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Debenhams have made start on launching some of their new Christmas ranges, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to go along and have a nosy at some of the new releases and meet Hammond & Co designer, Patrick Grant, at Blythswood Square Hotel. It has become one of those memories that you feel drunk when looking back on it, because it’s quite surreal. I felt drunk with excitement the entire time I was there, and I only had one glass of prosecco the whole night so I was absolutely fine. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to go, it feels as if I dreamed it.

Hammond & Co by Patrick Grant consists of beautifully stylish casual wear and formal clothing, most of which I dream of dressing my boyfriend, Max, in. The range of boots and jumpers are perfect for the A/W season that is fast approaching, and a printed bow tie adds a smart edge. Patrick himself is an extremely well dressed gentleman and his range reflects his own personal style and personality. I know where I’m buying Max’s presents from this year. Can I get him in a bow tie? Unlikely, but I’ll give it my best shot. I will admit I was a little starstruck at first and it took me all night to work up the courage to actually go and introduce myself to him, but he’s a charming guy and a pleasure to chat to so really, I worried for absolutely nothing.

As well as Patrick’s range, we were treated to an inside look into some other brands new releases for this season. The womenswear and shoes were something else entirely; the seasonal trend of glitter, sequins and sparkles is coming back in a big way. I think I took about 40 photos just of the ombre stilettos and I kept gravitating back to the sequined boots. I always go for boots over anything else, and what better way to adjust your style to fit the season than a million sequins? All of the items of clothing were ridiculously beautiful – think fur, sequins and silk. I don’t have an occasion to wear any of the items, but to be honest I’d probably buy them just to sit at home and do nothing.

There were loads of gifts scattered around the room, intertwined with pinecones, baubles and leaves. It made for a LOT of beautiful photographs. I love Debenhams for their gift range at Christmastime, you just know you’re going to leave with something perfect, whether it’s a Nutella Pancake Mix box or a Benefit makeup set. I personally loved the white beanie pictured in this gorgeous Jasper Conran pyjama set. I used to wear Jasper Conran pyjamas a LOT, and he has definitely upped his game since I was 12. I can just imagine myself in these on a lazy morning, I’d probably get too hot if I slept in them but I really just feel like I need them to look pretty whilst being lazy.

The decor of the event was absolutely stunning, especially the mirror area which was basically like Christmas threw up everywhere. A sea of baubles and leaves topped with a fairy light-filled star is exactly what you need to get into the festive mood. I just kept circling round the room snapping photos of absolutely everything, which made sorting through them a nightmare because we all know the struggle of having 6 photos that look exactly the same and having to pick one to include in the post. I joked about setting up my Christmas tree when I got home, but I’m starting to think it might actually happen. I’m telling you, come November 1st I will be all decked out in full Christmas gear and you’ll all have Debenhams and their festive wonder to blame.

Are you excited for Christmas yet?



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