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I think I did a similar post for Valentines Day this year, but this one will be better because it’s autumnal.

I’m a massive fan of being super cheesy and going on dates and planning dates with my other half; I hate how dating has seemingly become a thing of the past and all you do is go round to each others houses to watch Netflix. Like, no, where’s the romantic date nights with dinner and a movie? I would like to feel dated please.


So you may be thinking “I thought this was for date nights on a budget?!” and you are correct, the cinema is bloody expensive and I have to take out a loan any time I want to go. Why not just watch it illegally online? Well for one, the quality would be completely dire because they’re all filmed in the cinema. And staying in your bedroom to watch a shit quality movie is not a cute date that you feel all warm and fuzzy afterwards – that’s basically just doing what you do by yourself, but next to your partner. The cinema is expensive but there are ways to save money if you want to – sometimes you can get deals on cinema tickets and if you have an Odeon card (or your mum has one) you can sometimes use it for a free ticket if you have enough points. You can also take your own snacks for during the film, although it wont be as good as cinema popcorn, and if you’re really strapped for cash, McDonalds is always an option for dinner.


Every time I go to arrange something with another blogger or a friend I’m like “ooh, we should go for coffee!” forgetting that I actually don’t drink coffee unless I’m at work. That said, a little Costa date is always really cute because you can just sit and talk and drink nice drinks. I tend to go for a no-phone rule unless I’m taking flatlays of our food/drinks so I can be fully in the moment and enjoy catching up with a friend or getting to know another blogger. Plus in Autumn it can get really cold so I think it’s good to be inside and holding something hot, so your fingers don’t fall off.


This is probably my favourite thing to do for a date night because it’s also the perfect opportunity for outfit photos. My boyfriend thinks I’m dressing up for him, nu-uh, I’m dressing up for my blog. I just find it so calming and nice to walk in the woods or the park where the leaves are all golden and all over the ground, it’s the best thing. I’m not really one for like hardcore walks so for me, there’s no ‘WOO YEAH LETS GO WALK 20 MILES ROUND THAT LAKE’. If you have a dog, also take your dog. Or just go with your dog. We all need a little self-date sometimes too. Just remember to wrap up warm cos being cold is probably the worst feeling in the world.


So remember when I said all people do is go round to each other’s houses and watch Netflix and it’s not a proper date? And now I’m telling you it’s a good idea for date night? Yeah. If you’ve had a particularly busy or rubbish day I find that this is the perfect cure, and technically it is a date, albeit not the most romantic one. There’s nothing that appeals to me more than getting a takeaway and snuggling up in bed to watch lots of TV and movies. Heck, you don’t even need another person to do this, another self-date idea. It’s perfect for that day where it’s just too chilly to even think about going outside, or you’ve just come back from being outside and desperately need to warm up.

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So I’ve given you a few ideas, but why should you plan all the date nights? I’m always the planner in my relationship because if I don’t plan anything, nothing happens. And I refuse to let us never do anything because I love going for dates. But an idea for people in similar situations is to give them a time and a day and make them plan the activity, that way it sort of feels like you’re half planning it each when really you’re making them do all of it. It’s nice to feel like the other person is putting effort into your date nights too, because most of the time I do not feel like this.

What do you like to do on date night?


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