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I remember a time when I wouldn’t dare doing a room tour because I didn’t think my room was ‘blogger’ enough to be shared, and here I am doing my second one. Because it’s Autumn and it’s Blogtober, this little room tour is focusing on some of the pieces I’ve integrated into my room to make it more appropriate for the season. I’ve focused on cosiness and warmth, which will become apparent the further into reading this post you get. As I said in my previous room tour, I love my bedroom because, although it’s not the nicest looking, it’s really personal to me and it’s absolutely the cosiest room ever.

I’ll start off with my bed – I hunted high and low for some nice, Autumnal bedsheets and came up empty this year. These sheets are from Primark last year and they’re brushed cotton, which basically translates to the cosiest sheets in the world. They’re ridiculously soft and warm; perfect for this time of year. I usually always sleep with 2 duvets but I find when I have these on, I don’t need to. What I couldn’t find in bedsheets, I made up for with pillows. This little selection is all my Autumnal cushions, but obviously they’ll be kept on my bed all year round. The main cushion at the front is from Amazon, and it has a similar cotton feel to the duvet – it’s ridiculously cheap and postage is incredibly quick so everyone needs to get their hands on this. The yellow cushion is from Asda, and to be honest, it was only a matter of time before my obsession with yellow progressed into my homeware. Took what, 2 weeks? Impressed with myself for lasting that long.

On the wall directly next to my bed, I’ve hung some little lantern copper fairy lights. These used to be around my mirror until I stopped using it entirely, and then they were shoved into a drawer somewhere. I honestly think the best way to make your room cosy is via fairy lights, so I tend to surround myself with them. I’m like a moth, completely drawn to anything bright. I can’t help but look at loads of different fairy lights online and I kept buying them to use as photography props – not that they ever actually got used…

One fairy light-specific thing I’ve wanted for a long, long time is curtain lights. I did have some short, white ones but I never plugged them in because the white was a bit too harsh and not at all cosy. I kept seeing copper ones in different Youtube videos but something kept stopping me from buying them. I put them on my Birthday Wishlist post and almost as soon as I published it, I was contacted by Festive Lights, who offered to send my some copper curtain lights as a birthday gift! Not gonna lie, I cried a little bit. I’m obsessed with them, I feel so festive and snug when I have them on and they look so damn pretty. I’ve been on their website a lot since receiving these, and I think I’m definitely going to have to place an order before Christmas.

As well as the fairy lights dotted around the room – another one here, a Primark lamp with wire fairy lights inside the bulb – I’ve also got a fair few Autumnal candles here and there. My favourites are these little pumpkin tealight holders from Wilko; I’m pretty sure everyone has got these since I did in September, and for good reason. These small ones were only £2, with the big ones being £3, and the’re COPPER. Literally a bloggers dream October prop. I’ve used these in a few photos but now they sit around my room, almost permanently with a candle lit inside them. I tend to go for spiced berry or vanilla tealights, but I recently got some blueberry ones and although that’s not the most seasonal scent, I am enjoying my room smelling like blueberry muffins.

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I think my favourite addition to my room this season is absolutely these Halloween balloons that do not say BBQ and some people have thought. These are from Homesense, I think, and I honestly just don’t want to take them down. Blowing them up was really easy, they came with a little plastic straw that you just had to insert into a hole at the bottom of the balloon and then blow it up. There’s tabs to thread the ribbon through and I’ve just secured that with some rose gold pins. They’re probably a bit of an unnecessary purchase and I think I’ll absolutely forget to take them down until next year, but I couldn’t resist. I was hoping to use them in a few outfit photos but I had to abandon that dream when I saw how big they actually were; I would not be able to hold all 3 by myself.

How have you switched up your room for Autumn?



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