post on how I plan my posts is any indication, I’m a ridiculously massive fan of stationery. I have more notebooks than I can count and I’m so precious about them that none of them really get used, and yet I just keep adding to my collection. I was so excited to get an invite to the launch of Busy B‘s 2018 collection; Busy B are a stationery brand with some of the most beautiful diaries, planners and notebooks I think I’ve ever seen.

Busy B was created by Kerri B, in her kitchen as a little start-up company, and it has grown into a widely successful business. At the event, there was a Q&A with Kerri and we got to find out a little bit more about the business in the beginning and her journey to getting Busy B to the stage it’s at now. Her first product was a Christmas card tree, and it wasn’t exactly a best-seller, but she perservered and got it into stores and got some orders in. It’s not been a straight road for Busy B, there’s been some products that didn’t sell at all and a massive re-branding for them to be known as the beautiful stationery brand they are today.

There were 3 ranges showcased at the event – the Pretty Range, the Fashion Range and the Contemporary Range. I kept gravitating back to the Fashion Range; it was all green and gold items which is a combination that I love. It was all a dream to photograph, the people who did the table displays certainly knew their way around a flatlay. Within the Fashion Range, a few of the items being showcased included some travel items, – a luggage tag and a passport wallet – the loveliest golden glitter tape I’ve ever seen, and various desk pads and notebooks. Busy B stand out to me because of their design – not all of the designs appeal to me, I tend to go for more minimal designs as opposed to busier designs but they have items that cater for everyone’s tastes.

The Pretty Range is all pastel pinks and lilacs; I was particularly excited about the copper and white fur features on this display. They had mood boards up at each of the tables showing the ranges, just to basically show the feature colours and patterns throughout all the items in the range. The notebook designs within the Pretty Range were a bit busier than the Fashion Range – more floral patterns and designs which aren’t really my taste. I did love the gold Busy B scissors and page clips on the pastel pink tray on the white fluffy section, I think I stood at that table attempting to take a flatlay for a good 10 minutes. I felt like a pretty good photographer but that’s because all the work was done for me, really.

Finally, the Contemporary Range was one that I did keep going back to photograph because of the red diary placed in the middle of the table. It fit really nicely with the red features on the pens and the little rid notebook placed off to the side – I think this was my favourite table layout and that’s not just because of the cacti and marble candle placed at the back of it all. This range also contained my favourite of all the 2018 diaries – the pale blue one. I loved the minimalistic cover of this one, and the shade of blue is one of my favourite colours. I picked this one to have personalised by their calligrapher, Christina from Laila Lettering. I am obsessed with the way she wrote my name, she actually made it look pretty which is something I didn’t think was possible.

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I got a pretty good loot in my goodie bag, including Get Your Sh*t Together, which I almost bought the day before. They had little sweets on a table in the room with a sign telling you to help yourself, which I was more than happy to get on board with. We were given little Busy B cupcakes, which I have resisted eating until I could get a good photo of it, and some flavoured milk! All the makings of an excellent event, in my books. I rememer being a little upset that I couldn’t use my new, personalised 2018 diary for ages, and then it clicked. It’s NOVEMBER. I literally have to wait about 5 weeks and then I’ll get to use it, which completely blew my mind. I hadn’t quite realised how quickly this year was going until then.

Have you ever tried Busy B stationery?


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