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I have absolutely bought way too many jumpers this season, and still, when I go onto online shopping sites I go straight to knitwear. It takes me a minute to be like “…Lauren, you have 600 jumpers, you do not need any more”. I had to clear out my jumper shelf recently because I physically could not fit any more in there – I still had some old work jumpers and jumpers I hadn’t worn in 2 years. Now I have plenty of space for all my favourite knits, some of which I’ll be talking about today.

We’ll start with the ones so good that I had to integrate them into my Twitter bio (that I’ve now changed) – the H&M fluffy jumpers. I was watching a Zoella vlog from last month and saw she was wearing the most adorable white fluffy jumper, I knew I had to find it, or at least one similar. I found this white one in H&M, which is just as perfect. All the fluffy jumpers are £17.99 and considering I wear them on a rotational basis, I’d say I’m getting my moneys worth. I mostly pair them with trousers or jeans and a lighter jacket, I love how comfy and casual they are. I also have this jumper in black and burgundy, and I’m basically permanently on the lookout for more colours. Primark also do fluffy jumpers in more of a wide variety of colours (pink, lilac) but they have more of a v-neck and I am a high neck girl at heart.

I saw Erika Saccone wearing a jumper similar to this and loved how she styled it, so I went on a hunt for one of my own. Again, this jumper is from H&M and was also in the sale so it cost me £7! It’s an XS but it is really oversized and hella comfortable. Slouchy, oversized jumpers are my favourite things to wear because they’re so easy to adapt to whatever situation – you can throw them on to nip out, have them on to chill at home, and I’m currently wearing this one at work with some black trousers. I like to roll up the sleeves to it looks even more chill. I also bought this one in black because it was also £7, to wear with colours that might not necessarily go with grey. Although I’m not sure what colours that would be…

I have quite a substantial collection of the £9.99 New Look jumpers in an array of different colours, I find them so easy to wear and you can style them with just about everything. Culottes, skirts, trousers, jeans – they’re the perfect Autumn staple items and the amount of colours they do them in just makes everything better. My favourites are the red and the yellow; the red is a perfect match to quite a lot of my red lipsticks and red is one of my favourite colours, I think it suits me quite well. I’m pretty obsessed with yellow right now and I just want all of my clothes to be yellow, I own 2 yellow jumpers and I’m a little upset that I can’t wear them right now because of my red hair. I think that’s clashing a bit too much.


I’ve become a little obsessed with jumper dresses and now own 4 in similar styles. And yet I complain about having no money. The one I go to quite a lot is this Primark bargain dress, it literally cost a fiver. SHOOK. I like to wear a belt and pull it up a little as I find it suits me better, and it’s quite oversized and drape-y without one. I got it in a size 6 and the only issue I find is that the neck is so ridiculously tight when getting it off that I have to take all my makeup off beforehand unless I want my face imprinted onto the neck of the dress. I honesly can’t complain for the sake of £5 though.

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